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Mark H. White II's 2019 Star Wars Survey Results

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by FN-3263827, Jun 1, 2019.


about that survey:

  1. i took that survey!

  2. i wish i had taken that survey!

  3. i didn't take that survey

  4. surveys are pointless and tell us nothing

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  5. i've read through the results

  6. i'm responding to this thread even though i won't bother reading the results

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  1. FN-3263827

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    Jan 19, 2016
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    Recently, an independent researcher, Mark H. White II, a quantitative social scientist with a Ph.D in social psychology, conducted a survey from among more than 5,000 self-identified Star Wars fans (not random people off the street).

    the purpose of this survey, in his own words:
    "I put together this survey to better understand the attitudes of the Star Wars fandom. I greatly enjoyed the two sequel-trilogy movies so far (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi), and I’m surprised by how divisive the films have been, so I wanted to survey fans of the movies to understand this controversy. After forty years, Star Wars is a mature cultural product, and different aspects of it appeal (or do not appeal) to different people. I designed this survey to look at the diversity of the fandom’s attitudes at this moment in 2019 while we all wait for the release of The Rise of Skywalker in December."
    the results are highly interesting for those who want to wade through them here:

    he has broken down the analysis into five parts:

    Part 1: Background, methods, and validating the data
    Part 2: The three major types of Star Wars fans
    Part 3: The role of sexism and political attitudes
    Part 4: The role of age and nostalgia
    Part 5: Importance of movie characteristics in liking trilogies
    the survey appears to validate a good number of anecdotally-driven assumptions.
    some aspects of the survey i found particularly interesting:
    • women constitute about 40% of the hardcore fandom (and they generally like the ST more than men).
    • underrepresented groups continue to be underrepresented in the fandom.
    • nostalgia plays a part in how people are responding to the ST (older fans more prone to nostalgia are less likely to be on board with it).
    • sexism and anti-social justice sentiments play a part in how people are responding to the ST.
    this is not light reading, but i'm interested in people's thoughtful comments on the survey results.
    as some of the subject matter in the survey may be sensitive, please remember to be respectful.

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