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HUMOR Leaked Episode IX Script!

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' started by metadude, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Bunai

    Bunai Clone Commander

    Oct 12, 2017
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  2. Dawn

    Dawn Rebel General

    Jun 6, 2017
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    Yeah, I'm Mama Bear, I told him to stop the madness.....Kidding! lol
    But seriously, it's obviously fake. I only read the part I mentioned in my first post, but this "leak" was clearly written by someone who loves Kylo while somehow missing the point of the character entirely. This person doesn't understand why Kylo made the choices he made (even though it's extremely clear in the movies), so he (or she) thinks that he has to make him look like a helpless little child who is literally possessed by evil and has no control over his actions. I guess he just can't grasp the idea that it IS possible for a character who is not evil to commit evil acts as a result of manipulation, without being physically forced to do it. It has to be either "bloodthirsty psychopath" or "little boy crying for his mom", no in between, and he went for the latter to "save" Kylo.

    Are you sure? Even after all that bombing? I'd say a lot of salt picked up.
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  3. metadude

    metadude Rebelscum

    Jun 5, 2018
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    +656 / 11 / -5
    Having read the leaks I'm fairly sure that the mystery author isn't actually basing the story on any kind of serious takes on the characters as they appeared in the previous movies. Looks like he's just exaggerating everything to the point of absurdity. Feels like I'm reading It's Always Sunny In Star Wars. The mystery author is probably one of those people who no one thinks is funny, but him (or, her). But he (or, she) gets a lot of pleasure out of making him(or, her)self laugh, if no one else. So I'm doubting this is supposed to be examined with any kind of serious attachment to the first two movies.

    But admittedly that's just my take on it, I could be completely wrong. Only the author would know for sure, and apparently he (or, she) isn't talking so we may never know the true intents or identity of this mystery, person.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 30, 2018, Original Post Date: Jun 30, 2018 ---


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  4. Bluemilk

    Bluemilk I AM the Senate

    Nov 9, 2014
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    and salty
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  5. metadude

    metadude Rebelscum

    Jun 5, 2018
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    The office is somewhat small and cramped. Papers lie strewn about and the place is in general disarray. Computer terminals with blinking lights sit against the far wall. A makeshift desk is on the opposite side of the room, and an overturned bucket sits before it as a makeshift chair. Poe sits at the desk with his feet propped on it. Finn stands next time him, arms crossed. There is a rainbow flag draped on a pole in the corner behind Finn. A Resistance member knocks at the door on which is tacked a paper with the words "Poe and Finn" written on it.

    POE: Come on in, soldier.

    The Resistance member smiles and walks in.

    POE (gesturing at the bucket): Have a seat.

    The Resistance member sits on the bucket, shifting awkwardly.

    POE: So tell me what's on your mind.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER (weakly): Well. I'm not sure how to...
    POE: Now just relax. You've got concerns and we want to hear them. That's how this works. No one is here to judge you.
    FINN: We don't judge.
    POE: I rest my case.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER (nods): Well. I just think, that. Since you guys have taken over...
    POE (holds his hand up): Whoa. Okay. Let me stop you right there. We were appointed, remember?
    FINN: We was chosen by democracy.
    POE: There was no "take over".
    FINN: By vote.
    POE (pointing): Your vote mattered.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: I just feel like your not taking things seriously. Like things aren't, how they should be.

    Poe looks up at Finn. Finn looks at Poe and furrows his brow, shrugging.

    POE (curious): What do you mean?
    FINN (suspicious): How are we not taking things seriously?
    POE: You heard the speech, right? I mean, you were there. I saw you in the group.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: Yes. I was there.
    POE: And?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: All you did was talk about, how you weren't gay. There was really nothing that...
    POE: That's because I'm not. I mean, forgive me for being fully transparent with the people I was chosen...
    FINN (interjecting): By democracy.
    POE: By democracy. To lead.
    FINN: Co-lead.
    POE: Co-lead.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: It's just that...
    POE: People need to know their leader (he stops as Finn opens his mouth): Co-leader. They need to be able to trust me. To trust I'm the man for the job. The guy that can get things done. And the first part of trust?
    FINN (nodding): Experience.
    POE: Well, that. But I was going to say, openness.
    FINN (nodding): Right after experience. Number two.
    POE: And I was being open. I was, coming out hetero.
    FINN: Wavin that hetero flag.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER (gesturing at the flag): All you've done so far is, buy a rainbow flag and ...
    POE: Oh I'm sorry, do you have a problem with diversity?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: No, I just think. What you're doing with the gay thing. It's actually kind of offensive.

    Poe removes his feet from the desk and looks surprised. Finn is wide-eyed with disbelief.

    POE: Whoa whoa whoa!
    FINN (defensive): Offensive?!
    POE: I'm sorry, but gays are not offensive, okay? Soldier?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: I don't think they are.
    POE (standing and pointing at the papers on his desk): This is the Resistance. Okay? We stand for the downtrodden and the outcast.
    FINN: Damn straight.
    POE: We don't find them "offensive" okay? Soldier?

    The Resistance member sits looking at the two in subdued silence.

    POE: You think we're not taking this all serious?
    FINN: What's wrong with you, soldier?
    POE: Did you not hear what Finn said during the speech?
    POE (to Finn): What was it again?
    FINN: What?
    POE: What you said?
    FINN (thinking): About the flag?
    POE: Before that.

    Finn furrows his brow in thought.

    POE (rolls his hand in a gesture trying to jog Finn's memory): You would do something for them.

    Finn looks at him confused.

    POE: Seriously, bro? It was like the only thing you said.

    Finn suddenly realizes what Poe is intending.

    FINN (to Resistance member): I will bleed for you!
    POE (to Resistance member): See? How is that not serious?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: It's just...
    POE: How is bleeding blood not serious?
    FINN: Girl you ever bleed your own blood?
    FINN: You ever fight a madman coming at you with a laser sword?
    FINN (shaking head): Not about Rey.
    POE (to Finn): I'm sorry, does the sign on the office door say "Rey"? Because I could've ...
    FINN (shaking his head): Says Finn and Poe.

    Poe begins to walk over to the door, but must squeeze past Finn first. As he does so, Finn backs into the rainbow flag which sways on its makeshift pole. Finn grabs it so it doesn't fall and rests it gently back in the corner. Poe walks over to the door and looks at the sign tacked to it.

    POE (looking at the sign): Yeah. Look at that. Poe and Finn. Huh? Who knew?

    The Resistance member sits silently as Poe walks to stand behind the desk, squeezing awkwardly past Finn once more. Finn holds the flag secure, eyeing the Resistance member as he does.

    POE (to the Resistance member): Who blew up the Starkiller, soldier?
    POE: That's right. I did. And how serious do you think I was?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: Pretty serious.
    POE: Yeah. Pretty serious. So?
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: It just seems maybe you've lost focus since you took over...
    FINN: By democracy.
    POE: Your vote mattered.
    POE: Now, look. You think we don't know Kylo Ren is out there?
    FINN: He out there.
    POE: You think we don't know he's taking things seriously?
    FINN: He serious.
    POE: You think we don't know that he's as dark as they come?
    FINN: Oh he dark.
    POE: Believe me, we're taking all of this as serious as he is.
    FINN: Damn straight.
    POE: I mean, what drives a man like that?
    FINN: Nobody know.
    POE: Is he a psycopath?
    FINN: Could be.
    POE: Is he truly evil, or is he a good guy being manipulated to do evil?
    FINN: And are we truly evil, being manipulated to do good?
    POE (to Finn): Well, clearly we're the good guys.
    FINN (to Poe): I'm just saying.
    POE (to Finn): Well we can't really be the good guys if we're evil.
    FINN (to Poe): But, what is evil? You know? It's like, if evil... was good...
    POE (to Resistance member): The point is that... (confused) okay I lost my train of thought. (to Finn): Thanks, buddy.
    FINN (apologetically): I was just saying.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER: It's just that...

    Poe sits back down at the desk and begins picking up papers at looking at them.

    POE: Okay! Glad we could clear that all up for you.
    FINN: Door's always open.
    POE: Thanks for your concern but, I assure you that Finn and I are taking things seriously.
    FINN: We will exceed your expectations.
    POE (smiles): Okay then. All right. Dismissed.
    FINN (motioning at the door): Free to go.
    POE (looking at papers, to self): Suddenly gaining mad respect for General Leia.
    FINN (nodding, to Poe): What she musta gone through.
    POE (to self): Unbelievable.

    The Resistance member stands.

    POE (to Resistance member): And let's try to tone down the "diversity is offensive" thing, read me? This is the Resistance. People here care about that sort of a thing and we don't need anyone just, blurting out negativity.
    FINN (to Resistance member): Self-awareness, soldier. Try it sometime.

    The Resistance member nods weakly, then leaves. Poe and Finn silently look after the departing Resistance member.

    POE: You know what I'm thinking, buddy?
    FINN (nodding gravely): First Order spy.
    POE: Suggestions, co-leader?
    FINN (nods): Find out who she voted for.
    POE: You read my mind.

    Slant swipe.
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  6. Bunai

    Bunai Clone Commander

    Oct 12, 2017
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    Okay . . . ?
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  7. metadude

    metadude Rebelscum

    Jun 5, 2018
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    +656 / 11 / -5


    Kylo is seated in the black chair which is in the center of the circular, spartan room. His eyes are closed.

    KYLO: Back to back. What a cheater. Who counts that? "Oh I woke first, back to back" yeah. Whatever, Rey. Uh, inferiority complex much? Just make up wins. Call me a pervert, yeah. Because liking to see girls is really abnormal. Yeah. Sure. Judgmental much, miss perfect? How's the weather up there on your high horse?

    Across the room, the force ghost of Anakin Skywalker appears. He looks at Kylo for a moment.

    KYLO: "Oh I'm Rey look at me I'm just the greatest thing ever in the universe huh? With my, hair. And my. Oh hey look at me." Didn't help you against Snoke, did it? Oh, wait. Was that a win? Too? Rey? Didn't think so. Oh, hey, who rescued you from Snoke? Whose win covered your loss? I don't know, was it, Kylo Ren? Maybe? Damn it I should've said that. I should've said that when she was raving. "Uh who beat Snoke for you?" I'm gonna remember that and say it next time. "Oh yeah, Rey, what happened with Snoke? How'd you get out of that?" She'll be all speechless then I'll be like "Now who one the argument, you little..."
    ANAKIN: Kylo.

    Kylo's eyes shoot open. He sees the force ghost of Anakin and leaps to his feet.

    KYLO: Grandfather?!
    ANAKIN: It's me, my grandson.

    He runs to the force ghost and drops to his knees.

    KYLO (elated): Oh grandfather I knew you'd come! I knew you'd hear me!
    ANAKIN: And I did.
    KYLO: I want to learn everything! I want to hear everything, all of the stories! And all of the powers! I want to hear about how you fought that fool Luke Skywalker and cut off his hand, and he was like "NoooooOoooOoo!" like a wuss! And how you cut down that fool Obi-Wan that must've been so sweet! I cut down an old man too he was all like "What a waste" and I was like "You're the waste" and just (swinging an imaginary lightsaber) ZZZT! Oh and about the time you just went berzerk on those Rebels with the Death Star plans and were just, tearing them up and throwing them around! So freaking awesome!

    Anakin looks at Kylo in a moment of silence.

    ANAKIN: You done?
    KYLO: Oh, yeah.
    ANAKIN: You sure?
    KYLO: Yeah.
    ANAKIN: Great. So as you can probably guess, I've come to guide you on the path to, finishing what I started.
    KYLO: Yes! In your face, Rey! Ha! She was all "Luke Skywalker's appearing to me" "I'm just the greatest" "Back to back, back to back" wait until she finds out I got a force ghost, too. And not just some milk-drinking jerkface, but the OG himself. Yes! This is so ...

    Anakin looks at Kylo in a moment of silence.

    ANAKIN: You going to let me finish?
    KYLO: Yes. Obviously. Finish. What you were... oh wait! Let you finish! Is this a clue?
    ANAKIN: It's not a clue, no.
    KYLO: Got it. Or, wait. Is this like, it is a clue but you say it's not a clue so I have to be wise and figure out, like, it really is a clue? Kinda, thing?
    ANAKIN: It's not a clue. At all. I'm just trying to have a conversation.
    KYLO (suspiciously): Oh yeah. I hear you. It's "not a clue" wink wink nudge nudge.
    ANAKIN: And you're my grandson?
    KYLO: Skywalker all the way, baby. Midichlorian in the house!
    ANAKIN: Okay, well, I'm going to need to you get something for me so we can begin to...
    KYLO: Anything, grandfather! Would you like a beverage? I could...
    ANAKIN: You must go to Jakku.
    KYLO: Yes grandfather! We're already in route and should be there...

    A voice comes over the intercom.

    VOICE: We have arrived at Jakku, Supreme Leader.
    KYLO (points up and nods): "Supreme Leader." Pretty cool, huh? I killed my dark side master, too. Didn't throw him in a hole but just cut him right in half like a sucker. It was great you should've seen it he was all like "He can't betray me" and I was like "Uh, Wha? Wrong answer beeatch! BZZZT! You got punked!" Mic drop! It was cool. And Rey was like, "Oh come with me you're so awesome!" and I was like, "Whatever, girl" and she was like "Please" but I totally ditched her! And then, Luke Skywalker, he wouldn't even come and face me! He was all like, "Oh no, I can only fight you from like a billion light years away!" and I was like...

    Anakin looks at Kylo in a moment of silence.

    ANAKIN: You must retreive the Allocron, the first and only of its kind. It is imperative, if you are to finish what I started.
    KYLO: Yes, grandfather! But, how? Where?
    ANAKIN: In the place where life springs in the wasteland. Seek the tree in the midst of the wilderness.
    KYLO: Yes grandfather! Yes! I will not disappoint you.
    ANAKIN: Okay.
    KYLO: How will I know it?
    ANAKIN: You will know it.
    KYLO: Thank you, grandfather! Wait, is that what Rey is after? Is that why that fool Luke Skywalker sent her to Jakku? That's why she's there isn't it? She's after the Allocron? I will get to it first or I will pry it from her c... unwilling hands, grandfather. You can be sure of it!
    ANAKIN: Finish what I started.
    KYLO: Yes! Wait. Is this another clue?
    ANAKIN: Just get the Allocron.
    KYLO: Yes grandfather!

    Anakin vanishes.

    Kylo jumps to his feet.

    KYLO (suddenly fist pumps): Yes!

    He stands still for a moment.

    KYLO (suddenly begins to furiously box at the air): Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    He begins to head-bang and play air-guitar.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH! WEEEEEE neener-neener-WEEEEEEEE! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH!

    He begins kicking and punching at the air.

    KYLO: I hope. You're ready. For your. Spanking. Rey.

    He stops suddenly. Close up.

    KYLO: Here comes daddy.

    He strides from the meditation chamber.

    Swipe from left.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 2, 2018, Original Post Date: Jul 2, 2018 ---


    Poe sits at the desk, looking at papers. He looks up as Finn walks in and throws a clipboard on the desk, putting his hands on his hips and smiling.

    POE: What's this?

    Poe picks up the clipboard as Finn nods.

    FINN: Read it.
    POE (reading aloud): Resistance Life Insurance Policy?

    He looks up at Finn who is smiling.

    POE (confused): I don't get it. Why would we need...
    FINN: It's not about the policy, bro. It's about the signatures that we need.
    POE (still confused): Okay? Clue me in.
    FINN: Okay. You know how we figured out about the spy, from the office?
    POE (nods): Little Miss Serious.
    FINN: And that they was trying to put in a First Order operative to sabotage the Resistance from within?
    POE: By voter fraud.
    FINN: Exactly. Well, check it out. I had some of our people rooting through the trash this afternoon, from last week's trash? And we found all the paper slips with the names on em. Remember that we had everyone write for a vote?
    POE: Yeah? So?
    FINN: Don't you see? We get everyone, including Miss Serious, to sign this policy and we match the writing on the voting slips. And whoever Miss Serious voted for...
    POE: Is our First Order candidate operative.
    FINN: We can get the whole network of em, just from the signature of Miss Serious.
    POE (he is smiling, nodding, impressed): That's good. That's... Finn you are brilliant, my man.
    FINN (smiling and deflecting praise): Hey we all got our gifts, brother. We all got em.
    POE (standing): Let's go.

    They hurry out of the office.


    Finn and Poe enter the hangar. Dozens of Resistance members are here and there busy at work. Finn and Poe look around.

    POE (spotting the girl): There she is.
    FINN (to everyone): Okay, everyone gather round! Bring it in!

    The members all gather to form a semi-circle in front of Finn and Poe.

    POE: Okay listen up! Due to recent changes in Resistance leadership, and protocols; we're going to need everyone to sign this insurance policy which also doubles as a liturgical waver.

    Poe hands the clipboard to the first person on the right, who signs and passes to the left.

    RESISTANCE MEMBER #4: What's a liturgical waver?
    FINN (answering while watching as the clipboard travels around toward the girl from the office): Means you can't sue us.
    POE (answering while also watching): You can't take liturgical action against us in the case something happens to you.
    RESISTANCE MEMBER #5 (as the clipboard comes to him): I don't think that word means...
    POE: Just sign the paper, brainiac.

    He signs and hands it off. It travels a few members more then is signed by the girl from the office.

    POE (moving forward to snatch the clipboard from her hands): Okay! Good! Thanks everyone. Back to work.

    Poe and Finn begin to walk briskly back to the office.

    POE: Gotta keep things serious around here!
    RESISTANCE MEMBER #6: What about the rest of us?
    FINN (calling back): You're good! Policies are good!

    The Resistance members look around at one another.


    Poe and Finn enter the office. Finn dumps a sack of paper slips onto the desktop. The two start going through the paper slips, comparing them to the signature. After a few moments, Poe suddenly stops at one particular slip of paper. His face is troubled. He glances at Finn, and sits on the makeshift bucket chair. He rubs his eyes.

    POE (sighing): Oh man.
    FINN (looking at him): What is it? Did you find it?
    POE (nodding): Yeah. I found the slip.
    FINN (excited): Who's it say?
    POE (hesitantly holds out the slip): I'm sorry, bro.

    Finn looks confused. He takes the slip and reads it. His face grows troubled.

    FINN: But...
    POE (nodding): I know. Just. Man. You okay?
    FINN: Huh? Oh. Yeah.

    Poe stands and looks at Finn sorrowfully.

    FINN (matching the paper slip with the clipboard): Is it? But...
    POE (nodding): That's it, buddy. Same curly Q's on the...

    Finn puts the clipboard and the paper slip on the desktop. He is distraught. He sits on the desktop in a daze.

    POE: Tell you what. You hang tight in here. Let me handle this, all right?
    FINN (barely responsive): Yeah. Uh. Okay.

    Poe picks up the paper slip, then claps Finn's shoulder.

    POE: Hang tight, bro. We'll get through this.

    Finn absently nods. Poe leaves the office.


    The office has no furnishings except a swivle chair, a small file cabinet, and a painting of Wookies playing poker on the wall.

    The door is flung open as Rose Tico is pushed into the office by Poe.

    POE: Get in there you!

    He pushes Rose into the chair. She looks worried. Poe closes the door, and a Resistance Security office takes position outside.

    ROSE: What's going on?
    POE: Quiet you! I'll ask the questions here.
    ROSE: What did I do? Why are you...
    POE: Oh I think you know exactly what is going on here.
    ROSE: I don't. I swear I don't.
    POE: Oh? Then maybe you can explain this!

    Poe tosses the slip of paper into Rose's lap. She picks it up, unfolds it and looks at it.

    ROSE: It's a slip of paper with my name on it.
    POE: That's right. Didn't think we'd put it all together, did you?
    ROSE: Put what together?
    POE: That slip of paper just happens to be from the voting assembly.
    ROSE (smiling and embarassed): Someone voted for me as leader?
    POE (rolling his eyes): Oh yeah. Quite a shock, huh? (he frames the air) "Rose Tico leader of the Resistance"! Has quite a ring to it doesn't it?
    ROSE (smiling and flustered): I don't know what to...
    POE (scowling): A First Order ring!
    ROSE (her smile vanishes): Wait. Am I in trouble because someone voted for me?
    POE: Not because, but, why because! You didn't think we'd be able to recover the evidence did you? Yeah you thought you were all in the clear and could just bide your time until the next opportunity presented itself!
    ROSE: What?
    POE: Well think again, honey. Once me and Finn were on to your little game, it was just a matter of time till we cracked this thing wide open!
    ROSE: What game?!
    POE: "Not serious enough"? Does "not serious enough" spend an afternoon scowering through mounds of trash in order to find crucial information to uncover a First Order plot right in our very midst?
    ROSE: What plot?! I don't understand!
    POE: Yeah, well let's see how serious little Miss Serious seriously thinks we seriously ... are now!
    ROSE: What are you saying?!
    POE: I'm saying you're a First Order operative sent deep undercover to undermine the Resistance! How many others are...
    ROSE: What?! That's crazy!
    POE: Then explain the vote!
    ROSE: I don't know! Someone voted for me! Ask them! Why aren't they under arrest?!

    Poe is quiet for a moment. He turns and opens the door to leave, closing the door behind him. He speaks to the Security Officer, glancing at Rose through the office window. The officer nods and speeds away. Poe opens the door and enters the room.

    POE: I'm sorry, I missed that last bit. You were asking?
    ROSE: I said, why don't you arrest the person who wrote my name on the slip of paper and ask them?
    POE: You think I haven't already done that?! I got your accomplice locked in a room any minute now and believe me you're both going to be singing like Tandorian Songsnipes!
    ROSE: I'm not a spy I swear! Where is Finn?!
    POE: Finn? Where's Finn?! You're seriously asking, "Where's Finn"?
    ROSE: I want to see Finn.
    POE: Oh I'll tell you where Finn is, alright. I'll tell you where Finn is. My boy is sitting by himself a broken man trying to find a way to somehow put the pieces back together after what you pulled! Oh you just had to sink your claws into him didn't you? Wasn't good enough to just infiltrate the Resistance and destroy it from within, but you just saw a guy, a great guy, with the biggest heart in the world, and you just couldn't stand it! You just couldn't stand to see someone so selfless and giving and you just had to weasel your way in and just crush him didn't you? Answer me!
    ROSE: Finn! Finn!
    POE: Don't you even say his name, you don't deserve to ever say that name again!

    Poe pulls his blaster on Rose who shouts in fear and starts to sob uncontrollably. Poe's face goes from threatening to paniced. He immediately holsters his blaster and moves to kneel beside Rose. He reaches a hand out but doesn't touch her.

    POE (compassionately): Oh hey wait. Okay. Hold on there. Don't do that. Okay okay. You're not a spy. It was just. Everything is okay, okay? It's all gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay.
    ROSE (sobbing): Then why are you treating me like this?
    POE: Why? It's...

    Poe struggles to think of a reason. His eyes light up.

    POE: We're vetting that's it. We're doing this to everyone. It's not you. We just need to make sure there's. Finn ... had this crazy idea. We had to make sure there wasn't a spy. You know that whole thing with Holdo. Thinking there was a spy. Not telling anyone. Being all, secretive. It's really kinda her fault. When you think about it. We're just, you know? It's a test! Hey now. It's okay. It's all right. Hey guess what?

    Poe stands up and smiles.

    POE: You passed! Not a spy! And because you handled all of that with such, tact and poise. Guess what?

    Rose looks up with tear-filled eyes.

    POE: You're promoted to assistant to the co-leaders. You're third in command now!
    ROSE (sniffling, a smile begins to cross her face): Really?
    POE: Yeah, really. Congratulations, soldier! You did it!
    ROSE (laughs and wipes her eyes): I'm third in command now?
    POE (Poe shrugs, with some regret): Yeah. Sure. Why not?
    ROSE (laughs happily): Wait until I tell Finn he'll be so proud!
    POE: Okay, but, just, wait here. I'll go get him. Just, let me go get him then you can tell him.
    ROSE (smiling): Okay.

    Poe hurries out of the office and down a few corridors. As he approaches the main office room, the door is opening, and the Resistance member who was voicing concerns is walking out with teary-red eyes, though she is smiling. Finn is walking out behind her. He looks depressed.

    FINN (seeing Poe approach): Not a spy.

    Poe looks back at the girl as she rounds the corner.

    POE: Yeah well, good news, buddy; neither's Rose.
    FINN (suddenly elated): Really?!
    POE: Yeah.
    FINN: Oh man that's such a relief!
    POE: Yeah. By the way she's third in command now.
    FINN: Seriously?!
    POE: Yeah I felt a little...
    FINN: That's my girl!
    POE: That's your girl, yeah.
    FINN: I'm gonna go tell her how proud I am. Where she at? The other office?
    POE: Yeah she's in the other, just...

    Finn hurries down the corridor. He calls back.

    FINN: Oh and Miss Serious is head of security now!
    POE (nodding): Yeah.

    Poe stands in silence for a moment, then exhales sharply. A voice suddenly comes over the base intercom.

    VOICE: Incoming starships! Senior officers to the command center! Incoming starships!
    POE: You gotta be kidding me.

    Poe wipes his forehead, then begins down the corridor.


    The command center is a large room with several computers and consoles. A dozen people sit at monitors, and are busy about the place. A man is looking at a specific monitor as Poe hurries into the command center.

    POE: How many?
    RESISTANCE OFFICER #7: Twelve starships just came out of hyperspace on the edge of the system.
    POE: Warships?
    RESISTANCE OFFICER #7: Looks like a mix. Battlecruisers, freighters, medical.

    Finn enters the command center with Rose. They move to stand with Poe.

    POE: Transmissions?
    RESISTANCE OFFICER #7 (smiling): Resistance codes.
    POE: Oh yeah baby!
    RESISTANCE OFFICER #8: Incoming visual.
    RESISTANCE OFFICER #7: Put it on.

    The monitor flashes and the face of Maz Kanata appears.

    FINN: Maz!
    MAZ: Finn, how you doing? I was just in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by to see if you could use some assistance?
    FINN: Oh yeah we could use some assistance you wonderful lady!
    MAZ: I thought you might. See you soon.

    Poe fist bumps Finn.

    POE: Good day.
    FINN: Damn straight.

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    Wearing her small head-lamp, Rey descends the flight of stairs. There is writing etched into the face of each stair which softly illuminates upon each of her footfalls, then darkens as she removes her foot to take another step downward. She enters a large vault through a stone archway about ten feet in height. The vaulted ceiling is about thirty feet above her. It is a mass of roots and stone, melded together by some unknown technique. The floor is smooth stone, about seventy feet in diameter. There are six other stone archways spaced evenly about the stone circular stone wall, with a large stone statue within each of the recesses beyong the archways. Upon the wall are elaborate frescoes depeciting myraid scenes. In the middle of the vault is a raised pedastal of white stone.

    Rey takes the headlamp off, and positions it against the wall. She advances cautiously toward the pedastal. There is a small, circular fist-sized recess on the top of the pedastal, a script is written in a circle around it. The recess would allow for a sphere to sit within, but nothing is there.

    KYLO: Looking for something?

    A light suddenly fills the vault as Rey starts in surprise, and backpedals from the sound of the voice. Kylo holds a shining sphere in his hand, illuminating the recess opposite of the entryway. He emerges from the recess.

    REY: That doesn't belong to you.
    KYLO: I beg to differ.

    Kylo holds up the sphere.

    KYLO: This belongs to me. Just like the saber that you stole belonged to me.

    Kylo reaches the sphere behind his back, placing it into some receptacle. The vault grows shadowy. He ignites his saber, and the vault is illuminated with the red glow. Kylo begins to walk around the circumference of the vault. Rey takes a lightsaber hilt from her belt. She ignites a green lightsaber, changing half of the lightning of the vault.

    KYLO: I see you've stolen another lightsaber.

    Rey holds the saber hilt with both hands.

    REY: I didn't steal it. I made it.
    KYLO: Sure. Whatever.

    She twists the hilt and pulls it, and it elongates to twice its length. Kylo looks on curiously. Rey makes a turning motion and a second green blade ignites from the bottom of the hilt. She is weilding a dual-bladed lightsaber. Kylo nods.

    KYLO: Okay. That is cool. I'll give you that. That's rock and roll, baby.

    Rey supresses a smile, and lifts her chin with pride.

    KYLO: But I wouldn't start feeling so pleased with yourself just yet, Rey. You see, you (he points at Rey with his saber) may be rock and roll. I, on the other hand? METAL!

    Kylo throws out his hand and force-lightning sizzles across the vault. Rey deflects with her saber, dodging away to the side. She stumbles at the force of the attack as she dodges but quickly recovers.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey twirls the lightsaber like a staff weapon. She moves forward into a light stance, bobbing on her feet. Kylo struts forward, whirling his blade.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Kylo throws quick bolts of force-lightning as he swings his saber with power. Rey blocks the lightning as she swings her saber up to block his strikes as he spins quickly off.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Kylo leaps forward to swing and Rey leaps toward the pedastal avoiding his blow. Landing one foot on the pedastal, she springs back over Kylo, the two returning swings and blocks. She lands on her feet and Kylo is upon her swinging furiously.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    As his powerful strikes hit Rey's blocks, she is driven back toward the wall. She does a force-leap over him, blocking his upward strikes. Kylo throws more force lightning at her, which strikes her as she lands sending her sprawling across the floor away from him. Her lightsaber disignites and clatters away from her.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey force-pulls her saber into her hand, and regains her feet but is hit by a force-push from behind and sent hurling face down onto the floor, her saber clattering away from her again.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey does a spin-over kip-up as Kylo throws another force-push. Rey throws one or her own and the two are locked in a test of strength. As Kylo whirls his saber, Rey glances at her saber lying on the floor, but cannot disengage Kylo as she is using both hands in the lock in order to maintain her leverage. Kylo pushes with his outstretched hand as he steadily moves forward. Rey grits her teeth as she attempts to push back. Her feet begin to slide across the stone floor.

    KYLO: Do you feel it, Rey?

    Rey glances quickly at her saber.

    KYLO: The fear that comes with the realization...

    In a single moment, Kylo tosses his saber slightly into the air. Rey reaches out to force-pull her saber. Kylo releases his force-push while slightly force-pulling Rey with his right hand, causing her to fall off balance, then throws force-lightning from the left hand while catching his saber. Rey's saber flies into her hand just as the force-lightning courses through her and she is flung backwards and onto the ground. She cries out as her saber again clatters away.

    KYLO: Of defeat! (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey scrambles to her feet, stumbling along the floor and attempts to stand on wobbly knees. She reaches her hand out for her saber but can't find it before Kylo motions with his hand, spinning her to face him as he hits her with a powerful force-push which throws her across the vault and into the pedastal snapping her arm. She cries out in pain as she collapses to the ground.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey desparately pulls herself to her feet using the pedastal. Her right arm hangs to her side as she winces in pain. She turns to see Kylo advancing on her. She takes a step forward and tries to stand firm but is reeling.

    KYLO (making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Rey falters forward as she raises her hand for a force-push but Kylo acts first. He waves his hand sharply to the side and Rey's feet drag the floor of the vault as she is hurled across it and into the wall. She cries out in pain and slides down the wall into a sitting position. Her breath is heavy and she is clutching her right arm.

    KYLO (whirling his saber): Oh yeah! Boom baby! There it is! Spanked!

    Rey's pained visage gives way to a sudden blank expression as she drops her hand, scanning the vault for her lightsaber.

    KYLO: Any last words, Rey?

    Rey closes her eyes tightly then opens them in an attempt to clear her blurred vision.

    KYLO: So who won this argument? Wooo!

    As Kylo fist-pumps and does a dance, Rey sees her saber lying near his feet. She reaches out to force-pull her saber to her, but Kylo steps on it.

    KYLO: Oops.

    Rey drops her hand and slowly looks up at him. Kylo lifts his foot and force-pulls the saber to his other hand. Rey leans back on the wall. She becomes resigned.

    KYLO: Oh no! What happened? Where's your lightsaber, Rey? Where's you lightsaber, Rey? I don't see it in your hand, Rey?

    Kylo twirls it.

    KYLO: It's pretty cool, though. Maybe I'll keep it. Yeah, then everyone will be all like "Cool saber, bro, where'd you get it?" and I'll be like "Oh, I spanked a little girl and took it from her" and then every time you're out there, washing dishes or whatever job you've got after this is all over, you'll see me on the Galactic News twirling my cool double-bladed lightsaber and you'll feel that shame. Rey. You'll burn with that shame. And you'll feel that sting. Still haunting you from the spanking you took. You'll unconsciously rub your...
    REY: Stop.
    KYLO (cupping an ear): What's that?
    REY (looking up at him): Please stop.

    Kylo disignites his saber and holds both of them in one hand. He moonwalks.

    KYLO: Kylo freaking Ren baby! Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your threepeat?

    Kylo places Rey's saber within the inside of his cloak as he cocks his head and looks at down at Rey. She raises her head to look at him. Her head sways with disorientation and she winces at the pain.

    KYLO: Please there wasn't even a twopeat and you know it. Yeah I'll give you that you bested me when I was, oh I don't know, bleeding out from a bowcaster hit right to the gut. Sucker punch from good old Chewie. Yeah. When I wasn't even able to focus because of what was going on in my head. Yeah I'll give it to you, Rey. You bested me. When I was at my lowest. You bested the weakest version of Kylo Ren possible. Yeah, I'll give it to you (golf clap). Uh but then, how'd it go with Snoke? Rey? Remember that? Uh, I think I saw you there. Something about, screaming and yelling and help me oh please Kylo don't hurt me. Oh, whose win covered your fail then, Rey? Oh? What's that? Were you going to say someone's name? Uh, was it? Kylo freaking Ren? Yeah. So, you're welcome for that, little girl. But we see now what happens when you face me full-tilt in the zone. You see that now, right? Little girl? Huh? Want her dolly? Little girl want her little dollie? Want to go...
    REY (looking blankly ahead): Somewhere quiet.
    KYLO: Oh! Yeah! Great come back! You see Rey, Kylo's not the failure. No. Kylo? Winner. Rey? Loser. Rey? Failure. That's why the only force ghost you can get is a loser jerk who did nothing but got his hand cut off and then cried "Oh daddy help me! Daddy help me the bad Shiv man is frying your little helpless boy!"
    REY (absently): Shiv?
    KYLO: Uh, yeah. Shiv Palpatine. That was his name. Duh! You don't even know your Sith because you're an idiot failure! Yeah, that's why Kylo? He got the OG force ghost. Wha?! Uh, yeah. I'm talking the OG himself. Big daddy who had to step in and save that idiot Luke. Yeah. Because, sentiment. But you know what? Even in his failure, Vader was a winner. Yeah that's right. Even when he failed, he took out the Sith. That's Kylo's force ghost, Rey. Okay? Think about it. That's Kylo.
    REY: You're actually speaking of yourself in the third person?
    KYLO: Kylo Kylo Kylo Kylo Kylo!

    Rey looks at him.

    KYLO: You? You're Rey. Little girl who thought she was something because she bestest Kylo at his weakest. And I wasn't even trying, either!
    REY: Then just kill me and put me out of my misery.
    KYLO: Yeah and that's why I'm going to let you live. Rey. Because you are nothing! Okay? You are nobody! You mean as much to me as a freaking germ. Oh, and here's you toy, little girl. Go on, take it.

    Kylo reaches into his cloak and tosses Rey's saber toward her. As it clatters on the ground her hand moves slightly, but he force-pulls it back like a yo-yo. Rey stares at the ground.

    KYLO: Psyche! You won't need this anymore. Because you're done. You're finished Rey. You're finished, the Resistance is finished. All aboard the failboat. Game over, captain. There's a waitressing job with your name on it waiting for you at the local throwback cantina. Tell you what. I'll stop in from time to time. Throw you a bone of a tip to help you make ends meet. Give you a nice swat as you walk away from serving me. For old-time's sake. How's that sound?

    Kylo crouches to look at her, and she looks at him.

    KYLO: How's that sound, Rey? Sound like the future that you belong in? Where's that sass now? No more? All gone? Everything gone, now, Rey? All that hope just, going down the drain? Just, draining away down the drain. There it goes. There it went. Down the drain.

    Rey turns away.

    KYLO: Oh? Going to cry now? Little girl? Don't want Kylo to see you cry? Go ahead, Rey. It'll help. Just, let it all out. Just, let it flow. Let's see those tears. Show me those tears little girl.

    Rey turns back to face him.

    REY: I...
    KYLO: Oh here it comes. Let's hear it, Rey. Give it to Kylo.
    REY: I...
    KYLO: What, Rey? You what? Say it! Gimme that word!
    REY: I feel sorry for you.
    KYLO: Ha! Okay Rey. Yeah. Well, keep feeling sorry for me when I'm ruling the galaxy and you're standing in line for your weekly food credits. Doing whatever you can to maintain your broken life. Begging for change. Who knows, Rey? It could get even darker for you. Out there. Doing whatever it takes to get by. Oh yeah. It could get a whole lot darker for you. And when you're laying in that pool of self-pity and regret that is the ruin of your life, I hope you'll look back on the speeder wreck you thought was a future and remember the name. Kylo Ren. And you will. And oh how the tears will flow. The girl who came from nothing, is nothing. And will be, nothing.

    Rey winces and clutches her arm, closing her eyes in pain.

    KYLO: It hurts, doesn't it, Rey?
    REY: Stop saying my name.
    KYLO: You think I'm the bad guy. Rey. You'll blame me for the broken road of your life. But, you know? I have a desinty to fulfill. Rey. You were the one who interefered when it wasn't your place. Rey. You think I wanted to do this to you? You made the choice to stand in the way of the steamroller. And look what happened. You got steamrolled. Didn't you? Rey? Tell me. Rey. Look at me.

    Rey opens her eyes and looks at him. Kylo looks at her. He opens his mouth but says nothing. He hesitates.

    KYLO: Whose fault is that? Rey? Mine? Or yours? Who's the bad guy? Rey? So when you're laying in your hovel, crying about your worthless life. Thinking of this day. Of my face. Feeling the sting. Maybe you'll do the right thing. The honest thing. And you'll stand up. You'll look in the mirror. And you'll scream and smash the face you see in it. For being so laughably stupid as to think she could run with the big dogs.

    Kylo stands and looks down at Rey. She looks silently ahead.

    KYLO: I was going to take you along with me but you know what? You're not good enough to sit at my feet and beg for crumbs. So, I leave you to the ruin of your life. Enjoy.

    Rey continues to stare silently ahead. Kylo crouches again.

    KYLO: Woof woof.

    Rey lays her head back against the wall. Kylo stands and nods. He turns and begins to walk toward the archway.

    REY: If you don't kill me...

    Kylo turns back at the sound of her voice. Rey turns to look at him.

    REY: The Jedi will survive.

    Kylo stands silently for a moment before smiling.

    KYLO: You're no Jedi.

    Rey flinches.

    KYLO (motioning a mic drop): Mic drop baby. How you like me now?

    Kylo turns to walk up the stairs. He stops and stands still for a moment. Then he turns back. Rey stares ahead. He tosses the lightsaber to her, and it clatters along the floor at her feet. She makes no response.

    KYLO: Keep it. As a reminder. Of what you thought you were. You may be able to sell it for a few credits. But I doubt you'd get much for the lightsaber of the make-believe Jedi girl. Maybe a few laughs.

    He leaves. Rey sits in silence for a few moments, blankly staring ahead in a daze. The force ghost of Luke Skywalker appears. Rey hesitantly turns her head and looks up at him, exhausted.

    REY (weakly): I'm sorry Master Skywalker.

    LUKE (compassionately): Rey.

    REY (her eyes grow watery): I've failed the Jedi.

    LUKE (troubled): No.

    Rey breaks into tears.

    REY: I've failed you!

    LUKE (pained): Nothing is as it seems, Rey.

    REY: I've lost!

    The force ghost of Anakin Skywalker appears next to Luke, and Rey's emotions quickly disperse into perplexity.

    ANAKIN: No, Rey.

    The force ghost of Padme Skywalker appears next to Anakin.

    PADME: You've won.


    Kylo emerges from the Force Tree walking with great swagger.

    KYLO (softly making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH! (softly singing lyrics): Kylo Ren he the man. He the heavy metal man.

    He is holding a device and looks down at it as he is walking. He pushes some buttons on it and the device emits two bleeps.

    KYLO (softly singing lyrics): Kylo Ren is the man. Don't you go and mess with him. (softly making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    Kylo puts the device into his cloak and as he lifts his head he notices Rey's makeshift speeder.

    KYLO (softly making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh...

    He stops walking as he notices a small harness strapped to the side in which is placed a raggedy doll of a Rebel pilot. He stands silently looking at it. The sound of a TIE engine is heard as his personal ship arrives and sets down nearby. Kylo takes a step forward toward the speeder, then stops. He turns abruptly and begins toward the ship.

    KYLO (softly making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    He climbs up.

    KYLO (softly singing lyrics): Kylo Ren he the man. He the heavy metal man.

    He enters the ship.


    Kylo climbs into the seat and begins to punch buttons on the consoles.

    KYLO (softly making power chord sounds): Juh-juh-JUH! Juh-juh-J-J-JUH! Juh-juh-JUH!

    He touches a switch but doesn't flip it. He looks up through the cockpit window at the speeder. He flips the switch.


    Kylo's ship lifts off the ground and turns to speed into the night in the direction of some low-lying ridges in the distance.

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    There is no audio except the scoring of


    It is pre-dawn. The door to the house opens and Rey emerges. She is dressed in dark blue sweatpants and a light grey hoodie. The hood is drawn up. She wears sneakers. She looks to the side where several caretakers are looking at her. Several of them place their hands on their hips and shake their heads. A caretaker approaches Rey and hands her a glass of green milk. Rey smiles weakly, and hesitantly drinks from the glass. She grimaces after a few drinks and hands it back to the caretaker. Rey begins to jog away and the caretaker looks away from her and toward Luke who was observing from a distance. Luke shakes his head.


    Rey jogs along the beach. She routinely jabs at the air as she jogs.


    Rey is doing one-handed push ups while Yoda looks on.


    Luke observes as Rey chases after a porg. Though she stumbles about, almost catching him, she cannot catch him. She stumbles and falls to the ground and looks up at Luke.


    Rey holds a wooden practice saber which she uses to parry and deflect a staff being levitated by Qui-Gon. As the staff thrusts and feints, it leads Rey's attempts to parry to cause her to hold the saber too high, and the staff swings in and strikes under Rey's nose, briefly stunning her. Qui-Gon moves forward as Rey shakes it off. He motions at the levitating movement of the staff. He points at Rey's saber and makes a downward thrusting motion, then mimics being stunned by the hit. He points at Rey's face and then at the staff as she nods as she listens.


    Rey wields her saber single-bladed as she runs through an area containing many tall rock formations, averaging around ten feet in height. As she does so, Anakin uses the force to cause dummies to swing out from the rocks. They have stormtrooper visages crudely painted on them. As Rey runs through the dummies, she cuts off arms, hands, legs and heads as they appear. Suddenly a child-sized dummie appears and Rey cuts the dummie's head off. She stops in shock and looks back. Anakin frowns and shakes his head.


    Rey stands before a rock which serves as a makeshift podium. Before her a group of caretakers stand with signs held down. Rey is speaking to the caretakers from behind the podium. She is rigid and looks uncertain as she speaks. The caretakers hold up the signs which read "NO CONFIDENCE" and Rey looks at Padme who approaches. Padme speaks and Rey begins to roll her shoulders, tossing her head back. Padme motions a strike to the podium, and Rey mimics it.


    Rey is force-pushing rocks from a ledge as Yoda and Luke watch.


    Rey stands behind a large dummie near the cliff as Anakin looks on. She pushes into the dummie, attempting to pick it up but stumbles and the dummie remains where it is. Anakin walks over and stands next to her. He points at the dummie and makes a motion toward his lower back, then his thighs. He crouches and springs up, motioning at his thighs. Rey listens and nods.


    Rey stands with her saber ignited single-bladed. She deflects small rocks being hurled at her one at a time by Yoda.


    Rey stands outside of the house. She is slowly drinking from a glass of green milk as a caretaker stands before her. Luke looks on.


    Rey stands with Anakin and Obi-Wan, while Chewie stands a distance away. Anakin makes a hand-gun pointing it at Chewie, and Chewie falls to the ground. Rey puts her hands on her face and expresses a "No" but the two are not satisfied. Anakin shakes his head and Obi-Wan speaks to Rey, motioning with his hands below his diaphram. He raises his hands in one motion. Rey is nodding and watching as Chewie stands. Anakin speaks and Rey looks at him. He clenches his fists and raises them in the air, he is saying "No!" and Obi-Wan nods, pointing at Chewie and saying "No!" with a wild expression as he motions to his face. Rey mimics his wild expression and says "No!"


    Chewie runs through the rocky area, and circles around a rock where he comes up behind Rey as she is moving away from him. He points at her and growls. Rey turns around and looks at Padme. Padme smiles but shakes her head. Rey looks downcast, but Padme encourages her as Chewie looks on and nods.


    Obi-Wan levitates various sized slabs of rock into the air while Rey leaps from one to the other, stumbling and almost falling.


    Rey is stumbling up the stairs on the mountain about half-way up. She tires and sits on the stairs, looking out over the island. She holds her side. Her breath is heavy and her face is red.


    Rey is doing one-handed push ups, quickly changing from one hand to the other between push ups. Yoda looks on.


    Rey stands before the podium with the caretaker audience as Padme looks on. She is very animated as she speaks. She strikes the podium. The caretakers look on. As Rey becomes more animated, she begins to strike the podium with force and does a heil salute as she shouts. The caretakers eyes go wide and hold up their signs as Padme runs over shaking her head. Rey looks at her as Padme shakes her head, mimicing the heil salute. Rey leans on the podium and runs her hands down her face.


    Rey is weilding her saber double-bladed and quickly deflecting small rocks being hurled at her one at a time by Yoda, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.


    Rey stumbles to the top of the mountain stairs. She wobbles into the area and quickly sits next to a boulder, breathing heavily. She stands up and winces as she limps about the area.


    Luke looks on as Rey chugs the glass of green milk, it runs down her chin as she does. Luke nods in approval.


    Rey uses her wooden practice sword to deflect the staff being levitated by Qui-Gon. It feints and parries but she does not leave herself open. Qui-Gon nods in approval.


    Anakin observes as Rey speeds through the area, amputating the limbs of the stormtrooper dummies. When a stormtrooper dummie swings out holding a child dummie as hostage, Rey quickly amputates the trooper-dummie's arms and head as she snatches up the child dummie, carrying it with her along the course. Anakin nods approvingly.


    Rey stands behind the podium speaking. She is animated but pleasant. She strikes the podium for emphasis, but not intimidation. She gestures and nods. The caretakers all nod and clap. Rey looks at Padme who nods and smiles. Rey smiles.


    Anakin observes as Rey quickly moves to hoist the large dummie from behind, using the strength of her legs. She carries it a small distance and hurls it over the cliff. Anakin nods in approval.


    Anakin and Obi-Wan observe as Luke points at Chewie. Chewie drops and Rey clenches her fists and wildly shouts "NO!" as the trio nods at one another, impressed.


    Rey force pushes large rocks from the ledge while Chewie fires a blaster at her. She deflects the blaster fire with one hand as she force pushes the rocks with the other. Yoda nods approvingly.


    Chewie runs through the rocky area, and circles around a rock to come up behind a motionless Rey. He grabs her by the shoulder, but turns her around to find it is a decoy dummie dressed like Rey. Chewie turns to see Rey standing with Padme who is smiling. Chewie growls as Rey smiles.


    Rey is observed by Yoda as she does no-handed push ups. Hands behind her back, she moves up and down in the form of a push up, while properly breathing.


    Rey runs quickly along the beach, jabbing at the air as she runs. As she increases her speed her hoodie falls down.


    Rey leaps easily from rock to rock as Obi-Wan levitates them in a haphazard manner. She uses the force to pull rocks into her leaping arc with skill.


    Rey is using her saber double-bladed to deflect small stones being hurled at her by Yoda, Luke, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. As the rate of the stones increases, Rey moves more quickly with no loss of fluidity. As the rocks begin to move even faster, she twists her saber, unlocking it to create two single-bladed sabers which she dual-wields in an incredible display.


    Rey reaches the summit of the mountain stairs without the slightest stumbling or hesitancy along the way. She is not winded at all. She runs into the grassy field at the top and starts to leap up and down, running in circles and jabbing at the air. She holds her hands up high as she looks down over the island.

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    LOL! I see we have more drunken fanfiction "leaks." This is going to be a fun year and a half of fanfiction presented as legit.:p
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    Kylo is seated in the black chair. On the raised table before him sits the Allocron. He raises his hand and reaches it forward toward the Allocron.

    KYLO: Show me what I need to see.

    The Allocron begins to shed a dim light. Kylo closes his eyes and his thoughts reach out it.

    KYLO: Show me what I need to know.

    There is a flash of light, and he stands and looks around as his surroundings suddenly begin to change.


    A grassy park quad.

    Kylo looks on as a little Ben Solo whirls a stick through the grassy quad with skill.

    KYLO: Oh yeah. Young Kylo Ren. The path to greatness begins here.

    Kylo turns as he hears the sound of clapping. He sees Han and Leia watching as they sit together on a bench nearby. Leia is applauding.

    HAN (to Ben): Not bad, kid.
    KYLO (to Han): Uh, don't need your praise, old man. Thanks.

    They disappear as the surroundings change.


    A well-furnished living room. A young Ben sits on the couch, as Han is speaking to him.

    HAN: You can be anything you want, son.
    BEN: I want to be left alone.

    Ben stands and walks away as Han watches.

    HAN: Come on, kid, you're just going to walk away?
    KYLO (to Han): Uh that's what alone means. In case you didn't know.
    BEN (as he exits the room): Don't call me 'kid'.
    HAN (apologetically): Okay. Ben.
    KYLO (to Han): Kylo.

    Han vanishes but the surroundings remain the same. Leia appears on the couch, as young Ben, now a little older, appears sitting at a nearby table.

    LEIA: All of your friends will....
    BEN: I don't need, friends.
    LEIA: Why would you say that?
    BEN: Because it's true.
    LEIA: Ben...

    Ben stands and walks away as Leia looks after him helplessly.

    KYLO: Okay. Sensing a little bias in this vision.

    VOICE OF LITTLE REY: Give it back!

    Kylo turns toward the sound of the voice as the surroundings change.


    Assorted piles of scrap and refuse are separated by divider walls. Near one of the walls, a large ugly alien stands before a small girl who looks up at him with pleading eyes. The alien holds a raggedy Rebel pilot doll.

    LITTLE REY: Give it back!

    The ugly alien holds out the doll.

    UGLY ALIEN: You want your dollie?
    KYLO (recalling the duel from the force tree): Wait.

    The small girl rushes forward to take it but the alien snatches it away from her grasp. He pushes her away and she tumbles backward, losing her footing to fall against the wall.

    UGLY ALIEN: You don't derserve it.

    She looks up at him as he turns away.

    UGLY ALIEN: Go cry in your hovel you little junkrat.
    KYLO: Okay obviously I wouldn't have said that if I...

    Kylo hears the sound of mocking laughter coming from behind him.

    KYLO: Had...

    He turns toward it as the small girl disappears and the surroundings change.


    KYLO: Known.

    Kylo turns to see the girl standing under a large tent which is sheltering multiple scrap tables. She is a few years older. She is wearing an oversized Rebel pilot helmet. The ugly alien stands before her, as others look on from various scrap tables.

    UGLY ALIEN: Hear that boys? She's going to fly away and be someone.

    Some of the onlookers laugh as the girl looks around at them. The alien snatches the helmet from her head.

    UGLY ALIEN: Quit your pretending you worthless junkrat.

    The alien picks up a piece of junk sitting on the table next to him.

    UGLY ALIEN: There!

    He holds it out.

    UGLY ALIEN: See this?

    The girl looks at the junk.

    UGLY ALIEN: This is worth more than you'll ever be.

    The girl looks up at him.

    UGLY ALIEN: You're nothing and you'll never be anything. Now get back to work!

    The girl lowers her head as she walks toward a scrap table.

    KYLO: Oh please did that even happen? What is this? Some kind of...

    Young Rey disappears as the surroundings change.


    Under a blistering sun, little Rey is filthy as she searches through a mound of junk and refuse, desparately looking for something. Her eyes light as she pushes away some rusty junk. She pulls the raddegy doll from the refuse and holds it up, smiling.

    LITTLE REY: Found you!

    The girl hugs the doll.

    LITTLE REY: My friend.

    The girl starts as the ugly alien's voice calls out.

    UGLY ALIEN'S VOICE: Where is that worthless girl I'll have her hide!

    Kylo watches as the girl looks frantically around to spot a small piece of tarp lying nearby. She runs over to the tarp, lifts it and puts the doll under it.

    LITTLE REY (holding a finger to her lips): Shh!

    She covers the doll with the tarp and turns to run in the direction of the voice. The ugly alien walks around the corner of a divider wall and she stops in front of him. He looks down at her.

    UGLY ALIEN: I thought I told you to have those servos cleaned by midday!

    Little Rey nods.

    UGLY ALIEN: Don't know why I put up with you!

    Little Rey looks up at him worried. She glances nervously at the tarp.

    UGLY ALIEN: Well get moving!

    Little Rey begins to run as the surroundings change.

    KYLO: Okay this is just...


    The same station under a large tent which is sheltering multiple scrap tables. Little Rey is standing on a chair by a table and tinkering with a device. The ugly alien walks up and snatches the device from the table as she looks up at him.

    UGLY ALIEN: Get away from that! You're only going to make it worse!

    They disappear but the surroundings remain the same. Young Rey appears next to a different table. There is a small, wilted flower on the table in a small container. She drops water droplets onto the flower. The ugly alien walks up and laughs.

    UGLY ALIEN: That can't grow out here! And even if it could you're the last person that could do it! And you're wasting water, that's coming out of your rations!

    They disappear but the surroundings remain the same. Young Rey appears sitting next to a crate on another table. It's opened and she's reaching inside to take out a book. The ugly alien walks up and grabs the book from her, throwing it back into the crate.

    UGLY ALIEN: Get out from there, that's not your place!

    They disappear but the surroundings remain the same. Young Rey appears next to another table upon which sits a small engine. A book lies open on the table next to it. She wears a pair of goggles as she holds a device in her hand which is emiting a spark. She begins to move it toward the interior of the engine as the ugly alien comes running over.

    UGLY ALIEN: Get out of there! Get away from that!

    He grabs her by the arm and pulls her away from the table.

    YOUNG REY (protesting): I can fix it!
    UGLY ALIEN: Quit interfering! Every time you try to help you just make things worse!

    They disappear but the surroundings remain the same. Young Rey appears next to a different table. The same flower sits in a larger container before her. It is beginning to show signs of petals forming. She drops water droplets onto the stem. The ugly alien walks up and puts his hands on his hips. Young Rey looks up at him and smiles. He scoffs.

    UGLY ALIEN: What do you want, a medal? Anybody could've done that.

    The surroundings change and Kylo finds himself standing at a distance from the tented station.


    UGLY ALIEN: I've had it with you!

    Kylo sighs at the sound of the voice coming from behind him. He turns around slowly. The ugly alien is carrying young Rey aloft by the right arm. With her left hand she holds onto the doll's hand as it dangles in her grasp. Her expression is paniced as her toes lightly drag the ground. As the alien reaches the spot where Kylo is standing, he throws her roughly and she cries out as she tumbles along the ground, the doll flying from her grasp. She looks back at him fearfully as she clutches her right arm. Kylo stares blankly at the alien.

    UGLY ALIEN: Now get out! And don't let me catch you around here begging! You don't show your worthless face around here unless you've got something to show for it!

    Kylo turns to see young Rey disappear as the surroundings change.


    Leia sits with little Ben in a plush chair. She has her arm around him as she reads a story to him. She sings softly a rhyme contained in the book, and Ben looks up at her smiling. She makes a sound like a pretend monster and grabs at his stomach, tickling him as he laughs. They disappear as the surroundings change.


    Kylo looks silently on as young Rey sits alone in the dark of an old AT-AT hull. There are a few scavenged parts lying near her. She holds the raggedy doll tightly as she peers into the darkness. The wind howls outside, and strange sounds can be heard coming from the exterior of the hull. Here eyes widen as a metallic scraping sound begins. She looks around as it begins to come from other directions. There is a sudden booming sound like the sound of a large rock falling onto the metal hull. Young Rey flinches, grits her teeth and closes her eyes tightly as the surroundings go black. The howling of the wind intensifies as do the sounds of the metallic scraping, escalating into a cacophony of noise. The force tree appears in the darkness near Kylo, and a sudden whirlwind of the vision's imagery grows brighter and brighter as the vision begins rewinding in a dizzying manner around both him and the image of the force tree. In the rewinding vision the ugly alien's face becomes distorted and grotesque as bits of dialogue from both the vision and the duel at the force tree emphatically stand out from the noise.

    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Had it with you!/You're finished!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Go cry!/In your hovel!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Want your dollie?/Little girl?
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Get out!/You're done!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Quit your pretending!/Make-believe Jedi!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Never be anything!/Nobody!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Don't deserve it!/Not good enough!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Worthless./Failure.
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Worthless!/Failure!
    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (together): Worthless!/Failure!

    As the rewind reaches a fevered pitch there is a sudden flash of brilliant light.

    VOICE OF ALIEN/VOICE OF KYLO (echoing together): You're nothing!/You are nothing!

    All grows suddenly dark and sharply silent except for the echoing words.


    As the light returns, Kylo finds himself standing at the bottom of a sand dune looking down on little Rey as she looks up at him. She is terrified, and awkwardly smiling in response to the fear. She is turned in a position to flee but is held fast by a black-gloved hand which grips her right arm tightly. As Kylo looks at it, he realizes he is looking at his own right hand. He recoils, letting go of her arm and she turns to run away.

    KYLO: Wait!

    She continues running up the dune.

    KYLO: It wasn't me!

    She disappears over the top of the dune leaving only small footprints behind in the sand.

    KYLO: Come back!

    A wind begins to blow across the sand as Kylo looks down to see the raggedy doll lying at his feet. He picks it up, and looks at it, then at the small footprints in the sand. As the wind grows stronger, it begins to blow them away. They disappear as the doll disappears, and the surroundings change.


    Kylo stands silently in the light of the orb. As the light dims away, Kylo's words from the force tree resound in his mind.

    VOICE OF KYLO: Mic drop baby. How you like me now?

    He looks at the Allocron silently, then kneels on one knee as he leans forward to place his face near to it.

    KYLO: I don't like you, orb!

    As he stands, the Allocron emits a pulse of light and the surroundings immediately change. Kylo hears applause and turns toward the sound of it.


    A wide stone ceremonial chamber with a flight of stairs at opposite ends. It is filled with people who are cheering and applauding. Rey is being carried along on the shoulders of others. She is wearing a medal and is smiling happily as she looks around at the faces in the crowd. As Kylo watches them carry her past, her gaze falls on him and the vision fades.


    Kylo is seated in the black chair in the middle of the chamber. His eyes are closed and his hand outstrecthed toward the Allocron. He opens his eyes and lowers his hand. He sits in the chair for a few moments staring at the Allocron.

    KYLO: Okay. Yeah. Initial thoughts? Uh. Not at all what I was expecting. Not even close.

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    A rag-tag group of Resistance members is gathering at the foot of the ridge. They cast their glances in the distance behind them. Several First Order AT-T's can be seen advancing. With them are smaller transports and war machines rolling ominously forward. Poe and Finn stand near the top of the ridge. Rose stands next to Finn. Poe looks down on the group and turns to Finn.

    POE: I'm doing it.
    FINN: I'm telling you it ain't working, bro. This is not going to work!
    POE: I think it will. There's no possible way they know this.
    FINN: How do you know?!
    POE: Because it ain't possible!

    Finn shakes his head in disagreement.

    FINN: Aight. Do it then. Don't...

    Poe ignores Finn and walks down the ridge toward the group, Finn and Rose behind him. He makes it about half way down.

    POE (to group): All right everybody listen up!

    The Resistance group all look up at him. Their faces concerned.

    POE: This is the moment we've all been waiting for since the first days of the Resistance! As your leader...
    ROSE: Co-leader.
    POE: Co-leader. It falls to me to rally you now in the face of contratemperent...ment aggression with a rousing speech for you to remember and be in awe at how good it is! So here it is! Check it out!

    Poe takes a deep breath as Finn shakes his head, glancing at the Resistance group.

    POE (loudly): Sons of the Resistance! And daughters! My brothers. And sisters! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me!

    The Resistance members look around at one another. Finn puts his hands on his hips and looks at Poe.

    POE (loudly): A day may come (he sees the group looking at one another, confused) ... okay just listen ... (he continues) when the courage of men, and women, fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day!

    Poe raises his weapon. The Resistance members begin to shake their heads looking at Poe with disapproval.

    POE (smiling): Okay. (loudly): An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men, and Women, comes crashing down, but ...

    Some of the group are talking to one another. Finn is frowning.

    POE (loudly): We fight! ... By all that you hold dear ... I bid you...

    The Resistance group is no longer listening. They mutter to one another. Some are shouting in fear as the First Order war machine closes in on them. Scattered blaster shots whiz by. Finn grabs Poe by the arm and takes him aside.

    FINN: I told you they'd know that speech! I told you that! But you wouldn't listen, oh no, you had to...
    POE: But it doesn't make any sense. How could they possibly have seen those movies?
    FINN: How did you see them?!
    POE: Okay. This is going nowhere. We got to come up with a speech, fast.

    They both turn to look at the advancing First Order war machine. Then turn back to one another.

    FINN: Nothing. I got nothing. I can't even think right now.
    POE: Come on, man. Where's that Finn that was ready to bleed for everyone?
    FINN: Oh he gone now. Man, I don't even like blood!
    POE: Damn it Finn!
    FINN: I'm sorry, bro! I'm sorry!
    POE (tapping his forehead with his fist): Think, Poe; think!

    He turns back to the downtrodden Resistance members who are on the verge of panic.

    POE (stumbling down the ridge): Okay! Okay! This is it. (to Resistance): Listen up people!

    The Resistance all look back to Poe. He points in the distance.

    POE: Out there. You got the, First Order. With their machines. Just. Killing. Everything. They're coming at us. Just. There they are. We're outnumbered. Things aren't looking good. But. I swear to you. That. The future. That. Together we will. Luminocerif...ficate. With light. On. The dewy. Moist ground. Of hope. Hope. Is. A word. And. We. We...

    Sudden AT-ZT blaster-cannon fire strikes the top of the ridge, blowing it to smithereens and sending dirt spraying onto the Resistance.

    FINN (screaming): We all gonna die!
    POE (shouting as he turns to flee): Run for it!

    The Resistance group screams and scatters.

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    Rey runs along to quickly snatch up a porg. She lifts it and it looks at her. She smiles, tosses it gently into the air and it flies away. As she watches it fly, the force ghost of Padme appears behind her. Padme looks down and to the right at something out of frame. She smiles as she walks to join Rey watching the porg's aerial acrobatics. Padme turns to Rey.

    PADME: It's almost time.
    REY: I was just having one last look. Saying goodbye to an old friend.

    Padme smiles and turns to look again out of frame.

    PADME: I can see that. And a better home you couldn't have chosen.
    REY: It's beautiful here. So much water. Not like Jakku at all.

    Padme looks at Rey in silence for a moment as Rey waves to the porg as it disappears from view.

    PADME: You've come far, Rey.

    Rey smiles.

    REY: Not without the Jedi.
    PADME: Well the Jedi are very impressed. Apparently you've exceeded their expectations.
    REY: And you're weren't a Jedi? Or, aren't?

    Padme walks over to a large rock and sits.

    PADME: Me? No. But in a way I wasn't really much different. I just carried a different kind of sword.

    Rey sits beside her.

    REY: Then how did you? How can you be here? Like the Jedi?
    PADME: One with the force?
    REY: Yes.

    Padme smiles as she thinks about the question.

    PADME: Sometimes two people become so bound up in one another. Nothing can really separate them. Where there's one, there's always the other.

    Rey smiles.

    REY: What was he like? Before?

    Padme is silent for a moment.

    PADME: Kind. Brave. Selfless. Very giving. With no thought of reward.
    REY: How could someone like that?
    PADME: Come to do such terrible things?
    REY: Become a monster like Darth Vader.
    PADME: Fear. At first. Then doubt. The rest follows.
    REY: Fear?
    PADME: Of losing someone that he loved very much. Doubt in the intentions of the Jedi. A person will sometimes do anything to remove fear and doubt from their lives. Luke feared losing the people he loved the most, and in that moment of fear, he did something he never thought he could do. And when he learned of the mistakes which the Jedi of the past had made, he lost faith in their intentions, as well. So he came here. And in the wrong hands, someone in fear and doubt can be made to believe even the most terrible actions are the right thing to do. Like Anakin. And if there's no one to reach out to them, the good inside of them can just, wither away. But it's never really gone. All it takes is for the right person, with the right intentions, to reach out a healing hand. And with time, and patience, all things can be renewed. Like Anakin. Like Luke.
    REY: You never gave up hope.
    PADME: I couldn't have if I tried, Rey.
    REY: What if it had been in vain?
    PADME: Hope is like a bridge. It gets you from one place to another. Whatever is waiting on the other side of the bridge, you can't get to it without hope. Even if it's not what you expect. And sometimes it isn't. And sometimes it's even better.
    REY: How do you look past the terrible things they've done?
    PADME (smiling): I suppose that's what forgiveness is for. To heal the past, and save the future.

    Rey sits in silent contemplation as Padme stands.

    PADME: Are you ready?

    Rey stands and looks around at the top of the mountain. She smiles.

    REY: Yes.

    The two begin to walk toward the mountain stairs. The frame moves downward. The Jakku flower comes into frame in the foreground. The soil around it is freshly moved. It has been recently planted. It is vibrant and colorful.

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