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My Dinner with a former Lucasfilm Employee and her stories about Lucas himself.

Discussion in 'General Movie Discussion' started by Laggamaroo, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Laggamaroo

    Laggamaroo Rebel Official

    Apr 9, 2015
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    My wife's family has distant connections to the entertainment industry in California, and so last night while having dinner with her family I had an interesting conversation with a former LFL Human Resources employee who had some interesting stories to tell.

    As many of you might know, HR is often tasked to deal with the seedy underbelly of a business.

    Among the stories this person had was a tale of a young animator who scored his dream job of working on Star Wars, and at the Ranch one day showing his parents around his new job, he saw a staircase that led up to the area where George Lucas' office was located, and so being enthusiastic about his situation he led his parents to the top of the stairs, and even though they didn't meet Lucas to bother him, he was sent to HR the next day to be fired for walking up a staircase. The Former HR Employee (hereafter referred to as FHRE, for brevity's sake) refused to fire the kid, issuing a warning instead, and went about recommending a velvet rope or something of the sort be put in place to keep employees from wandering into areas Mr. Lucas might not want them. FHRE was told "a rope would be unsightly."

    Similarly, FHRE told me of another animator who was excited about his job, and the possibility of meeting Mr. Lucas one day at work. He expressed this to Mr. Lucas' secretary one day, and was fired the next. Apparently Lucas is a elitist recluse even at work. How Hollywood of him.

    Employees who found themselves in the same room as Mr. Lucas were also told not to look at him. I'm not sure if this rule still applied at the many potlucks they have for "team-building" and "morale boosting", but FHRE commented they weren't sure why a man with as much money as Lucas has would still ask people to bring dishes to a company picnic.

    The funniest story FHRE told me was about an animator they had to fire because this guy was showing vacation photos at work that included him and his girlfriend having sex in various locations. His reasoning as to why he should not be fired was "it was shown during lunch break!"

    FHRE did also have a lot of great stories about the Lucasfilm Halloween parties, and the lengths to which employees would go for their costumes, including building props and entire set pieces to stand on completing the effect of what they were wearing.

    It was an interesting evening, and FHRE seemed eager to tell me stories for longer than that, but I had to leave the party at a decent hour. Thought you all might be entertained by this. Anyone have any other stories about the dark side of an animator's life?
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