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Jon Favreau and Carl Weathers Comment on the Surprise Ending of The Mandalorian Chapter 1

Discussion in 'The Mandalorian' started by SWNN Probe, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Article contains spoilers for Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian

    Rumors of The Mandalorian involving a baby bounty have been swirling around for a while, but the exact form that twist took when the show premiered earlier this week was a huge surprise to many. As the episode started, the rumors began to sound untrue once you heard the age of the titular character's key mission, but Favreau and Filoni had a bigger trick up their sleeve.


    The reveal at the end of the first episode showed that adorable green alien resembling everyone’s favorite swamp dwelling Jedi Master. At the world premiere of The Mandalorian, showrunner Jon Favreau spoke on the purpose of the surprise.

    From Collider:

    Separate from the baby’s function in the story itself, Favreau also reflected on the achievement of creating the rare surprise in an age of spoilers.


    Baby Yoda, as most are calling him, would hardly be called a baby by human standards and isn’t even necessarily Yoda, but it is all we have to go on at this point. Some theories point to him being a Kaminoan Clone or possibly offspring of Yoda himself. More will likely be revealed as the season progresses, but Carl Weathers added some interesting insight to the discussion by describing the child in terms one might not expect associated with an infant.

    From Reuters:

    Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian was released this morning so please check out our review, and stay tuned for The Mando Fan Show on our SWNN YouTube channel later tonight! We will have written reviews, news breakdowns, and videos covering each episode of The Mandalorian, so keep checking in!

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