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SPECULATION My Unofficial History of the Jedi and the Force (My understanding or misunderstanding)

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by DarklightkillerX1, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. DarklightkillerX1

    DarklightkillerX1 Rebelscum

    Apr 8, 2018
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    This is NOT canon and is mere speculation for the most part on my view of the force and possible history of the Jedi. I'm hoping to post something new and interesting on the subject. I'm not claiming to know anymore than anyone else only to pose some ideas to have a reasonable conversation about.

    It all had to start with scattered individuals with no idea what the Force was or why they had certain abilities. No Jedi Order, no Sith, no master or apprentice. The notion of a democratized Force has been there from the start. The Last Jedi by going back to the original teachings are echoing back to this. A clean slate. I personally believe they got it wrong though and hope to explain. George Lucas always had a democratized Force. The first thing we learn about the Force is the it that it's energy that exists in ALL life, it binds the universe and everything in it. His vision of the Force wasn't limited to humans or Aliens but to plants, animals, ect. Plants and Animals were the real first Force users. Dave Filoni uses this in Rebels to great effect.

    Eventually these scattered individuals across the galaxy would discovery others with a unique ability. These Individuals only possessed more ability to connect (Midi-Chlorians) with the force. They would gather in communities and share ideas. Temples erected.

    The technology to travel across the galaxy would have introduced all the varied ideas of the Force to each other. Across the galaxy infinite amounts of communities with varied philosophies would emerge. They would discover that there is also darkness in the Force. There would have been wars (like religious wars on Earth). There would be factions. There would be peace and to ensure the end of violence an Order would be created. The Jedi Order would become the largest and most common but not the only ones.

    This is why the Jedi become closed to training everyone. They don't want to train someone who will use their power for darkness, evil, and violence. Dark Side users would be common. They would largely be unorganized and scattered. When you allow anyone who is Force sensitive to learn, there is nothing to guard them against their own emotions. uncontrolled emotions and attachments lead to darkness.

    This is why I believe Last Jedi has it wrong. You don't need to train everyone who has the Force. You need to know if they can handle it. Anakin being brought before the council and being rejected. They only concede when Gui Gon dies out of compassion for him. The Force allows great power, power that can corrupt a soul. You can never know for sure but through training you can discover if someone can control their emotions. Reading books won't teach this, books don't know emotions. You can't learn to control emotions overnight. It takes time. In my opinion they have done a poor job in this regard with Rey. They have planted seeds addressing it and maybe will be answered better in Episode 9.

    The Force chooses who and why back then and into the future, so ever one is a "chose One". The difference is that they are chosen for reasons the Force only knows. Anakin was chosen for a specific reason. Rey may be chosen for another. It is the will of the Force. All is.

    The Order would be separate from politics and the Temples would be more isolated (probably the governments asking them to be out of fear. The wars probably would have been felt through out the galaxy.) The Jedi also wanting to focus on the Force and not be made soldiers.

    The dark side users would grow. They'd seek power at higher and higher positions. The galaxy would turn to the Jedi. There would be a Jedi v Sith war and the Sith would win.

    The Jedi would be scattered. Due to this it would forge the Jedi and they order in unity through out the galaxy. The Jedi would become a symbol of hope. They would fight the Sith but the Sith would also fight each other leading to their downfall. The Jedi and freedom would be restored. The rule of two for the Sith would be established for their survival.

    Fearing Force users the governments would have made an agreement for the Jedi to answer to the Republic and serve the Chancellor and Senate. More and more the Jedi would become pawns of Governments leading to their downfall. This something we see in the original trilogy. The Jedi should be independent of governments. Obeying the will of the Force only.

    The Clone Wars makes the Jedi soldiers and pawns. Serving a Sith Lord's interests and not the Force. Or was that the will of the Force. The Jedi did lose sight of things. I don't think they needed to end or that they got it all wrong. They got it all right but they weren't always listening to their own teachings. George Lucas gave us a reasonable way of how democracy can die. That Evil and darkness starts within and can be a slow corruption.

    The Jedi are destroyed and scattered. They are hunted while the Sith rule once more. Instead of a war fought with light sabers, the sith allowed the Jedi to destroy themselves from within. They didn't even know the battlefield in which they fought until it was too late.

    In hiding the Jedi become forgotten. They are lead inward to connect on a personal level with the force like the original Jedi. Guided by the will of the Force. They have new hope. Kanan, Ezra, Luke. The Ideals of the Jedi are gaining in the galaxy again.

    The Sith and evil are destroyed by the love of a Father and Son.

    A New Jedi Order is started but once again history repeats itself and darkness destroys it.

    I'll wait until episode 9 to go into the sequel trilogy for then I'll have a more complete vision of what they're going for, but I'll say this The Force is something that takes years to master for it is conquering yourself and is really what all of Star Wars is about. Controlling your emotions. Yoda even after 900 years still struggles and makes mistakes.

    What do you think? do you see the unwritten history different? did I waste your time reading this?
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