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Cast Old Characters!

Discussion in 'General Stand-Alone Movie Discussion' started by cawatrooper, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. cawatrooper

    cawatrooper Dungeon Master

    Nov 14, 2016
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    If we're going to be getting more standalone movies in the future, we're gonna hopefully have more old characters recast. Obviously Alden Ehrenreich has the rather unenviable task of winning over fans to a new Han. There has also been a lot of discussion on the similarities between young Mark Hammil and Sebastian Stan. And, of course, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has expressed interest in being a young Princess Leia. So, that's some solid speculation for the Holy Trinity of the OT! Donald Glover as Lando is downright brilliant, too!

    I'm interested in who else we'd like to see cast.

    Here are just a few ideas I've had for upcoming standalone films and how they could be cast:

    Han Solo Film
    Boba Fett- Daniel Logan
    It's be cool to see Logan reprise his role as Fett. At 29 now, he's at a decent age to portray the infamous bounty hunter during the OT. Plus, while he's certainly not the spitting image of Temuera Morrison, he's close enough to be believable.

    Dengar- Miles Teller
    I don't know, I guess they kind of have similar faces.

    Possible Obi Wan Film
    Obi Wan- McGregor

    Ashoka Tano- Milla Jovovich
    I'm not totally sold on this one, and I'd love to hear an alternative. Milla does have a kind of alien looking (though certainly beautiful) face though, so I could see that working.

    Vader- James Earl Jones/ Hayden Christiansen
    Jones needs to voice Vader, of course, but it McGregor is playing Obi Wan, we need to see Vader out of his suit played by a scarred up Hayden Christiansen at some point. I know he's not the best or most beloved actor in the franchise (trust me, I'm not at all a fan) but it would be a great way to continue weaving the web that holds this cinematic universe together.

    Unlikely Post ROTJ film
    If they do this, they'd not necessarily be able to use the actors listed in my opening paragraph, because of the various age differences and having all the characters together. Sebastian is a lot older than Millie, no way anyone would believe they're twins.

    Luke- Sebastian Stan
    Still a good pick, in my opinion

    Han- absent
    I just don't think Ehrenreich looks enough like Han to believably portray a canon version of him that isn't younger. He's fine for a prequel standalone film, but I don't think he'd work for this. Maybe they could CGI a younger Harrison Ford in for a single scene.

    Leia- absent
    Same as Han. Unless they find a convincing lookalike, I just don't see it working

    Lando- absent
    Glover will probably knock it out of the park as Lando, but once again, I feel like it would be weird to have the OT be bookended by different actors. Plus, if Han is gone, it'd be kind of weird to have Lando around with Luke. That'd be like when you're hanging out with a friend and he brings his other friend, only to abandon the two of you to have an awkward and forced conversation.

    Mara Jade/ Thrawn- ?
    I'd love for a sort of alternate universe version of Mara Jade to appear, and Thrawn's already canon now. Not sure who could play either, though.

    Star Ware Rebels
    I'd love for a Rebels movie to happen, but I know almost nothing about the series, so I don't feel comfortable talking on it. I'd love to hear who you think would make a good cast, though!

    So, those are my picks. But this thread isn't for me just to share my ideas- I'm much more interested in the think tank getting together and coming up with ideas as a whole. So, please share who you think would be a good casting decision in these standalone films, or others. Thanks!
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  2. Luciferous

    Luciferous Clone Commander

    Jul 30, 2016
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    Sofia Boutella (played the alien warrior in the new Star Trek) would make a good Ahsoka if it's set during/after the OT but she's probably too old for the time period they'd set the movie in so it's more likely we'd see a fresh face kiddo for that role. The role I most want to see though is Gina Torres as Rae Sloane in episode VIII or IX.
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  3. SethW

    SethW Rebelscum

    Aug 26, 2017
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    +294 / 5 / -0
    I love fan-casting. Here are my picks:

    Star Wars: KOTOR

    Revan - Keanu Reeves
    Malak - Billy Zane
    Carth - Justin Bartha
    Bastila - Rose Byrne
    Mission - AnnaSophia Robb
    Zaalbar - Joonas Suotamo(Peter Mayhew's double for Force Awakens)
    Canderous - Stephen Lang
    Jolee - Avery Brooks
    Juhani - Elodie Yung
    HK-47 - Stan Tucci(voice)
    T3 - Ben Burtt/Bill Hader(Voice/Tech Noises)
    Saul - Richard Roxburgh
    Bandon - Scott Adkins
    Calo Nord - Michael Weatherly
  4. Darth Basin The Greatest

    Darth Basin The Greatest Rebel Official

    Nov 16, 2016
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    +4,429 / 293 / -150
    How about a movie set in the future?

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