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SPECULATION Does Rebels and Rogues have Homages to Shadows of the Empire?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends' started by cawatrooper, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. cawatrooper

    cawatrooper Dungeon Master

    Nov 14, 2016
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    I finally got caught up on the pre-ESB run of the main line of recent comics, and I can't help but feel like the final arc contained some nods to Shadows of the Empire- and maybe is a possible new stand in for it!

    First thing that tipped me off was the pheremone enhancers in the honeymoon suites on Lanz Carpo. Leia's immediate reject of them seems almost like an intentional addressing of one of the most disgusting and reprehensible aspects of the Legends canon, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

    Additionally, Boss Carpo's base looks suspiciously like the Skyhook, and the role it plays above the rock people planet was similar as well- a crime syndicate space station caught in a battle between the Rebels and the Empire.

    I know it might seem like a stretch, but the combination of these two elements seemed pretty intentional to me. Has there ever been any word on Shadows inspiring this last arc?
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