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Revan's Memoirs: City of Blood

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Abishai100, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    This is a brooding war-memoir about the complex Darth Revan.



    Revan sat down at his desk in his chambers and began writing his memoirs of the Great Wars.

    "I can scarcely believe I am already nearing the possible beginning of my retirement. I plan to write a series of Philosophy books about Sith consciousness. Firstly, I want to complete a handsome 'compendium' of honest memoirs accounting the Great Wars (over dominion in the universe between the Republican servants the Jedi and our allies fascist Sith realms). The Great Wars were really about power, survival, and engaging with savage instincts in the name of pure adventure (and exploration). There was much bloodshed and heartbreak and though we Sith ultimately lost, everyone will remember what we contributed to that complex discussion about the impact of ambition and the importance of evaluating vanity." -Entry 1

    "It was Anakin Skywalker ('Darth Vader') who helped the Jedi conquer the Sith in the end. Anakin was a promising Jedi prodigy before Darth Sidious converted him. Even Sidious could not have predicted that Anakin would suddenly seek to undo all his 'evil service' to the Sith by reuniting with his crusading lost Jedi son Luke Skywalker. Now, years have passed, and Luke is a grandfather and the Jedi are busy developing and managing very valuable pro-Republican schools and academies for future generations. However, I once dreamt that Vader would fight by my side and help Sidious establish 'satellite blood-cities' as potent extensions of our once lethal 'Death Star'." -Entry 2

    "The satellite blood-cities were envisioned originally by Darth Bane (who also established the all-important Sith Rule of Two). However, it was Darth Sidious who wanted to see these 'blood-cities' come to full fruition under the 'metaphysical umbrella' of the Death Star. During the Great Wars, Luke Skywalker's defiant allies (mostly Jedi) helped the survivors/rebels of the Republic reach Anakin and overcome Sidious's ambitious 'regime.' These blood-cities were to be brutally efficient, heartless, and perfectly savage --- all in the name of a bold Sith meditation on the reality of darkness. Sidious believed evil was psychology and not merely a 'condition.' We will miss Sidious's odd genius (he was killed by Anakin and Luke!)." -Entry 3

    "The blood-cities were to have prominent martial-law governors who would impregnate all the women for their firstborn offspring. All these offspring were to be Sith and called Children of Death. The Children of Death were to be taught that all remnants of Jedi notions of 'spiritual sanctity' must be demolished. Rebels in the blood-cities would be castrated, mutilated, decapitated, or burned alive. Some may even have explosives placed in their mouths. The Children of Death were to be sometimes 'recruited' to carry out these severe executions as Sith death-strikers. Were it not for the idealism of Luke Skywalker and his pro-Republican daydreaming descendants (all Jedi!), the Children of Death would make the Sith a dominion of pure obedience!" -Entry 4

    "I read a manuscript written by Darth Bane describing a politically-unifying initiative to mark a Sith child (a boy) and his mother as 'sacrificial lambs' of the blood-cities. This mother-and-child would be the slaves of the Sith. The mother would be required to satisfy her Sith masters in any way they pleased, and the child (the boy) would be required to slavishly labor in a cave, scrubbing and cleaning the rocks/stones of the cave to make it shine (so that Sith warriors could mark the cave with blood as a sign of honor). Sidious did not care for this rather odd plan, and when galactic wandering engineer and mercenary Han Solo married Princess Leia Skywalker, Han declared a Christian faith in Mary and Baby Jesus to be a 'sacred principle' not open to any kind of blasphemy. This 'fury' was the real signature of the Great Wars --- dogma-destruction(!)." -Entry 5


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