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Care to guess the overall story of 7,8,9?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' started by TalonHawk, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. TalonHawk

    TalonHawk Rebel Trooper

    Dec 22, 2015
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    So what are the new movies going to really be about?

    If we can get some handle on that, I think it's a lot easier to figure out other details.

    I guess I am assuming that Disney is going to want to go somewhere new eventually, but there's always the chance they just want to churn out enjoyable movies that don't push any boundaries. Anyway...

    The PT is Anakin's story of becoming a Jedi and his fall to the dark side.

    The OT is Luke's story of becoming a Jedi, with Anakin's character coming back to the light finishing a "bigger arc".

    All the movies have been about the Skywalker family and it's dealings with the force. This fact seems to point to Rey being a Skywalker without question. Although personally I think she's part Kenobi as well. According to Lucas, the movies have always been about Anakin, but Disney may feel different about the new movies.

    On the Force side of things. We've already explored how someone can fall to the dark side, and how someone can be redeemed from the dark side no matter what they've done. What's left that can be really meaningful?

    Rey seems to be our main character, with Kylo being our bad guy. What do you do with these two's story arcs that isn't just a rehash of Luke and Anakin?

    Those are the questions I'm trying to get a discussion on. Rest of the post is just a few ideas I can think of.

    We've never really explored what the Force *is*. Where does it come from? Is the Force sentient? Does it try to manipulate things on it's own? Does it care about "balance"? Or is it simply raw power that is shaped by the minds tapped into it?

    Rey seems to be our Mozart of the force. She does things by instinct that others have to train years for, it all comes so easy for her. I can't be sure if TFA means to say she is amazingly intuitive or just extremely lucky. All I can say is the movie made me *feel* that she probably has more natural affinity for using the force than anyone else has that we've seen. Her character is self assured and confident.

    Kylo is our Emo dark sider. He has a lot of brute power (Never saw Vader stop a blaster bolt in mid-air, then leave it there casually while having a conversation), but no refinement. This is shown in his personality as well. He can't seem to handle subtle concepts. Every conflict, internal or external, is met with that same brute force approach. Feel some temptation for the light? Kill your dad! Receive bad news? Tear up the nearest inanimate objects. Have a nasty wound from Chewy's bowcaster? Punch it to teach it who the boss is!

    The other difference between the two is that Rey is rotting away on a desert when we meet her, while Kylo is one of the most important people in the Galaxy. Not to get too deep, but the Dark Side users make things happen, while the Light Side seems to be all about status quo.

    Curiously, the two together would make an "ultimate force user".

    So anyway, my wild guess for the overall theme...

    The old ways of thinking of the Dark and Light side of the force are realized to be too confining. Rey and Kylo end up "uniting" both sides of the force and working together to truly balance the force against some outside threat.

    If that's the case, I can go on and speculate that Snoke has been waiting patiently for his chance for thousands of years, or the earlier events have freed him to act somehow (was he imprisoned?). Maybe he knows the source of where the force comes from and threatens to taint it somehow. We think Rey is there to stop it and give another victory for the light, but in the end teams up with Kylo (Gonna say he dies in the process) to cause a true balance in the force where perhaps extremes of Light (Order) and Dark (Chaos) are no longer the most powerful approaches.

    The three trilogies then become...

    PT = Dark Side
    OT = Light Side
    NT = The Middle Path, the Balance

    I don't have much invested in this theory, so feel free to tear it apart. lol

    PS: Kylo Ren: "I will finish what you started". Bringing balance to the force...
  2. harvywallbanger

    harvywallbanger Rebelscum

    Dec 16, 2015
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    according to episode 7 just watch TESB and ROTJ if you want to know what happens next....
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