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Exclusive - Take A Look at Two New Recipes in Star Wars: Galactic Baking from Insight Editions

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends' started by SWNN Probe, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    Looking to combine those baking skills with your fandom? Well, Insight Editions has you covered with Star Wars: Galactic Baking. After losing our collective minds of Grogu's space macaroons, we can finally set out to bake those treats and many others with this collection of far out recipes. After the success of Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire Outpost cookbook, Galactic Baking will help you come up with deserts and delicious treats to pair with those meals or enjoy on their own. And Insight Editions was kind enough to share two forthcoming recipes exclusively with us!

    Pre-heat that oven, get those measuring cups ready, and put on your favorite Jedi robe...I mean apron...to embark on a delicious journey.


    Though we're a little past the holiday season, this Life Day Cake looks like the galaxy far, far away version of a panettone. Grab your preferred brand of blue milk and toast the closest Wookiee to celebrate!


    Now these Proton Torpedoes look so decadent they might even fill up a Hutt. The recipes in Galactic Baking look to not only recapture classic moments from Star Wars overall but also a visual play on the elements of the galaxy far, far away. These Proton Torpedoes will likely be racing for your mouth with the same determination as those headed for the exhaust port of the Death Star.

    From Insight Editions:

    I'm already making counter space for these afternoon baking projects! This book sounds like a lot of delicious fun! The Force is strong with this sweet tooth.

    Star Wars: Galactic Baking is available for pre-order now and out May 4th wherever books are sold!

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