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Cruise-Castro: 'Luke Skywalker Ranch'

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Abishai100, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Our media-centric nouveau 'culture' (e.g., Facebook, People Magazine, TrumpUSA, Bloomberg TV, etc., etc.) is conducive for the discussion of 'people-centric politics' (e.g., populism).

    The Star Wars universe George Lucas gave us offers a portrait of 'governance-in-flux' symbolic of times in history when hierarchies have to be re-evaluated in preference for considerations about skill and revolutionary sentiments.

    Luke Skywalker is obviously an iconic Jedi, since he is trained by Obi-Wan and then redeems his father, the fallen Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and turns the tide against the Sith 'empire.'

    Luke offers us much 'civilization wisdom' for our modern media-centric age which focuses marketing towards kids (e.g., MTV, iPods, Nickelodeon, etc.) and espouses a 'skill-based priesthood' rhetoric (e.g., Smithsonian Channel).

    So here's a mock-dialogue between media 'super-celebrity' Tom Cruise (Hollywood actor) and deceased socialism-revolutionary and Cuban father-figure Fidel Castro (a communist politician) about 'consumerism-intelligence' and Luke Skywalker 'ethos.'

    The purpose of such a 'People Magazine oriented mock-dialogue' would be to weed out unnecessary pedagoguery-based controversy from engaging 'commerce-idealistic dialogue.'

    What do you think?

    It seems that such a dialogue is 'useful' for this time of commerce-driven politics/ethics and globalization-related etiquette (i.e., North Korea).


    CRUISE: The modern world (e.g., Bloomberg.com, Wall Street, Planet Hollywood) is congested...
    CASTRO: Industrialization has led to errors such as manmade pollution, and media is news now!
    CRUISE: I appreciate how Hollywood in America markets a 'people-centric' couture (e.g., Star Wars).
    CASTRO: I know about the fictional young 'Jedi-knight crusader' Luke Skywalker who redeems his father.
    CRUISE: Yes, Luke tries to save his dad Anakin who has become corrupt and jaded during a terrible war.
    CASTRO: Luke is therefore a 'Messianic avatar' in modern media...
    CRUISE: I agree, and we can use a 'pop-culture' avatar such as Luke to evaluate, say, People Magazine!
    CASTRO: People Magazine represents 'consumerism flowery' and capitalism-marketing (more or less).
    CRUISE: That is arguable, but People certainly (at least) symbolizes the 'reach' of consumerism.
    CASTRO: You can purchase People Magazine in any American supermarket, yes?
    CRUISE: That's correct. Americans love celebrities, fantastic fictional 'idols' (e.g., Luke Skywalker), and pets.
    CASTRO: America is a 'Facebook-culture,' and Americans like to 'peruse' the personal photos of others!
    CRUISE: Yes, it's an 'accessibility-approach' to consumerism (e.g., Wal-Mart, National Geographic, etc.).
    CASTRO: That is why America elected a 'casino-magnate' (Donald Trump) as its President!
    CRUISE: That is arguably true, and the challenge of the Trump Administration is to choreograph consumers.
    CASTRO: That will be a challenge, given Sunni-Shia troubles, Israel-Palestine, and now, North Korea.
    CRUISE: Trump has to understand how trade-treaty 'zones' such as Hong Kong are 'peace-pulpits.'
    CASTRO: What does all this have to do with Luke Skywalker?
    CRUISE: It's funny you ask; Luke represents an 'American idealism' towards 'humanism marketing'...
    CASTRO: I understand; Luke is to America what Lenin was to Soviet 'hymns.'



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