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Claudia Gray Reveals the Secrets Behind The High Republic: The Fallen Star

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Jan 19, 2022.

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    It has now been a couple weeks since the release of Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star. Gray’s latest Star Wars novel marked the beginning of the end for phase 1 of the High Republic, and it was a doozy. The Fallen Star was an anxiety-ridden adventure that saw twists and turns all the way to the very end. Gray sat down with SYFY Wire to unpack some of the shocking events the novel had to offer and even gave some tidbits on phase 2 and beyond.

    ***If you haven't read The Fallen Star yet, there are major spoilers below.***


    Very early on in the process, Gray and the rest of the High Republic team knew Starlight Beacon was going to fall. Pointing to inspiration she drew from for the novel, Gray cited her love of classic disaster movies.

    One of the key things Gray threw at the Jedi was splitting Starlight in half. The novel followed the events of the bottom half while we were left wondering what's going on in the top. For readers caught up on everything, the personnel on the top half conveniently lines up with Cavan Scott's The High Republic comic. That was intentional and we should expect to see more from Avar Kriss aboard Starlight in coming issues. Gray had this to say on the collaboration with Scott:


    Moving on, Gray talked about a character she finally got a chance to write. Jedi Master Stellan Gios has been a centerpiece of the adult novels, and Gray was surprised at how much she enjoyed taking him on.

    At the end of the book, Stellan sacrificed himself to save the people of Eiram from Starlight crashing down upon them. His final line 'I know who I am' was very poignant, and told the story of a Jedi learning one last lesson. Gray talked about how she came to that moment:


    The most shocking reveal of the interview came when Gray revealed that Stellan actually survived the first draft of the book. Gray felt Stellan's arc and the overall story wasn't working. It wasn't hitting home like it should, even with the destruction of Starlight Beacon. On the decision to kill Stellan, Gray said:

    Our review of The Fallen Star was critical of amount of time spent developing the complex relationship between Stellan, Elzar Mann, and Avar. Gray has seen that notion echoed by other fans online and said:


    This shifted the conversation to what comes next. Phase 2 of the High Republic is traveling back 150 years, leaving fans wondering why. The High Republic authors are cognizant though that the switch in timelines is jarring. Gray says it was always part of the plan.

    SYFY was able to get another morsel out of Gray regarding phase 3. Asking about Bell Zettifar's potential promotion to Jedi Knight, Gray said:

    Star Wars creators usually aren't given many chances to dive this deep. Therefore, it's nice to see Claudia Gray this open about the creative process. You can check out the whole interview on SYFY now. For more recent High Republic coverage, check out our reviews of The Fallen Star and Justina Ireland's Mission to Disaster. In comics, Charles Soule's debut issue of Eye of the Storm hit shelves this last week.

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