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Old republic saga pitch

Discussion in 'General Stand-Alone Movie Discussion' started by zazeron, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. zazeron

    zazeron Rebelscum

    Dec 19, 2017
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    A saga of revan films or even a show would be massive.

    Movie 1: revan begins the movie with the lie that the jedi code is the best path to life and basically slowly loses his faith in the jedi and is slowly darkened into the revan we know and love, Revan also discovers friends and alternate viewpoints outside of his small religion and grows more and more self sufficient as he trains a captured mandalorian soldier who called himself malak in the ways of the force while malak trains revan to be a hardened killer and a social butterfly, both grow to understand and care for eachother. The story of movie 1 is essentially the story of these 2 friends growing very close. Ending the film with the battle of mandalore and revan becoming Darth revan to replace the Republic with something that will protect the galaxy from a ancient threat in the unknown regions. He also learns that the rich elites of the Republic were the ones who funded the mandalorians and he is disgusted that the rich used the war to weaken the Republic so that the masses can be desperate. Using their endless wealth they market "populist politicians" that follow their rich donors. He also learns that the jedi also knew about this and that SOME(not most) are conspiring with the rich to impose their religious views on a secular republic. This also leads to a divided senate similar to the modern Era between centrist(who want a strong expansionist republic along with a stronger rule of law and military as well as stronger central authority ) and populists(who want a peaceful and decentralized republic). The jedi are trying to manipulate both sides to follow their theocratic agenda. Revan walks away bitter and resentful of everything including his religion. While this is happening Jedi are forced to choose between the loyalty to revan or to the council and 1 third of the Jedi left with Revan to become sith. the 1000 year old Odan urr also has a arc of him being overprotective of his apprentice Revan while kreia encourages him to become rebellious strong. in the end Odan urr learns to let revan make his own decisions and failures and leaves the jedi order to fight the sith through peaceful activism and spiritual guidance...finding alternatives to fighting. Odan urr changes from a dogmatic warrior to a peaceful teacher. He becomes influencial peaceful activist against the increasingly authoritarian centrist worlds.

    Revan becomes a social justice warrior...who believes sees evil everywhere except within.

    Movie 2: revan begins with the fatal flaw of being power hungry as he is voted secretary of defense, with the centrist parties of the galaxy gaining large majorities in local level to the plenetary level. through political powerplays and allies within the centrist party he becomes more powerful than the chancellor, able to shut down populist legislation and approve centrist ones with some political strong arming. His popularity is so great that centrist world's consider him the true chancellor and populists world's are unable to even muster a attack against him without pissing off the love sick republic citizens. But a massive terrorist attack hits the party by jedi radicals(who were not jedi). Revan makes this a partisan issue and uses this to encourage countless centrist world's to join a military alliance to overcome the Republic tyranny. Forming the sith empire as sith are appointed to important positions within the government and elect revan supreme leader(remember that revan was democratically elected), Revan pushes away friends as he starts the jedi civil war, Revan relentlessly pursuing his vision of a unified government against the republics and rich corruption and against a threat from the unknown regions that is rumored, He also relentless pursues reforms and literally bulldozes through everything...like joseph stalin. Revan slowly drives away friends and like a Shakespeare character driven drama slowly descends into darker territory. Revan than drives away his best friend Malak. Who would later betray him at the end of the film and maybe with the help of nihilus strip revan of much of his power while he escapes...he than realizes that materialism has completely destroyed his life and that he had destroyed his friends, lost his family and lost his spiritual brother malak. the story is about malak and revan and how they were best friends who were torn apart by revans success. It is like a shakespeare play meets mafia crime drama.

    Movie 3: Logan meets KOTOR 1 storyline, revan is a bounty hunter who wants to die in the outer rim. He is a angry bitter person who is looking for a good death. Till he meets a loving curious catlike boy, who is following him everywhere. He realizes that he is the son of bastilla sunrider...a young Cat-like woman whom he had sex with in a one night stand before the Mandalorian wars...making the catlike boy his son whose name is Kalo. The kid is curious loving and cute and innocent. Revan is afraid of hurting anyone he cares about and tells the kid to "Blast off". The kid begs his dad to save his mother from swoop gangs on taris and promise falsely that he will leave him alone if he goes(with crossed fingers). He rescues bastilla and after a display of force power from the kid bastilla informs him that the kid is special and gifted and that revan needs to keep him safe till they get to the jedi temple and destroy the star forge. He decides to reluctantly go and slowly bonds with his son. His son was raised in the jedi temple but was guided by odan urr...whom he considered his "uncle". He and him have formed a bond so strong that odan appears to him in dreams to intruct him on everything.

    NUKOTOR 1 (movie 3) is a metaphor for what it means to allow yourself to love and care for people in the face of devastating loss. What it means to find a family again. What it means to take another person's hand in the face of all that pain. What it takes to go from being a loser, being another victim of an unfair world, to being a fully realized human being. Revan fears love, While Kalo always wants to give it to him every way he can.

    The force storyline could be revan regaining his firce powers and reconciling the light and dark sides of the force(Carl Jung and shadow integration being the philosophy). Becoming a fully realized force user who is master of both the light and the dark(or the shadow). Becoming more powerful than any jedi or sith...integrating both philosophies into a a whole...as kreia would have wanted. Revan meets Odan Urr again and Revan is emotionally devastated by his sight and says that he doesn't deserve anything resembling forgiveness. Odan urr hugs him attacked tells him that he will always forgive him because he is his spiritual son. Revan watches as the 1000 year old odan passes onto the force to become one with it. leaving revan to teach his son the ways of the force as he goes to save malaks soul on the starforge. Subtly hinting at a LGBT connection between malak and revan.

    Movie 4: a lose adaptation of KOTOR 2 as well a thematic continuation of the loss theme of the previous movie and applying to exile. revan is also told in flashback as they deal with 2 themes...the breaking of the family unit and the reconstruction of it...sacrifice and family. Godfather 2 type story structure as we slowly reveal revans character.

    Revan has disappeared to face the dark entity who is the prime jedi in the unknown regions and exile and everyone else must go out and find him in the end... (the story is intact for the most part and kreia is played by the same actress who played kreia in the games).

    Kreia is right about revan...but is largely not the one who started the dark wars. One of my biggest gripes though is that I do not buy that a secret empire remains undetected. So the mysterious threat is truly something worse. This threat was a dark form of matter or entity that created and trained sith to be his army to conquer the galaxy. But this threat is not a sith but something above them. This entity was also the prime jedi, whom was betrayed for his beliefs in balance and was banished. This prime jedi is nearly 20,000 years old and will stop at nothing to gain control of the force itself. This entity is called "the ancient fear"

    Through the year's revans journeys to the ancient Jedi Temples and force nexus's led him to discovering ancient scriptures on the jedi and their origins. He also learned of a time when the dark and light was in balance.

    "The Ancient fear" is the Prime Jedi of the First Jedi Order. The myth of the Fallen Jedi tells of a force user on an ancient Jakku, when it was lush, green and connected to the Force. He was so powerful he attempted to seize control of the Force itself and rule the Galaxy, this caused a rupture in the Force that leaks into the Galaxy and feeds the Dark side of the Force. Jakku was destroyed and turned into a wasteland, the special connection the planet had to the Force was closed shut for eternity. The Fallen Jedi destroyed his spirit and became "The Dark One" or his other name "the ancient fear". The pure essence of the Dark side of the Force, blinding both sides and causing the eternal Galactic conflict, similar to Lucifer. The Ancient Fear leeches off the Light & Dark side of the Force feeding the entity for all eternity. The Anti-Christ in a sense.

    The Ancient fear has manifested as the Sith, the Empire, and been the driving force behind the eternal Galactic conflict. Revan's master and father figure odan urr as a teenager trapped The Dark One in a tomb in the Unknown Regions. For centuries he remained dormant, until Kreia felt his call. Darth Traya set forth a plan after her exile. Revan was being groomed to merge with the "dark one". Darth kreia believed that both the jedi and sith was the pure creation of The Ancient Fear. Kreia set forth a contingency plan shortly before her exile to explore the Unknown Regions and search for The Ancient Fear. Imperial loyalists and Dark side worshippers formed the mysterious Shadow Council and were instructed to excavate the tomb and perform the perverse ritual to harness the entity into a body and resurrect The Ancient Fear. The body of a sith body from the depths of moraband was chosen and he used his power to control the shadow council before they can inform kreia, was chosen to lead The New Order and branded a title of his chosing...light-bringer. The unnatural dark process left Ancient fear with those injuries and deformities and he was powerful...more so than any other. Revan's sith empire was slowly coming user the control of the sith triad of Traya, sion, nihilus. With The Dark one rigging elections in his favor in the background...whereas palpatine surrounded himself with royal guards and dark side people...The Dark One surrounded himself with political strategist, marketers, Political allies and most importantly religious figures...religion is the most important part of his plan. The ancient fear was the prime jedi, whom according to the first draft of star wars was one of the founders of the Republic Galactica...It was only natural for him to be a god of politics.

    Once The Ancient Fear took control of a host's body his mission became easier than ever. The mutated dark wizard came into Kalo's life via visions, recounting an attractive false tale about his deformities and grand journey exploring ancient Sith and Jedi temples. Kalo was captivated. Revan wouldn't take him on his more dangerous adventures. The final nail to the head was his revelation that the sith and the jedi are one and the same and came from the same source. Kalo felt betrayed and lied to. "The dark one" gifts kalo wisdom by inviting him to a tree where they become linked. Showing Kalo powers and truths of the force that revan had no idea existed. He also told the forbidden history of the jedi and sith. He has Kalo on a string, but realizes early that no amount of bombshells or revelations will get this kid to completely turn on the jedi. He began slowly linking their minds together into the trees(like game of thrones) , about how his family does not believe in his potential. He preaches the State of Ren to kalo, balance in the force between Light & Dark. "The dark one" tells kalo he is perfect because he has equal parts Dark & Light due to his innocence. He preaches he is the chosen one. Dark one is teaching him all this because kalo can trust him...kalo tells him something that the ancient fear did not expect...the location of the jedi temple. He sent his army of sith assasins to the jedi temple where is it almost completely destroyed. Bastilla is killed and kalo is captured before revan could save him. Where he is taken to the ancient fear itself.

    However, "The dark one" has a sinister purpose unbeknownst to any living being. The body he is inhabiting is old and weak. His ultimate purpose is to find a younger, more powerful body to inhabit. Kalo body is perfect...more so because he is related to revan.

    The Jedi are nearly wiped out to a handful

    Revans son is captured by the entity and is brainwashed into the ultimate sith...rivaling revan himself.

    Revan must face his inner demons to stop the being that he has prepared years for.

    In a devastating battle (maybe think Gandalf vs sauron), revan barely escapes with his life but wounds the entity in the process, leaving him wounded and vulnerable.

    He sends countless sith assassin's and revan must flee.

    Using the force the entity slowly merges with his new pupil kalo.

    Revan is now the only thing standing between entity and the galaxy. He knows that his son is being controlled by "The Dark One" and knows what he must do but is afraid of doing it...killing his son to save the galaxy. He goes to JAKKU to look for the strength and will to kill his son...and is approached by exile and malak.

    Movie 5: revan, exile, the sith remnant that are not loyal to "The Dark One", the new jedi order, the Republic all must converge together to Resist the ancient fear and his followers who had taken control of centrist worlds via rigged elections. The jedi and the sith work together as followers of the ancient fear and their legions conquer planets of the Republic and sith who do not fall in line. Revan is conflicted on his duty to defend the freedom of everyone and his love for his son. The Sith and The Jedi are also experiencing problems as old wounds are opened raw. Revan knows that the war is all a ruse and a ploy to cover up the true agenda of The ancient fear...He feeds off the eternal conflict and leeches off both sides and he intends seize control of the force again and remake the galaxy in his own image. Revan knows what he must do and goes to Ruusan alone. The Sith and The Jedi realize that the loyalists to the Ancient fear will land all their troops on the planet once revan is discovered. They know that Revan will get killed if the ancient fear even gets 1 percent of his troops on the world.

    Revan decides that he needs to kill his son but can't seem to muster the skill or strength to do so as they fight a epic battle. Revan knows the only way to stop killing his son qould be to stop fighting ad putting his fate in his sons hands, hoping to snap kalo out of it. Eventually he feels the presence of odan urr and kreia...the closest people he has to parents.

    They go into the kids mind and look at a child wrecked with guilt and anger over the death of his mother. They guide help him overcome the guilt he has for all the horrible things he has done and the death of his mother. Kalo is freed and now Revan and him team up to destroy him. Both combine their powers to try to cut "the dark one" out of the force and are nearly overcome with the entities sheer will. it seems that this "dark one" will control them both till the force ghosts of bastilla, kreia(who made peace with the force) and odan urr also help out, with the jedi and sith from the fleet and battle helping out. The ancient fear tries to possess revan and has a philosophical argument with him like rand and the dark one in wheel of time. But revan casts him out of his mind and kalo and him lock him into the "abyss"(the ancient fear is a cosmic entity, not a physical one" where he is cut off from the force and seemingly dies.

    The Republic and Sith empire and the jedi and sith enter a fragile peace. Revan is traumatized by everything as well as kalo and after things settle down revan and his son leave the galaxy. The story ends with revan and his new "family living peacefully"

    Revan and kalo both are allowed to live their lives in peace as their he republic and the sith build a fragile peace that lasts centuries or a millenia

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