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Prediction: The 'Mandomania' Force Awakens in 2021

Discussion in 'The Mandalorian' started by Darth Derringer, May 17, 2021.

  1. Darth Derringer

    Darth Derringer Rebel General

    Mar 9, 2021
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    I was fortunate to have been witness to the excitement surrounding ESB after the public was blown away by the original Star Wars movie. The excitement cooled after its opening but the hoopla surrounding the The Phantom Menace was also over-the-top. Another fan geekout occurred in anticipation for the first movie of Peter Jackson's Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings and the return of Star Wars with The Force Awakens. Some might put the first Harry Potter film in the same category but, personally, I can't put the anticipation for any new film or TV show in the same stratosphere as those four.

    However, my prediction is that late this summer and early fall (with Disney's release of trailers for the Book of Boba Fett and Mandalorian Season 3), the level of Star Wars fan geek out is going to reach those lofty levels of enthusiasm and excitement -- which would be unheard of for a TV show.

    It remains to be seen whether Favreau and Filoni will be able to come close to rivaling the brilliance of Mando Season 2, but the emotional ending to that season's finale 'The Rescue' is guaranteed to ratchet up the anticipation for what's to come to major feature film-like levels.

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