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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Gets an Expanded Soundtrack Release

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Feb 10, 2022.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    Surprise! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is getting some extra love more than five years after its release. Michael Giacchino's original score will be re-released tomorrow, February 11, with an expanded edition.

    Film Music Reporter unveiled the news earlier today, including an extended tracklist you can check out below:

    As you can see, it's a huge re-release for one of the greatest Star Wars soundtracks in recent memory; aside from never-before-heard tracks, there are alternate cues in there as well.

    We must also point out this isn't the first time Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Records have put out an 'extended cut' of the films' original scores -- Solo: A Star Wars Story got the same treatment back in 2020. Hopefully, this will become a tradition. We know we'd like to hear unused John Williams tracks from the sequels, or more off-beat Mandalorian bangers from Ludwig Göransson.

    Streaming and download links for the expanded Rogue One: A Star Wars Story soundtrack will be available tomorrow at Walt Disney Records' official channels.

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