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SPECULATION "Mara" Pulls It All Together

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' started by JediJurist, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. JediJurist

    JediJurist Rebel General

    Dec 22, 2014
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    “Mara” Pulls It All Together: Part IX

    Cam Kirana leads Rose, Finn, and Rey through a maze of tunnels below the streets of Sha’Tal. As they walk, Cam checks carefully around each corner before motioning the others to follow her. Around one corner, Cam looks up and sees two Stormtroopers standing over a grate on the street above. Cam leads the team in a different direction.

    As they walk along, Cam points up to another grate. Through it, we can see the large First Order manufacturing facility. Cam signals to the others to keep quiet as they walk.

    They walk up to a massive pipe with with a large access door. Cam grabs the circular wheel that is used to open the door, then signals the others to wait a second. We hear a very load rush of liquid emanating from the pipe. The rush quiets down and Cam begins spinning the wheel to open the access door.

    Cam: We have five minutes until the next flush.

    Cam enters the pipe followed by Finn and Rose. Water drips from the ceiling into puddles at the base of the tube. Rey pauses as she is stepping into the pipe as if she hears something behind her. She turns around, not entering the pipe. We see Finn, Rose, and Cam continue walking away into the pipe behind her. Rey peers down into the dark the tunnel.

    The scene cuts to Kylo Ren inside the First Order prison on Crait. Ren stands alone on the balcony of an observation office that oversees four stories of locked prison cells. He is leaning forward, surveying the cells below him, gripping the railing with both hands. Ren jolts back a step, standing tall but looking forward from the balcony, perplexed....

    Ren and Rey see each other. They glare at each other.

    Rey: How are you connecting us? I don't want to do this.

    The scene cuts away and back to Rose, Finn, and Cam, inside the large, dark pipe. Cam approaches another door, which she opens ever so slightly. Rose, Finn, and Cam slowly peek out of the pipe. They see the inside of the First Order manufacturing facility. Production lines and foundry operations are creating large chunks of star ships, weapons, and other First Order arms.

    Cam: This is what I've been doing all these years in hiding. I work here with the local slave population, undercover of course. The facility mainly manufactures First Order ships, but over the past few years, they've started creating advanced cannons that can be attached to First Order Dreadnoughts. The cannons use Death Star technology. While they supposedly can't destroy a planet, they are powerful enough to eliminate large cities.

    I've been fortunate to be promoted to a position here where I've been able to sabotage the cannons. Look at the stern of that one, over there. See the large plate next to the exhaust pipes. That's the part that I make. Its supposed to be a heat shield--it protects the Dreadnought from the immense heat from the laser.

    I was able to alter the formula they use to create those plates.
    (Turning to smile at Rose and Finn) It turns out those plates are actually flammable! They might get a shot off, but the heat from the cannon should melt a pretty good sized hole in the ship's hull.

    Finn: How long have you been here? Aren't you worried they'll catch you?

    Cam: I've been making these modifications for years. I'm yet to hear of a ship ever firing one of these cannons. I don't think the Resistance knows about them. The ships that use these cannons have been stationed on the other side of the far moon for at least 3 years now. It seems like they're building a new armada as some sort of contingency plan.

    Rose: Where's Rey?

    The scene cuts away and back to Rey. The camera cuts back and forth to Rey and Kylo glaring at each other.

    Kylo: It has been a long time since Crait.... You ran away with only a handful of terrorist rebels. Now you've revived the Resistance. They were supposed to end that day. You could have joined me. We could have brought peace to the galaxy. Instead you've brought war and suffering.... Did you ever find them, your parents?

    Rey: It doesn't matter, they're dead... you said so yourself. You said they were nobodies.

    Kylo: (Smiling) No Rey.... you did.... (Laughing to himself) So after all these years, you never found out?

    Rey: (Still glaring at Kylo, a tear drops down her face) I waited for them my whole childhood. I was abandoned. I was deceived to hide on that terrible planet until they came back for me. I had no parents. I've moved on. I don't need them to justify my existence. I may not remember my parents but I certainly didn't kill them either.

    Kylo: (Angrily) Watch yourself! I did what I had to do. I didn't choose this life. Skywalker turned on me. Snoke protected me, taught me... When it was clear that he was using me, I ended him....

    We could have made the past right! You could have helped me fix the galaxy and make amends for the death of Han Solo!
    (Kylo is clearly an emotional wreck) You could have helped rid me of this darkness!

    Rey: (Stands open mouthed, shocked at what Kylo is saying) Ben... It's not just Han Solo. You could have ended this war without me. Your First Order is merciless. You killed your own mother!

    Kylo: (Even more angry) No. No! It was your Resistance that ambushed the First Order capital city! I had no warning that she was on that ship! I never ordered it destroyed! ... Your rebellion was all but eliminated after Crait. I ruled with peace and order over the galaxy until you came back.

    Kylo paces back and forth, distraught. He eventually starts to calm himself down. Rey watches him intently. Her anger with him fades ever so slightly. She feels sadness and even some sympathy for Kylo.

    Rey: Ben, it is never too late. I feel your conflict. You may never gain the trust of the Resistance but you can end the First Order. Reject the darkness. I can't save you but there may be someone .... (Rey pauses, not sure if she should continue her sentence)

    Kylo: Please. Tell me.

    Rey: Go to Acht-To. It is a recently charted planet outside of the old Unknown Region of Task. Follow the light and you'll find the island....

    Kylo: (with tears in his eyes) I will. Thank you.

    Finn, Rose, and Cam come out of the pipe, running up behind Rey.

    Finn: Rey! Are you okay? What happened to you?

    Cam: (Looking concerned) Who were you talking to?

    Rey: It was Kylo Ren .... (Finn nervously pulls out his blaster) No Finn, he's not here... We communicate through our minds ... it is like they're connected.... Sometimes I can see him, talk to him.

    Cam: How long has this been going on exactly?

    Rey: We haven't been connected for years. I mean, this happened a few times years ago, before he killed Snoke....

    Cam: (A look of dread falls over her face) Oh no. He's back!

    You have to leave here--he's going to find you! He'll sense you, hunt you down!

    Just then, six armed warriors emerge from different side tunnels. It is the Knights of Ren. Cam ignites her lightsaber and charges them. Rey follows course. Rose and Finn begin blasting at the Knights from afar. An epic battle ensues. The Knights are powerful warriors giving Rey and Cam fits. Cam eventually begins using the Force. Cam yells to Rey, Finn, and Rose to "run away!" They don't listen. Cam turns and Force pushes Rey, Finn, and Rose back away from her and the Knights. Cam then thrusts both hands out in front of her to creates an energy shield. Through the yellow tint of the shield we see the six Knights of Ren hacking away it. Cam, holding her hands out to maintain the barrier, winces with each strike.

    Cam: Run Rey! I can't hold them much longer!

    Rey: (Looking concerned) We need you!

    Cam: No Rey. Go! We're outnumbered. They're too powerful. Run!

    The Knights break through the energy shield and attack Cam Kirana. Cam showcases a variety of unique and powerful Force powers to keep the Knights back. Rey runs toward her to try and save her. As Rey gets closer, Cam is struck down. Five of the Knights reach out toward Rey, using the Force to freeze her in place, the sixth Knight stomps his way up to Rey, raising his weapon to striker her down. Just then, blaster bolts from Chewie's bowcaster launch the Knight across the tunnel. Chewie roars, firing blasts at each Knight. Rey is released from the force freeze. We hear the beginning of the rush of water from the pipe.

    Finn: (Yelling) This way!

    Finn motions to get in the pipe. A stream begins to rise inside it as the coming rush of water gets louder. Rey, Finn, and Rose climb in the access door of the large pipe, followed by Chewie who is blasting down the tunnel at the Knights of Ren. They run into the pipe and out of sight. The Knights march toward the pipe access door, still open. The rush of water turns into a roar as water blasts out of the pipe, knocking back the Knights of Ren and pushing them back into the tunnel.

    The scene cuts to Rey, Finn, Rose, and Chewie on the ride of their lives getting blasted by water through the pipe system. They eventually pop out of a pipe spitting out water high above a reservoir. They swim to the beach and run through the woods in the direction of the Falcon. As they run, Finn stops and points far off in the distance.

    Finn: Wait! Look! The Knights of Ren -- over there!

    Rey, Rose, and Chewie stop running. Far off in the distance through the trees they see the Knights of Ren in battling a large shuttle that is hovering over them. The shuttle lands and out walks someone who is blasting electricity at the Knights, tossing them about. Force electricity blasts from Knight to Knight as the individual blocks and parries their attacks.

    Rey: (Looking through binoculars) It's Snoke. He's attacking the Knights. He's back. We have to run.

    Rey, Rose, and Chewie continue running, eventually off screen as the camera moves its focus on Snoke battling the Knights of Ren in the distance. As we watch the melee, the Falcon eventually rises out of the trees fleeing Sha'Tal with our heroes aboard.
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  2. p03

    p03 Human/Cyborg Relations

    Dec 30, 2014
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    +8,258 / 192 / -117

    Mara. Jade. At sweet 16.....
  3. onetrickpony

    onetrickpony Rebel General

    Oct 30, 2014
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    +454 / 4 / -2
    After reading Simon Pegs comments about J.J having other plans for Reys parents.Im not suprised if we got this kind of a twist in the next installment. A watered down (because it is repeating that famous twist) I am your mother..
  4. JediJurist

    JediJurist Rebel General

    Dec 22, 2014
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    Trophy Points:
    +588 / 13 / -1
    “Mara” Pulls It All Together: Part X

    Kylo Ren is preparing to leave Crait. He enters the cockpit of a Tie Silencer parked on the salt flats, just beyond the Imperial prison's blast doors. An officer from the prison looks on from a nearby tower.

    Officer 1: (Radioing to Kylo) Supreme Leader Ren, you are cleared for take off.

    Officer 2: (Running up behind Officer 1, interrupting him and whispering nervously) Sir.... We just received an urgent transmission from General Hux. He says it is dangerous for the Supreme Leader to leave the planet. The General's Destroyer will be here momentarily. His ship is accompanied by a Dreadnought.

    Officer 1: (Radioing to Kylo) Supreme Leader. General Hux is approaching. He is advising not to leave. There may be an incoming threat. (Looking confused at Officer 2, whispering to him) What's the threat? Is there an incoming ground assault?

    Officer 2:
    No sir. We have no readings of hostile forces.

    Officer 1:
    (Still confused) Then why send the Dreadnought?

    The camera pans out the observation window of the officers' tower, up to the space above Crait. Hux's Super Star Destroyer and a Dreadnought jump out of hyperspace. The Dreadnought's cannons charge as they aim at Crait's prison yard below.

    Officer 2: Sir! They're preparing to fire on our position!

    Officer 1:
    Shields!!! Raise the shields!

    The tower is blown to smithereens. The Dreadnought unleashes a massive bombardment across the salt flats in front of the prison. Kylo's Silencer blasts off ducking and weaving through the barrage. Behind him, a dozen Tie Fighters emerge from the prison. Kylo and the prison Ties engage an onslaught of Tie Fighters from Hux's Super Star Destroyer. A chaotic space battle ensues. Imperial fighters are blasting away at each other. Within the scrum, Kylo is hailed by Hux.

    Hux: (His voice is heard over the radio inside Kylo's Silencer. Hux's rage toward Kylo intensifies as he speaks) Ren, your reign is at an end! Supreme Leader Snoke has returned to restore glory to the First Order! We will vaporize you! You cannot run! You cannot hide! You will be ....

    Kylo abruptly "hangs up" on Hux, snarling to himself. Kylo circles his Silencer around the stern of the star ships. He blasts away at the Super Star Destroyer and Dreadnought. The scene cuts to Hux on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer -- he is still raging on, thinking he is still patched through to Kylo's ship.

    Hux: (Still raging, not realizing Kylo "hung up" on him) My army will eliminate you once and for all! You are a traitor to the First Order...!

    Officer: (Timidly interrupting) Sir, sir. He closed the communication channel. Ren has blown out the hyperspace drives on both of our star ships.

    Hux observes Kylo's Silencer jump away to hyperspace.

    Hux: (Gritting his teeth) Track that ship! Prepare my shuttle along with a fleet of elite fighters. We will meet him at his destination.

    The scene cuts away to Jakku. Dusk is setting in as Poe and his security detail approach Mara Jade, sitting next to an open bonfire. To her side is the grave of Lor San Tekka. Poe walks over to it, places his hand on the headstone as he bows down his head and kneels for a moment. He stands up, turning back toward Mara Jade.

    Poe: You're supposed to be dead.

    Jade: For a very long time, I thought I was. Snoke held me captive for so long.... I used to scratch the days on the wall of my cell, but I lost track. I thought for sure Luke would come for me, save me ... but Snoke was far too powerful. He had me hidden away, tortured in solitary. I was the tool Snoke used to force Luke to leave the known galaxy. The Jedi were never meant to have family, connections -- Snoke knew Luke loved his family and he tore it apart, piece by piece. First he took Ben Solo, and when I resisted his lure to the Dark Side he took me and the child within me.

    You had a child!?

    Jade: I gave birth in prison. Luke never knew I was pregnant. I was going to tell him when he returned from his last mission, but I was abducted.... When I gave birth in captivity, Snoke took my daughter away from me. I would only see her once a year. But one day, on her sixth birthday, we escaped. I could not hide from Snoke. So we ran. I knew only Luke could protect us from Snoke but we couldn't find him. We had precious little time before Snoke's Knights of Ren would track me down.

    I rummaged through the ruins of Luke's Jedi temple, looking for clues to his whereabouts. I found nothing. There was not trace of Luke anywhere and the Knights were closing in on me.

    But then I realized--Luke knew Snoke was too powerful. He knew Snoke could not be defeated. The Luke I knew would go to the ends of the galaxy to save his family, to learn about Snoke's powers, and to gather the knowledge to finally destroy Snoke. I knew Luke kept an old map to what he believed was the first Jedi temple. I found it, fled to Jakku and buried here. I sent a message to my father, Lor San Tekka, to come for it, to find Luke and bring him home to save me.

    Poe: I'm so sorry. You know ... Luke died ... about three years ago, saving the Resistance.

    Jade: I know. It's okay. I know he's gone. I felt it.

    Well now I know you really are Mara Jade Skywalker. San Tekka gave that map to me.... Wait a second - Did you say that you had a daughter?

    I had to leave her here on Jakku, in a junk trader's settlement just over that ridge. It tore me apart. She was just a child. I had no choice. I had to flee and keep the Knights away from the map and my daughter.... They captured me a day later on the other side of the Outer Rim....

    Poe, I need your help to find my daughter. Will you help me find Rey?

    Poe's jaw drops.

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