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‘Star Wars: Visions’ Introduces Its Droids

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    The trend of introducing the public to characters from the upcoming Star Wars: Visions, the first anime set in the galaxy far, far away, continues today. After giving us two extensive pieces on heroes and villains, StarWars.com offered new details on the droids that will be featured in the series. We present here some of the highlights in their descriptions, including quotes from producer Kanako Shirasaki.

    T0-B1, from T0-B1


    As the title of the episode indicates, this droid is the main character of Science Saru's entry into the anthology series. Shirasaki described him like this:

    She then added:

    K-344, from Tatooine Rhapsody


    Tatooine Rhapsody follows 'The Star Waver,' a rock band with lots of dreams. And they have a very special guitarist -- Shirasaki told StarWars.com:

    Apparently, this episode is a tribute to Star Wars as much as it is a tribute to music in general. Shirasaki added:

    B-20N and R-DUO, from The Twins


    As we mentioned in our stories on the heroes and the villains of Star Wars: Visions, this episode is the story of the dark side version of Luke and Leia (of course with different characters, but the basic similarities remain), named Am and Karre here. They have two droids devoted to them:


    The other one is, of course, R-DUO (wanna guess which droid it was inspired by?):

    TD-4, from Lop and Ochō


    Lop and Ochō follows the adventures of Lop, who always has the droid TD-4 by her side. The droid has one thing that makes it special:

    She then commented on TD-4's design:

    Steward Droid, from The Ninth Jedi


    The steward droid from this episode is perhaps the one character Shirasaki wanted to say the least about, though she did have a few words for us:

    She added:

    We will learn more about this steward droid and the rest of the characters from Star Wars: Visions when the show debuts next Wednesday, September 22. Look forward to our review of the series, as well as additional coverage on it, including our review of the upcoming novel Ronin.

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