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GAME Make your own Star Wars character.

Discussion in 'Gaming And Competitions' started by Darth Revan8, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Regimus

    Regimus Clone

    Dec 14, 2018
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    Name: Rygan "Regimus" Aegansaffe
    Occupation/Class: Sith Excommunicate
    Appearance: Gray and scarred, similar to Lord Vader
    Distinguishing Feature: Prosthetic arm
    Apparel: Dark silver Sith armor, similar to the Sith Stalker Armor seen in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed games
    Weaponry: Crimson lightsaber
    Favored Force abilities: Push, Grip, Choke, enjoys sensing the thoughts of others without influencing them

    Backstory: Short before the beginning of the rise of Emporer Palpatine, Dantooine countryman Kalizar Arjintskif owed a harsh debt to the self-imposed "Dark Lord of the Sith," Lucian "Darth Lycan" Wülf. As payment, Lycan took Arjintskif's only son, an infant born Rygan, and took him to the remote world of Cotanikot, on the very edge of the Kessel system. Hidden within the tallest mountain of Cotanikot's toxic atmosphere was Lycan's own Sith Temple, lacking the traditional architecture of the true temple on Korriban but much more populated.

    Rygan was raised under the name Aegansaffe, fabricated by Lycan to dissuade him from searching for his family, by Lycan's "Gray Order," a circle of twelve well-trained Sith Lords that had all, at one time, been Lycan's apprentices. Rygan showed promise of being exceptionally powerful in the Force, but favored one-handed combat with a fairly standard lightsaber. When Rygan turned ten, he was awarded the Sith name "Kronosis."

    After being knighted as a Sith'ari, Rygan was sent on several missions between the ages of ten and thirteen, sometimes working directly with Lycan but most often with another young apprentice, under the supervision of a Gray Order master. At first, these missions were relatively fun, but each one was more difficult, not just in how they tested his skills and power, but in how he came to find some morally questionable. On his last mission, Lycan made the mistake of sending Rygan alone to Dantooine, to kill the Arjintskif family. Rygan learned on this mission that he had been sent to kill his own parents upon seeing the stunning resemblance between Arjintskif's new son, Faktore, and himself, and drew the line at that. He never told any of the family members, those being Arjintskif, his wife, and Faktore, who he really was, introducing himself as Aegansaffe, and tried to help them escape into hiding where Lycan, with his limited resources, would not find them.

    Unfortunately, guards at the spaceport recognized Rygan as the intergalactic murderer Kronosis, and opened fire; his and Faktore's parents were killed, but Rygan was able to get his little brother on a ship going farther into the Outer Rim. Rygan would not later hear that the same ship would crashland on Iegalore, leaving Faktore as the wreck's sole survivor and at the mercy of a small settlement of other marooned survivors.

    Afterward, Rygan fled from both intergalactic authorities and the only family he'd known, renouncing the name Darth Kronosis and getting by as Rygan Aegansaffe, swearing he'd never return to the Dark Side of the Force. But as Lycan's prized apprentice, the Gray Order hunted him relentlessly, always seeming to find Rygan in whatever system he hid in. Rygan was able to get by on his own until he was eighteen, when he was shot down over the desert world of Geonosis, where he crashlanded. Marooned with no food and water, he eandered aimlessly for eight days, calling on the Force to keep him hydrated, but it was a mere delaying tactic.

    He was crossing a featureless landscape when thousands of Separatist ships suddenly came overhead, landing all around him and deploying their battle droids by the millions. Fortunately, Rygan was not their target; another military force, human soldiers in white armor that appeared reminiscent of Mandalorian armor, pursued the droids, and Rygan found himself in a massive battleground. This was the first Battle of Geonosis, which inevitably marked the beginning of the Clone Wars.

    Rygan dodged blasterfire coming from all directions, hoping the soldiers might evacuate him, but was uneased by the sight of Jedi Knights aiding the troops. Rygan was sure they would recognize him like the spaceport guards or sense the lingering Dark Side within him, but he caught a lucky break when one Jedi became overwhelmed by a platoon of droids, and he came to her aid. The Jedi was wounded, but he had saved her, and allowed safe passage on her airlift from the battlefield.

    In the aftermath of the battle, as the clone troopers boarded their shockingly large fleet of star cruisers and returned to Coruscant, Rygan surrendered himself to the questioning of the Jedi, choosing to honestly confess his past and explain the terms of his abandonment from Lycan's temple. The initial opinion of the Jedi was to imprison him, but the wise Master Yoda convinced them of another course of action: as Rygan was the first to ever leave the temple, and thus the only proof Lycan's order existed, then he would be accepted among the ranks of the Jedi, but on the condition that he would, unless instructed otherwise by the Jedi Council, ignore the Clone Wars and make eradicating or liberating the members of the Gray Order his sole objective.

    Rygan accepted, and was assigned as the wounded Jedi that he'd saved, Jalain Windriver's Padawan. For a year, Rygan's new master trained him, perfecting his lightsaber techniques and teaching him abilities in the Force that were overlooked by scholars of the Dark Side. At nineteen, Rygan was formally knighted as a Jedi, and for another year he and his master continued to work together in hunting down all of Lycan's camps and cells before targeting the temple on Cotanikot. They and a small platoon of clone troopers engaged in a full assault of the temple, killing most and taking prisoners of those who surrendered. Some members of the Gray Order escaped, but Rygan and Jalain found themselves locked into combat with Lycan. Sadly, Rygan alone walked away from that fight, but his mission was completed.

    It was three months later that the Republic and the Separatists both discovered Iegalore, and began fighting over the now large city made up of the shipwrecked. Rygan recognized his little brother among the more competent survivors, but Faktore held little memory of Rygan. Aside from tinkering with mechanics as a hobby, Faktore had grown into something of a military genius as well; using his battle strategies and knowledge of the land, the Republic forces were able to drive the battle droids off the planet at the cost of just a few buildings. However, it was found that Faktore was, like Rygan, Force-sensitive, but also partially self-taught, and so Rygan personally requested to train him.

    This was denied, and Faktore spent the next year learning from Rygan in secret how to use his gifts. Teaching Faktore, Rygan began to ponder over the philosophies and stipulations of being a Jedi, and for the first time, he came to miss the free nature of the Dark Side's teachings.

    The Republic requested Faktore's aid on many more worlds as the Clone Wars raged into their final year, but one of Faktore's less well thought-out plans led Rygan straight into an explosion. That battle was lost, and Rygan awoke at the mercy of one of Lycan's most faithful former apprentices, who had taken his broken body, replaced what had needed to be replaced, and grafted metal armor plating to his skin. The apprentice called himself Darth Monarch, and that was the main reason why, after Rygan killed him, he adopted the new identity of Darth Regimus. The time Regimus had spent in a coma had included the Republic's last; the Jedi Order had been completely destroyed, but Regimus could still feel Faktore's presence in the Force, and so he set out to finish his revenge.

    For twenty years, Regimus disappeared, always searching for his prey...

    He did not resurface again until the day the Force awakened.
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  2. Poto Khan

    Poto Khan Clone

    Mar 11, 2019
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    Jedi Master Poto Khan
    Homeworld: Rishi Moon
    Race: Human
    Force Abilities: Shatterpoint, force aging, force judgement
    Weapons: One golden hilted teal lightsaber
    Backstory: Born in the middle of the Clone Wars, Poto soon became rank of master. After that, he scanned his clones for any sign that they were conspiring against him. He had them all detaze their chips. Two years after Order 66, he unlocked the ability to keep himself and others from aging. He helped the rebels for years until he had problems breathing. A virus began in his lungs, forcing him to wear a breathing mask like Darth Malgus'. He confronted Darth Vader two years after The Battle of Yavin, altimately defeating him at the cost of his right arm. He received the traditional Jedi robotic hand and once again confronting Vader. Vader, being nearly killed, managed to escape. Finally, Master Poto Khan went to his homeworld and won a ship called The Raven in a game of chance. Now, he rushes to Kamino to recover his army he put in Bacta Tanks so they wouldn't age. With them lied a fleet powerful enough to conquer 12 star systems.
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  3. MandoChip

    MandoChip Rebel Commander

    Jan 2, 2019
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    Name/Title: Sempra Lunis, later known as Darth Acharis.

    Home planet: Coruscant

    Gender and Race/Species: A human female who was born to Mandalorian parents Synkal Lunis and Helena Vizsla on the heavily developed core world of Coruscant.

    Era: About 7000 years before The Clone Wars and the Rise of Darth Sidious.

    Weapons(s): One red lightsabre with a uniquely crafted hilt to accommodate the user's slender hands/fingers, and one purple shoto lightsabre with a hilt that doubled-up as a dagger.

    Height, build and appearance: 5ft 10, slender but curvaceous physique with noticeable muscle definition, long greyish-brown hair which was usually tied in a ponytail, piercing emerald green eyes, very pretty but somewhat menacing facial features. She also had unique mythical tattoos and both arms

    Style/apparel: Lightweight but protective and efficient; Acharis' clothing was of bespoke Mandalorian design and build, with strong but subtle sith designs integrated into it. Her choice of clothing and armour was functional but at the same time complimented her striking physique and athletic build: She wore a lightly armoured padded vest that left her lower torso exposed and paired this with matching arm braces, tight grey pants and knee-high boots. She sometimes wore a black Sith cloak over her regular attire whilst not in combat, and regularly sported her own unique Mandalorian helmet as a means of concealing her face and as a reliable form of protection.

    Force powers: Acharis was incredibly strong in the force, she was masterful in the ability of using the force to freeze multiple moving objects/subjects at once i.e. freezing blaster bolts and restraining opponents during combat. A master of battle meditation, Acharis has been known to fully orchestrate and manipulate entire battles via the force, also a very adept practitioner of telekinesis; she could choke, grab and manipulate targets through the force using her mind without needing to actually see them; she only needed to picture them in her mind or know there location. However, her most trusted and strongest ability was force lightning, she had such a control over this ability that the amount of power put into it could even cause the lighting to change colour from the usual blue to deeper shades of purple and even bright red, this ability was so powerful that at full power she could use it to disintegrate her victims. Her strong connection with the force also enabled Acharis to be very proficient in piloting and vehicular combat, although this is something that she didn't much care for or enjoy.

    Combat: A master of both lightsabre combat and hand to hand fighting, Acharis was regarded by some of her peers and enemies as unstoppable or even impossible to match in a fight. Acharis was very adept at most forms of lightsaber combat and had the ability instantly switch her focus to a particular fighting style to adapt to any given opponent or situation, often beating multiple skilled opponents with relative ease, she was brilliant at tactically analysing oppenents during combat. Her favourite and most proficient form of lightsabre/sword fighting was Jar'Kai, in which she would use both her red saber and her smaller shoto blade. A very gifted and agile acrobat, she was also great at using the force to augment her movements during melee combat exchanges and traversal.

    Hope some of you like this idea, I haven't written a story for her yet because I honestly can't be bothered, I might consider drawing an original version of the character though.
    #103 MandoChip, Mar 11, 2019
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
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  4. DarthFerocity

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    Mark Lutherion (Tenebrise)
    Male Human
    Height: 6.6 Feet tall 2.03 Meters
    HomeWorld: Alderaan
    Alignment (Dark Side) Mercenary
    Weapons: One main curved Lightsaber (like banes) 3 extra lightsabers, 1 blaster (uses 2 lightsabers on Occasion)
    Colors (main one is pure black, one purple one blue one red)
    Force Powers (colored Red): Force Crush, Force choke, Push, Grip, Force lightning, Fear, Repulse, Deadly Sight, Dark Transfer. Force cloak, and Life Drain.
    Saber Forms Mastered: Soresu, Niman Juyo and Ataru.
    Special Ability: The Connection through the force keeps him from ageing but still can be killed through other regular means.

    Born from a business man and an ExSenator
    One day at the age of 6 he went with his father to deliver supplies to Tatooine he felt a disturbance
    “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” Of these voices he was able to make out his mother’s sister’s and best friends voices. This caused extreme agony making Him fall to the ground screaming until he passed out. He wakes up to find his dad crying at the news of the Death Star destroying Alderaan killing his family. This caused immense Amount of anger, and despair but mainly feeling of weariness has if he aged a thousand years. The person that was looking after him happened to have been a fallen Jedi that taught him the way of the force after hiding his fathers dead body saying that he had abandoned Tenebrise. Years later the fallen Jedi would pick a fight and be killed by a Jedi. Who had taught him how to about the light side of the force. This Jedi was not willing to do anything besides teach Tenebrise. So Tenebrise has became a slave fighting for entertainment. This was where he had perfected his force powers. Showing his fighting prowess he was awarded parts for a lightsabers. His pain still being fresh despite the years that had passed had turned the crystal black. He then slaughtered the slavers freeing the slaves. Taking all the lightsaber parts.
    He didn’t seek revenge due to both likely firing and the guaranteed result of him not being welcomed with the Jedi anyway. So he goes across the worlds slaying all the criminals he can for payment. Mercilessly killing people not caring about redemption or if the punishment fits the crime.
    After the fall of the emperor he started hunting all remnants of his order. Finally seeing a chance to get revenge. He then joins Luke skywalkers academy has a teacher of why the dark side is evil with the payment of any knowledge recovered by his order. After the academy’s fall he collects all the knowledge he can, later finding young force users and sharing knowledge of his new order and code that relies on ones independence with the force.
    There is no Serenity there are Emotions
    There is no control there are Limitations
    There is no peace there is needing
    There is no there is power there is the force
    The force is our partner
    It will help us gain victory
    Due to Tenebrise's lack of following this was taught to Vagabonds so they can help the needy while seeking eminence power to Shepard people to a better life. Tenebrise Eventually passed on the responsibility seeking to rest before his death. He was attacked by multiple jedi and sith looking to end the person that had threatened both orders he was killed. But foolishly when a sith lord revived him he had somehow growned young through the force and was freed from the sith lords grasp killing him now he hunts jedi and sith that do wrong to people when they had a better alternative.
    Killing people from the shadow earning the name Tenebrise (Which i know that the star wars universe doesn't have the Latin Language in it).

    Sorry for the crappy story and look forward to reading others.
    #104 DarthFerocity, Mar 22, 2019 at 5:31 AM
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019 at 5:44 AM
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