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SPECULATION (Jedi) Ghosts in the Machine

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' started by Vic DiGital, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Vic DiGital

    Vic DiGital Clone

    Oct 21, 2015
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    Pure conjecture on my part.

    Trying to reconcile the long-rumored image of Luke/Anakin's lightsaber floating through space and finding it's way to Jakku. No answer yet has satisfied me.

    I picture a scene, perhaps a flashback in Ep 8, where we see Luke calmly meditating among the gnarled roots of the now nearly fully-grown Force Tree. He is amplified by the power of the Tree, and he sends his vision out into the universe looking for this old Lightsaber. Why? Because it has a hidden feature he never knew about, allowing someone to discover and track down Jedi Knights, or at least those with Force sensitivity. This is the rumored 3D galactic map we see in between Han and Finn and Rey in the Falcon.

    First off, how does flashback Luke know about it? Could be a holocron or something, but I think it would be much more cinematic to have a Force Ghost of Anakin appear to him and tell him that the Emperor had given this crystal or chip or something and placed it inside his lightsaber to help with finding enemies. This is before Order 66. Granted, that all happened super fast, so I don't know when there would have been time for this little tidbit, but it's movies/fiction, so it's ultimately super-simple to retroactively justify it. So Anakin knows about this, because even though he lost that lightsaber almost immediately, the Emperor put a new map chip in Vader's eventual red lightsaber. Luke will counter that the saber was lost at Cloud City, but Ghost Anakin will say that it's not, and that Vader tracked the saber down where it was wedged in a grill or something right on the verge of flying out into the the clouds below Cloud City. So Vader ultimately ended up with his old saber and put it away somewhere.

    So back to the narrative. Force Ghost Anakin tells Luke about this saber and that there are those looking for it in order to create a new order of pseudo Sith. Luke knows he has to find this saber and get it first. But neither he nor Ghost Anakin know where the saber is. So Luke needs to go into super-Jedi-meditation and locate the saber out in the galaxy. Takes a while, but he finally locates it and with an even further level of meditation is able to begin levitating the saber and bringing it to him. It winds secretly though the spaceship or castle or base or cave where it had been stored all these years and then up into the sky as it leaves the atmosphere and makes its way slowly towards Luke. Or maybe he somehow gets the saber to float onto a ship leaving that planet and that is heading towards his planet. In any event, at some point, Luke is distracted, or attacked, or otherwise no longer able to bring the saber directly to himself and now needs to find some other way to get it to him. He trusts in the Force, and allows the saber to make its way the nearby planet of Jakku, where it ultimately makes its way to Rey and Finn.

    I realize it's sort of convoluted, but it could be easily explained by having Luke say to Rey or Finn or whoever, "I reached out with the Force to find my old saber and then went into extreme meditation to bring it to me." "Through SPACE?" "Yes, all things are possible through the Force." "What made you even think you could try that?" "There is no try. There is only do... or do not. I did." It's the extreme equivalent of Yoda lifting the X-wing out of the swamp.

    In general, I think we're going to ultimately see a sort of "Council of Ghosts" with Luke. Anakin (Hayden Christensen), Yoda, Obi-Wan (McGregor), advising and warning him about the path he is taking.

    This is assuming Luke isn't himself a Force Ghost in Episode 7 already. That's still my pet theory about why he wasn't on the poster or in the trailer. I think we're going to hear Luke's voice throughout the main part of the film, calling vaguely to Finn or Rey or Poe, and subtly guiding them, and then at the end of the film, when one or more of the characters finally arrive at where Luke is, the door to the castle opens up and instead of flesh and blood Luke, it's Force Ghost Luke standing there welcoming them. Cut to credits.
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