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Darth Maul: Journey of a Heretic

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Abishai100, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    "My name is Darth Maul. I was once a normal man named Eric Red, living in the Norse planet of Vikos in the Rai galaxy when it was invaded by the Sith and one of its war-generals named Lani, a rather cunning and ruthless minister of war machinery. My planet was colonized, but I escaped in a star-cruiser and fled and became a wandering man. I witnessed some of the great Jedi-Sith battles and considered becoming a Jedi before being recruited by Darth Sidious. I became Sidious' apprentice and was renamed Darth Maul and given the visage of a devilish demon warrior. I now wield a double-sided red Sith saber.

    I was responsible for some of Sidious' early campaigns in overthrowing the great Jedi Republic. I infiltrated Jedi strongposts during this important Sith campaign and killed the great Jedi master Qui-Gon Jin. Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon's apprentice thought he killed me in retribution when he split me in half, but my regenerative body recoagulated thanks to the curative treatment given to me by my Sith master Darth Sidious. Sidious became the Emperor of the new Sith order but fell away when Jedi pupil Luke Skywalker managed to redeem his treacherous father Anakin Skywalker who'd become Sidious' newest apprentice, Darth Vader!

    Now, the Sith are in remote areas of the universe, organizing various campaigns to continue to pester the Jedi order. I've been trying to track Jedi Luke Skywalker, now a master, who spends most of his time observing the activities of the new Jedi/Sith generation, which includes the feisty young woman, the Jedi Rey, and the relentless Sith lord Kylo-Ren, once a Jedi and son of Jedi ally Han Solo. Kylo-Ren killed his father Han and continued to serve the Sith. As Jedi Skywalker observes the activities of Rey and Kylo-Ren, I wander around tracking Skywalker himself. I believe we'll confront each other someday.

    Most of the Jedi and Sith of the great wars and battles are now ghostly spirits that linger around and hover, watching over everything. These spirits include those of Anakin Skywalker and Lord Sidious himself. It's a complicated universe, to be sure, but there's plenty of intrigue involved with this new generation of Rey and Kylo-Ren working as Jedi Skywalker tries to maintain the wrought dominance of the Jedi after the destruction of Sidious' great Death Stars and Empire. I was never a man of promise like Anakin Skywalker, so my destiny is to continue to be a wandering Sith.

    My current mission and plan is to see if I can persuade Rey to unite with Sith Kylo-Ren, because otherwise, Rey might grow to become a very powerful and prestigious Jedi queen, arguably as strong as Republic Queen Amidala or Jedi warrior-princess Leia herself, sister of Luke Skywalker! If I can get Rey and Kylo-Ren to form a Sith alliance or even marriage, then the Sith will boast a new 'axis' of certain prestige in the universe once more. I know my tactics are considered very subversive and calculating, but my only intention is to make sure that the Sith continue to offer their special brand of Machiavellian governance.

    I don't have anything personal to say about the Jedi order. I only appreciate how the Sith cultivates my natural interests in fascism and absolute power through revolutionary terrorism! Once the Sith rule the universe, if we ever do, then the Jedi will know once and for all that our Sith order is one of pure focus and meditation. I will never understand the Jedi imagination or why the Jedi insist on championing democracy as an effective form of social control! Our Sith philosophy of 'rule by force' is one that has been proven to yield great monuments to power and prestige. That's why I continue to serve the Sith and in my own way.

    I doubt the Jedi or the Sith want to see me challenge and fight Jedi Luke Skywalker, but I do suspect he's as conscious of my 'presence' as I am of his in our complex universe. To that end, my journey as a 'heretic' and wandering Sith involves the full understanding of this great Jedi-Sith 'dualism' and how it feeds our curiosity about the contests for power and prestige. I wonder if I'll ever consider myself able to return to my original state-of-mind as the Norse philosopher-man Eric Red on the planet Vikos, and if that day never ever comes, I will continue to serve the Sith with my double-sided red saber and my focused will to assert forms of power!

    Currently, I'm working on developing an advanced networking communications and monitoring system, controlled entirely by miniature handheld systems or 'iPhones' that facilitate immediate and reliable exchanges between any two individuals across the universe. This 'iPhone system' will create an effective form of traffic supervision that can serve as a pedestal for future Sith initiatives designed to build more 'creative' forms of dream-control and even perhaps fascist walls of obedience to a new Sith Emperor. I trust my journey as a heretic will continue to involve an evaluation of the contours of full revolution!"


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