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Questions and Suggestions for The Resistance Broadcast

Discussion in 'The Resistance Broadcast Podcast' started by Viral Hide, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. KZ-20

    KZ-20 Rebelscum

    Jan 11, 2020
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    Hi guys!

    I love to listen to your podcast/broadcast whenever I have the time. I think you guys are doing a good job, so keep it up.

    I would like to propose a topic. As I could not check out all the podcasts, my sincere apologies if you already talked about this.

    Last week someone brought up Star Wars Visions on this forum, which should still be released in 2021. So I think there are some interesting questions to ask about that:
    - When do you guys think Star Wars Visions will be released? And what do you expect the timeline of new Star Wars content released to be then (with the BB, TBoBF, Obi-Wan, Andor and Mando season 3)?
    - Are you excited about Star Wars Visions and what are your expectations? What would you like to see or perhaps expect to see? Mostly old or new characters? Specific factions? What time periods would you like to see expended? What part of the universe?
    - What impact do you think the anime studios will have on Star Wars? Will it be in line with what we already have or do you think it will feel new/different? I myself do not have a lot of experience with anime, but perhaps you guys do.
    - As I understood there will be 10 short films. Would you love these to be connected or would you be excited to have disconnected stories that could be about very different parts of the galaxies in different times?

    I also asked Angelman if we can start a subforum for Visions under the Animation forum, because I would love to discuss it in The Cantina too. But maybe you guys would like to kick off the discussion for me and others who would like to speculate on it.

    I also understand if you think the project is still too vague to fill a podcast discussion with. Perhaps it would make more sense to talk about this when there is a trailer. In that case you can also set my questions aside for then.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this message and have fun with your upcoming podcasts. Whenever I have time to check them out, I will.

    Kind regards,

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  2. AkJackster

    AkJackster Rebel Trooper

    Jan 23, 2022
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    How about a 501st legion appreciation type thing, it’s one of my favorite clone divisions in all of clonedom

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