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SPECULATION A New Hope (relates to TLJ)

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' started by TheGreyandTheRed, Oct 28, 2017.


Is hope or lack thereof the driving force behind TLJ? (Read article below first)

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not convinced

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  1. TheGreyandTheRed

    TheGreyandTheRed Rebel General

    Oct 26, 2017
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    This I suppose could be classed as more of an observation than speculation but here we go.

    Is hope or lack thereof the main theme to TLJ? Now this may sound obvious but its not some thing that I have seen really discussed.

    If you look at the main core of characters a lot of their motivations are linked to hope and a lot of them have had that hope destroyed. Again it sounds obvious but hear me out, there's a very distinct pattern here.

    Luke - who I suppose is the most affected which is perfect asymmetry considering he was literally 'the new hope'. The destruction of his new Jedi academy and the fall of Ben Solo has destroyed everything he will have thought of himself and his future. What he assumed was his destiny is now in tatters.

    Rey - she has been waiting on a planet for over a decade waiting (hoping) that her parents would return. Maz helped her to realise that this isnt going to happen. That must have had a bigger impact on her than we saw on screen in TFA. Family loss as we know is a huge theme in star wars ala Anakin Skywalker; it was the basis of his entire fall. Surely we will see more on the ramifications of this in TLJ. Also the loss of someone she considered the father she never had will have also had an effect.

    Kylo Ren - We've already been told that his biggest fear is that he 'will never be as strong as Darth vader' . Well he just got his ass handed to him by a complete amateur (or at least that would be his opinion on it I'd imagine). That has to leave him feeling inadequate.

    Finn - He I suppose is a bit more difficult to profile as his motivation in a way was self preservation up until the 3rd act of TFA. I'd assume we will learn more in TLJ.

    Poe - is slightly different, the end of TFA left him in a really good way so he is kind of the exception to the rule. Maybe intentional especially considering with an 'H' added to his name it could be an anagram of 'hope'.

    Leia - another who has suffered a severe loss during TFA by losing Han. As much as they were estranged surely they must have both hoped that they could be reconciled. This isn't going to happen now because her own son killed him. Which she in turn hoped that he'd return to her. This has to have an affect on her. Her 2 hopes/desires for the future have just destroyed each other.

    The outcomes of TFA although relatively good for the resistance have left a lot of the main characters in pretty hopeless/directionless states of mind. And as rogue one none to delicately explained 'rebellions are built on hope'. This all ties in nicely with the darker theme already alluded to in TLJ.

    Now here comes the speculation; I think TLJ will further expand upon this theme and explain the more direct effects of the above mentioned events. And in the final act I expect to see something that will give the hope back ready to set up the conclusion in 9. Which in a way will have a nice symmetry to TESB, it would almost be in reverse.

    Sorry if this is badly written it was a newly formed idea hashed out fairly quickly on my tablet not my laptop. Let me know what you think.
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    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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