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GAME Creating a Homebrew Old Republic Setting, Looking For Some Help...

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Video/Tabletop Games' started by CnlSandersdeKFC, May 27, 2019.

  1. CnlSandersdeKFC

    CnlSandersdeKFC Rebel Official

    Jun 23, 2016
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    Hi guys, I've recently taken up my long time goal as a DM of writing my first long-form campaign, and I've chosen Star Wars d6 as my system. I love Star Wars, and have had this idea for a long time however I only have experience playing d6, and most of my DM work in the past has been in DnD, and some CoC. I'm hoping to give my campaign a degree of professionalism so that it can be shared once I'm through with it, however to achieve this I have to face the reality that I have shortcomings as a DM. I'm looking for co-DMs to help me fill those shortcomings, and develop the campaign and setting into something really special.

    In particular the places I need help with are NPC crafting, space/aerial combat, and dungeon crafting. For NPCs, I can make a special character simple enough, but creating disposable mooks has never been my forte. I always tend to make them either too strong or too weak and my players don't enjoy confronting them. In space combat I'd like to do something other than just throw space ships at my players. I'm looking to integrate convincing reasons to have space combat so that it doesn't feel mundane. On dungeon crafting, populating my dungeons with monsters isn't an issue, however it's puzzle crafting that I have difficulty with. I want to do something other than just have them fight a bunch of critters. I want to challenge my players creatively in exploring ancient ruins, or Dark Jedi lairs, or wherever the campaign takes them. Edit: Also someone to create vehicle and ship designs would be nice.

    Now for a bit on the setting. The plot centers around the Mandalorian Wars, but it won't be set in the Legend's Old Republic. Legends stuff with be integrated, but I'm trying to amalgm that with the sparse info we have on the era in the new canon. The overall events of the old EU [KOTOR video games, ToTJ] I hope to partially or fully preserve, however I'm open to contradicting them if the new canon does. I have also tightened the timeline a bit as I feel that there are a few too many "1000 years of peace," for a franchise called Star WARS. To achieve this I've boiled everything "known" down to a time of a few hundred years before the Mandalorian Wars, which for the purposes of my campaign loosely happen "over a thousand years before the fall of the Republic." Here is a brief summary for what has happened prior to setting of the campaign. I also have amalgam'd some of the Legends characters into one, or combined them with NEU characters. For example Meetra Surik [The Exile], and Vima Sunrider are now one character. The NEU character Tarre Viszla has also been made to share the identity of a certain other rogue Jedi who wears a Mandalorian mask everywhere.

    Now I understand anyone who helps me with this will want their mark made in the narrative, and there is plenty of opportunity for that. While the overall plot is more or less set, there is still work to be done honing the narrative. Act I, the first 6 adventures, is the only section I have nailed down. Even those 6 still need to be written up. Acts II, and III are very loose at the moment. I know the narrative goals I want to achieve with them, but the individual beats that achieve that are up in the air. I don't want to say too much, but I will say that Act II will serve as a "gathering forces" narrative with heavy espionage, and subterfuge influences, and Act III is a straight war narrative with lots of big battles, and secret missions and all the good things you want in a story about stuff blowing up.

    So that's the situation. I'm open to feedback in here, but if you're interested in getting actually involved please PM me so we can set up more formal lines of communication. Thanks for any input regardless.
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  2. Phil J

    Phil J Guest

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    A Jedi descendant of a royal family hears news that after an explosion, his parents and siblings and the seat of power has been obliterated. Forces begin to plot and compete for each other to seek the throne and soon there is a bitter civil war that spills over to the surrounding continents. The Jedi have an oath of neutrality and so cannot involve themselves in this. Duty-bound by the desire to help his people and bring peace to his homeworld, he embarks on a mission to take the throne.

    His master becomes alarmed at the news and tells him he cannot be Jedi and king both and so he is exiled from the order. He begins to train his own knights in the Force based on Jedi teachings and the Chivalric codes of his homeworld.

    He hears of an invasion by the Mandalorians. Though the Mandalorians outnumber the knights, they find themselves surprised by the iron discipline of the force they face. The new king understands that that other worlds nearby may be vulnerable so he offers his protection. This is presented as imperialism by corrupt Republic officials prompted by corporate lobbyists who secretly want to plunder the mineral wealth of those worlds.

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