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50 Years of Lucasfilm, a Decade of MMORPG ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic,’ and More on Star Wars Insider #207

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    The Star Wars Insider #207, the closest to the holidays, is all about celebration. We've reached Lucasfilm's half-century milestone, a company which revolutionized cinema and audio-visual technology. it is the birthplace of ILM (Industrial Light and Magic), Pixar, LucasArts, and other companies that, to this day, change the way we watch and interact with cinema, TV, and pop culture. That's what you'll find in the main article presented on the cover, going through a journey of achievements in movies, animation, TV series, games, and all kinds of tech.


    It's available in newsstands today, Tuesday, December 14 (US/Canada), and on Thursday, January 13 (UK).

    There's a lot more content in the magazine: interviews with Diana Lee Inosanto, Dominic Monaghan, Drew Struzan, and more; new releases on books, merchandise, a new High Republic exclusive short story, and other content of which you can check some teasers below.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']Ahsoka Tano's Antagonist, Morgan Elsbeth, the Magistrate of Calodan: Interview with Diana Lee Inosanto][/COLOR]


    The actor, filmmaker, stuntwoman, and martial artist talks about her career, memories, connection with Star Wars since childhood, and her role in The Mandalorian she was born to play. Coming from a family devoted to martial arts (she is the niece and goddaughter of Bruce Lee), something the Star Wars universe has always portrayed, you can feel her joy after being a part of this universe. If you want to see an exclusive excerpt of this interview, you can also go to StarWars.com.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']Star Wars: The Old Republic][/COLOR]

    Talking about celebration again, this edition has an exclusive cover with Darth Malgus, commemorating the ten years of the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, the longest-running Star Wars game to date.


    You can read an interview with Charles Boyd, creative director at BioWare, and Orion Kellogg, executive producer at Lucasfilm Games. They talk about the game's development throughout the decade and what's to come next: the Legacy of the Sith expansion.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']From Middle-earth to a Galaxy far Away: Interview with Dominic Monaghan][/COLOR]


    The famous actor talks about Star Wars being the reason why he pursued an acting career, having a tattoo inspired by Yoda, his friendship with J.J. Abrams, and his role as the Resistance ally Beaumont Kin.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']Interview with Drew Struzan][/COLOR]


    The iconic Star Wars artist discusses his career, process, and decades-long collaboration with Lucasfilm. He talks about the difference between creating a poster and book cover. From his beginning as an artist to the day he became the creator of fan-favorite posters hanging on bedroom walls all over the world.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']An Exclusive High Republic Short Story][/COLOR]

    We have yet another short story entering the Star Wars canon in this edition. Written by Justina Ireland is the first part of The High Republic: Shadows Remain. A story of apparent betrayal, forbidden romance, family secrets, and the battle of the Jedi and Nihil reaching the Starlight Beacon.

    [COLOR=#f7e028']The Force of... Fanzines][/COLOR]

    Way before the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm and the canonization of the Star Wars franchise, fans were already making their own stories set in the Star Wars universe, filling the blanks left by the movies and even the official books. This report shows the effort and love undertaken by regular people producing their view of the Star Wars characters and stories.

    Be sure to check also the 'Artists' Alley' with fan creations worldwide and what content to expect in the next issue.

    This is the subscriber cover below:


    Following the links below, you can buy this magazine, subscribe to receive upcoming issues, or look for some past ones you might have missed:

    <ul style='list-style-type: square']

    Click HERE to check out and comment on this topic on our main site
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  2. Mando LXXXV

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    The star wars logo should in the dictionary next to the words franchise and legacy!

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