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SPOILER Official Rey Episode VIII thread

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' started by Lord Skywalker, Jan 5, 2016.


What will be her lightsaber?

  1. She'll keep the Skywalker Lightsaber (blue)

    240 vote(s)
  2. Luke's green lightsaber

    6 vote(s)
  3. Custom single-bladed lightsaber (describe what color it will be)

    20 vote(s)
  4. Custom double-bladed lightsaber (describe what color it will be)

    72 vote(s)
  5. She'll stick with her staff for Episode VIII

    9 vote(s)
  6. Duel-wielding single bladed lightsabers (describe the colors)

    3 vote(s)
  1. DailyPlunge

    DailyPlunge Jedi Commander

    Jan 1, 2016
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    This is being passed off as new information, but this is very much in line with what we speculated in the run up to TLJ. JJ and RJ were aligned on Rey question during the production of TFA. So that's how Daisy knew the answer.

    Many of us thought that the original plan was for Rey to be a lost daughter of Han/Leia, but that was abandoned very early in the TFA production.

    Remember, Daisy was surprised that people were debating this after TFA. JJ may have had an idea, but he left the question open. Then he made TFA knowing the real answer.
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  2. Ender

    Ender Rebel Trooper

    Dec 17, 2017
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    I frequently run into Rey fans who say some variation of “I liked her in VII but in VIII she is less likeable.” To that I say that VIII was setup as the 2nd act setback chapter of the trilogy where all of the characters hit low points in the mid section of the film before rising and learning.

    I’m going to try and lay out here why I believe Rey ends up on the Supremacy because I think that contrary some... the film gives us plenty of reasons beyond only attraction.

    1) As powerful as Rey is presented with the Force in this ST... she’s also been presented as someone who has serious abandonment issues inside and as someone who is naive. She bought Finn’s line that he was with the resistance immediately. Rey is also Force naive. She’s slowly trying to see herself as an instrument of the force because she saw the island as a kid and was drawn to the saber and later the books. The mind bridge with Kylo Ren and vision of the future both deceive her. She thinks it’s more of the Force guiding her to her destiny.

    2) She knows that the leader of the resistance wants her son back. She also knows that Han was willing to go behind enemy lines and do a number of crazy things to try and bring him back and may want to help their family after being unable to save her own.

    3) Luke’s state of mind initially allows her to walk in a pre-turned Ben Solo’s shoes more. She hears Luke had sensed his powers growing and loomed over him as he slept. She then wakes up to him looming over her as she sleeps. Luke likens her to Ben. He tells her he’s only seem this kind of raw strength once before in Ben Solo and that it didn’t scare him then but does now. She walks a little in Ben’s shoes before he turned and can better imagine Luke turning on her. So that when he does so to speak to that by breaking the hut... she’s also angry without realizing it.

    4) Maz told her that those junkers weren’t coming back but someone might. She took it to be Luke but as Luke seems more and more like an immovable object she starts to wonder if this someone who may come back could be Ben Solo. He wanted the saber. Luke tossed it away. He offered to teach her. Luke didn’t want to. This and the mind bridge make her think this could be her Destiny. She senses that Ben likes her.

    5) She hits an emotional low after the Dark Side cave. In writing trope terms they call this kind of moment a sex for solace moment. It’s usually in a scene where the character has faced a lot of stress and frustration and sits at the bar and drinks and meets someone and the next thing you know the camera is cutting to them in a hotel room. This is the PG13 version of that because when she needed someone to lean on who understood the Force he told her she wasn’t alone with the Force and she appreciated that.

    6) She was described as lonely and in VIII we learn the loneliness is a little like mutant lonliness that teens have in X-men. She’s had this thing inside her forever but now it’s awake and she doesn’t know what to do and wants help. She has friends now but she still feels strange as a Force user. Kylo Ren being closer in age and also a Force user seems to take away some of that Force loneliness she feels because she knows he has that same thing inside.

    7) She is willing to risk it all to help her side win. She would have preferred Luke be the one and even offers the saber one last time. When he doesn’t take it she says then Ben is their last hope.

    8) She doesn’t yet know that ROTJ great power comes great responsibility and doesn’t see herself yet as a hero. She’s looking for others to be the hero.

    9) She may be attracted to Ben Solo.

    10) The vision of the future is likely her and Ben with Snoke dead. She says “when the moment comes I know you’ll turn” and so I think she’s seen Snoke’s death and when they rise it’s deja vu for her. We’ve seen many people act on visions before. It’s part of Star Wars.

    11) She is more forgiving and more pragmatic in being willing to make a deal to end the war than we perhaps thought.

    It’s hard to know the prioritization of these that motivated her but I believe all did in some way.
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