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SPECULATION Broom-boy, Knights of Ren and Ep. IX opening scene.

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' started by Zyloren, Dec 23, 2017.


Should Broom-boy become a Knight of Ren or a Jedi Padawan?

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  2. Knight of Ren

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  1. Zyloren

    Zyloren Clone Commander

    Dec 15, 2017
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    I was thinking about the Broom-boy scene and how it suffers from a lack of impact when compared to the ending of TFA. Whilst you can imagine Broom-boy playing some part in Ep. IX - it doesn't necessarily get the audience hyped up to see his story play out (it feels more like a Marvel post-credits scene than a proper ending sequence) in the same way we wanted to see what happened with Luke and Rey.

    However, seeing as there is now a precedent in the ST for us to pick up *exactly* where the previous film left off - I wondered, what could be the most insane and dramatic way to pick up the story of Broom-boy in Ep. IX and have him become an integral part of the story. Whilst most conjecture has him joining the resistance and become a Jedi Padawan under Rey, I would like to provide an alternative where he fully embraces the dark side of the force, develops a deep hatred for the resistance and becomes a fully-fledged Knight of Ren under the dark tutelage of Kylo. Prepare yourselves, because this is dark.

    Ep. IX will pick up *exactly* where Ep. VIII ended with Broom-boy in the stables of Canto Bight.

    The shock factor - it is a cold open (opening credits will come later) in the stables of Canto Bight.

    We see him and his friends suffering further exploitation at the hands of the slavers and general populace of Canto Bight, he is most likely suffering sexual abuse at the hands of the slavers but this would be hinted at rather than shown.

    We could see the stable-hands being interrogated by Canto Bight security regarding the escape of the Fathiers and two Resistance fighters (Rose and Finn) - think Slumdog Millionaire. We could move on to the slavers killing and feeding one of the stable-hands to the animals, in order to reinforce their control through tyranny and fear. Broom-boy himself would have his hand cut-off so that he doesn't feel too lucky to survive without punishment. He could also have his face branded with a hot-iron or a tattoo or something (this would have pay-off following the time jump).

    The exploitation and abuse would continue until there is a scene where Broom-boy and a slaver are alone in the stables. This is where Broom-boy would stand-up to the slaver and embrace the dark side of the force. This would be a Matilda-esque scene where Broom-boy has the slaver held in the middle of the room (possibly being choked) with the force whilst the entire stable is full of buckets, brooms, horse-shoes and other debris flying around and scaring the blast out of the animals. The scene would be a dark and violent parody of Matilda, with tone similar to Arya vs Meryn Trant in AGoT.

    The slaver's demise would be far too violent to be shown on-screen (think the fire-extinguisher scene in Irreversible). The camera would be facing a wall in the stable. There is a storm. The stable door would be open and the scene would be illuminated with moon-light, the slaver's shadow and that of the flying debris would be cast against the stable wall. We would watch the shadow as it is continuously pummelled by flying debris. We would hear the slaver screaming for mercy but eventually this would be replaced with disgusting gurgling noises before finally... silence. But Broom-boy does not stop, he continues pummeling the slaver until he is nothing but paste, we would see blood and lumps of pulverised flesh fly onto the screen and hit the wall.

    Cut to Broom-boy's yellow, blood-shot eyes. He collapses to the floor before struggling to his feet. He see's the open door and runs out into the rain. As he runs, the resistance ring slips from his finger and he treads it into the mud as he runs. We zoom in on the ring, trodden into the mud, the resistance symbol partially obscured.

    Cut to the streets of Canto Bight. Broom-boy is continuing to run, as he turns a corner he hits a figure... a Knight of Ren. The Knight of Ren immediately freezes him in place using the force (just as Kylo did to Rey in TFA). We see him go to grab his light-saber, but then his holo-communicator goes off and he picks that up and answers it instead. We see a projection of Kylo Ren, he tells them that Snoke is dead and orders them to return to him.

    Side note: It will become clear that in TFA and TLJ, the Knights of Ren are scattered throughout the galaxy. They are under specific orders from Snoke to comb the galaxy in order to find and kill every force sensitive man, woman and child they can. We know that Snoke believed a light sided force user would rise up to meet the rising darkness, and this is him going full King Herod to try and prevent it, whilst also allowing him to scatter the Knights of Ren across the galaxy so that he can more easily manipulate Kylo. With the demise of Snoke their mission will end, and they will return to their strong-hold.

    After watching the message from Kylo, the Knight of Ren looks at Broom-boy. He is completely rabid and frothing at the mouth, full of anger and struggling to break free. "You're coming with me." He waves his hand and Broom-boy falls unconscious.

    Fade out.

    Opening credits roll describing the state of the galaxy (this would be 10 years following the battle of Crait).

    We catch up with the resistance and the main plot. Eventually there will be a scene where we see either innocents or resistance fighters being massacred by Knights of Ren with FO support. Following this, we see a Knight of Ren with a robotic arm who removes his helmet to reveal a branded/tattooed/scarred face. He has a resistance fighter pinned down, and slowly raises his lightsaber. We see a flash-back of the stable-hand who was fed to the animals. He says, "this is for my sister." End scene with the distinct hum of a lightsaber swing.

    BOOM - Broom-boy is a Knight of Ren, with all the motivation he needs to despise the resistance and embrace the dark side. Those who want justice must have the power to mete it out, the world is for the powerful. The new republic was weak, too weak to do anything about slavery or any other injustice. He will fully adhere to the ideals of the First Order and despise the resistance.

    What do you think? Jedi Padawan or Knight of Ren?
    #1 Zyloren, Dec 23, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  2. Ammianus Marcellinus

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    Knight of Ren. That was some interesting and original storytelling you did there.
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  3. master_shaitan

    master_shaitan Jedi General

    Feb 5, 2015
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    JJ will probably start with Broom Boy throwing his broom off a cliff.
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  4. Grand Master Galen Marek

    Jan 8, 2015
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    TKOR may come first, the broom boy might appear 30 mins later if Finn & Rose return to Canto Bight for another mission, may to finally require the official Master Codebreaker's services.

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