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Original Game Show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge with Ahmed Best Coming Exclusively to Disney+ in 2020

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Dec 3, 2019.

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    An all new original game show from Lucasfilm called Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge was announced today and will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting in 2020. Jedi Temple Challenge will take place in a galaxy far, far away and test young contestants’ abilities in the core Jedi principles of strength, knowledge, and bravery as they face intense and exciting obstacles in an attempt to achieve the rank of Jedi Knight.

    The show will be hosted by none other than fan favorite and icon Ahmed Best, who will be making his triumphant and much awaited return to Star Wars. Known to many fans as Jar Jar Binks from the prequel trilogy, Best will play a Jedi Master and mentor to the contestants competing on the show. Best will be joined by a humanoid droid companion, voiced by Mary Holland (Veep, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre).

    According to Lucasfilm’s senior director of Online Content & Programming Mickey Capoferri, “This is definitely a kids game show like no other. The various challenges will test a Padawan’s connection to the Force in three locations — a forest planet, on board a Jedi star cruiser, and inside a Jedi temple — immersing them and the audience in a fun, humorous, and exciting competition.”

    Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge is developed by Lucasfilm’s Scott Bromley and Steve Blank with Mickey Capoferri and Christine Beebe serving as executive producers. The series is produced by Lucasfilm and Endeavor Content’s non-scripted group with executive producers Dean Houser, David Chamberlin, and Mike Antinoro. You can check out the full article here.

    Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will stream exclusively on Disney+ in 2020.

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