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Anthony Ingruber and his Disney connection?

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Greg Kirby, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Greg Kirby

    Greg Kirby Rebel Official

    Mar 5, 2015
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    +2,650 / 498 / -270
    Ok folks I've been reading up about this guys history, and here is what I have found out.

    2010 he was in a TV Disney movie called Avalon High.

    2015 earlier this year he completed his first movie called The Age of Adaline. Ok so you're asking what's the Disney connection here? Well it so happens he played a younger version of Harrison Fords character.

    What's this mean?

    Young Han Solo, Young Indiana Jones. Perhaps even other Harrison Ford characters, Blade runner and who knows what else. Yeah I know Disney is eyeing Chris Pryat for Indiana Jones, but is he their back up option in case Ingruber doesn't cut it?


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