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Planet Pandora in Star Wars universe

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by delph, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. delph

    delph Rebelscum

    Feb 25, 2020
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    Recently I watched (again) the movie Avatar and it came up in my mind that planet Pandora could easily be placed in the Star Wars galaxy. For example, the Na'vi religion is similar to the Force. Maybe it is only my impression but in Avatar we have Eywa who rules over everyone and some Na'vi soldiers that fight like a Jedi, to protect the weak like Jedi do. Na'vi use the force of Eywa and the nature while Jedi use The Force.

    Moreover, there are a lot of little things that should be present also in Star Wars such as:
    -There are cameras and detectors. Come on, don't tell me that Empire spaceships don't have a camera or a body sensor to discover unwanted people. If there is an intruder, RDA soldiers immediately any unwanted visitor while the Empire and the First Order always fail to do that.
    -A better aim. In Star Wars stormtroopers, but also droids, always fail to kill every important character and can be easily be killed by everyone including from teenagers. It really looks like that the clones are stupid. In Avatar instead I can see great commanders that have no mercy, like true villains. General Hux doesn't have the same charisma as Miles Quaritch.
    -RDA soldiers try to reach their target as best as they can. I don't know but in Star Wars it looks like that the Empire and the First Order are just watching rebels creating a mess without taking the right measures. I saw this many times in Star Wars Rebels but also in TLJ and TROS where the Empire or First Order is stupid and is not able to stop a little group of rebels. In strongly believe that RDA soldiers could have done better to stop the rebels, with or without The Force.
    -When you see Pandora you really have the impression that you are in an alien planet. We can see different creatures and different environments. For example the jungle is quite different from the one in planet Earth, as well as animals and climate. Moreover, the oxygen is not the same that we have here, infact humans have to wear some masks or they die. In Star Wars, every planet has oxygen, the environment is often very similar to planet Earth (deserts, woods, mountains) and the weather as well.

    So, what do you think? Pandora planet could be set in the Star Wars movie? Do you think that JJ Ambrams (or any other director) should take advice from James Cameron? Or James Cameron himself should direct a new Star Wars movie?
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