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SPOILER From Carnelion IV to Sunspot Prison (Obi-Wan & Anakin # 5 and Star Wars # 19)

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends' started by PrincessLeiaCB3, May 25, 2016.

  1. PrincessLeiaCB3

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    Dec 3, 2015
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    Alright, I have just read the two comics released today:

    Obi-Wan & Anakin # 5 and Star Wars # 19

    I am definitely waiting for a formal review to be posted by my respected Cantina comic experts, but I wanted to post this on a different thread since it concerns both comics.

    Maybe it is just a coincidence that these two comics were released on the 39th anniversary of the release of the movie that started it all. Perhaps it is not. However, the interesting thing is that two of the main characters for these two comics (Anakin for the first one and Princess Leia for the latter), are the first main saga sentient characters to have a spoken interaction in ANH (obviously, as Darth Vader and Princess Leia - and without knowing the truth).

    It is also interesting to think that, earlier on this month, we had the opportunity to read the first canon book released after TFA ("Bloodline") which cover actually shows the same two characters and deals a lot with the impact of Leia's true origins.

    The thing is that, after reading both issues, I consider them both to be a really good ending for their own series. And I'm pretty sure I'll give further comments on their respective threads; however, I found some correlation between the depiction of both Anakin and his daughter. I had thought before that each twin had inherited mostly after one of their parents, beyond the physical appearance: Luke after Anakin and Leia after Padme. Nevertheless, while reading of the perspective of each during these issues, I could not help but think that there are certain parallels between Anakin and Leia. (And here are the spoilers!). Anakin learns that his destiny lies with the Jedi order and sees the wisdom on Obi-Wan words: "I am stronger as part of the Jedi order than I could ever be alone". Unbeknownst to him, previously Obi-Wan has discussed the matter with Master Yoda and we discovered that Kenobi would honor his vow to the dying Qui-Gon Jinn: thus if Anakin decides to leave the order, he will leave it too. Before that, he convinces the group of young Open who are keeping an eye on him to go and prevent the murder of "The Scavenger" who has been providing them with pieces of art to convince them to stop the fight between Open and Closed. Maybe young Anakin is way better fixing machines than using words, but he convinces the young Open anyway to release him and helps them to go stop the murder of the Scavenger.

    That conciliatory attitude is somehow reflected by his daughter at Sunspot Prison, both trying to put some peace between Sana and Dr. Aphra - finally we discovered there was something else going on between them - and trying to make some reason with the mysterious Rebel Jail attacker - an old acquaintance who used to be a Rebel spy. They use it because in some way, they both acknowledge that they are part of something greater - maybe Leia has had it clear way before young Anakin, but at the end both do it. Maybe the main point is that no matter what we fight for, we must look for fairness and justice and not always the end justify the means.

    Then Leia is placed on a tremendously difficult dilemma - to choose between saving the life of her two friends (unbeknownst to her then, the ones who are no other than her twin brother and her future beloved husband) or to spare the life of a Imperial prisoner, none other than Dr. Aphra. But she has an ace under her sleeve. And obviously, Artoo is the one who saves the day - as he usually does!

    One of the final exchanges between the attacker and Princess Leia is pure gold:

    Attacker: "You're a fool, Princess. You spent your life in your father's castle and in the halls of the Senate, shielded from the realities of the galaxy. How can you possibly think you're going to win this war?
    Princess Leia: "They blew up my father's castle and all of Alderaan with it. But we won't win this war because of me. We'll win because there are more of us than you can count. And we're all sick to damn death of being told what to do!"

    Obviously, the issue leaves with open items for further issues for the Star Wars series.

    Anyway, I consider that the story group is doing a great job trying to fit some of the loose ends left in the storyline. I have said it before that I consider sort of loose the treatment in the movies of Leia being Anakin's daughter. But fortunately, we can try to do them some justice, no matter if later the future of a galaxy far, far away looks clouded due to the menace of the First Order and Snoke.
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