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SPECULATION Season 2 Thought-Excercise

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Resistance' started by Use the Falchion, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Use the Falchion

    Use the Falchion Jedi Contrarian

    Jul 11, 2015
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    Sometimes I like to plan out tv show seasons as if I was a writer on them. As such, here's my plan for Star Wars Resistance Season 2. Keep in mind that I DON'T THINK THIS WILL HAPPEN. The writers of this show are far more experienced than me, and I trust them to do the show justice (...or I hope they will...). But If I had my way, Season 2 for me would channel a little of its inner Battlestar Galactica (00's series) and be like this:

    The first few episodes would focus on the travel to D'Qar. The residents aboard the Colossus were united in kicking out the First Order, but will they stay united? You've got Kaz and his band of Resistance fighters, Captain Doza who might go under a TLJ-Finn arc (in the sense of starting out helping the good guys but not committed to the cause, to becoming fully committed later on), the pirates, and racers/civilians. These personalities are GOING to clash, and spending some time hashing out what's gonna happen would be the mature thing to do. Maybe have the pirates lead a mutiny?

    This would start Kaz's main arc for the season - becoming a leader. During the final episodes of Season 1, we saw Kaz rally together his friends and mentors into a respectable group of insurgents. Now the crisis might be over, but Kaz's friends will still probably look to him for leadership. This will cause some friction between him and Captain Doza, something I don't expect to be resolved right away. But over the course of the season Kaz will grow into this role.

    After the episodes in hyperspace, the Colossus lands close to D'Qar...only to find that the Resistance is gone and the First Order is still in the area. This is where Kaz first really takes command (much to Doza's ire), leading the Aces to help get the F.O. off the Colossus' back while they jump to another destination. Unfortunately this fight will take out any messaging capabilities the Colossus has, as well as exhaust their fuel and resources, making them unable to help out the Crait Crew during TLJ.

    From here I have the Colossus land on Tattooine.* I chose this place because of the rumors that we might revisit here in EP IX, and the fact that we can see a different style of racing in pod-racing. Something that might challenge our pilots. And it's on the Outer Rim, so pretty roguish territory! It's here the pirates would make their exit, swearing to return. Synara stays behind, but doesn't immediately join the Resistance. She'd find work as a bounty hunter, using her pirating skills as a way in.

    Kaz and the Resistance pilots would enter pod-racing races to get money and parts to fix the Colossus, as well as scout for any pilots willing to join their cause. This is where most of the season would take place, but eventually they'd have to move on.

    Yeager's arc would be about becoming a rebel pilot again. Kaz would want him to lead the Resistance, but that's not where Yeager's strength is. Yeager has the experience and the skill to gain the Ace's respect, and combining those two he'd be able to whip the Aces into a uniformed fighting force.* This would put him at odds with Hype (who's a showboat but wants to do the right thing), but overall they'd sort it out. This arc would also be used to flesh out the Aces.

    Neeku doesn't really have an arc in my mind yet. Maybe a little dilemma between working on the engines in the Colossus and working at his old job (or maybe adjusting to the change overall), but that's about it.

    Tam has a lot of potential, and I think her arc would be pretty cool. First I'd have her become a pilot in the F.O. - she gets the ship, the crew, and the respect...along with a new name. At first she doesn't mind. She's gotten everything she's ever wanted, and even Tierney drops in to congratulate her! Tierney takes her on a mission to "recruit" another youth like Tam was, and Tam goes all-in to help.

    The youth is recruited and Tam goes back to her new life...only to find that no one cares. The awards mean nothing, her old name means nothing, her old life is dead. Even after a while Tierney stops visiting and simply calls her the "Castilon Kid/Girl." Tam, while saddened, is undeterred. Later, she goes on a mission to find refugees of Hosnian Prime. She finds them, hoping that the First Order will grant them shelter, but instead the fascists execute the refugees. Shocked, Tam fakes being sick and runs away to find the Colossus...only to have Tierney know about all of this and be tracking her.

    (For the Hosnian Prime part, I have two ideas. Both involve Kaz's father being alive. He wasn't on the planet when it was destroyed, and has been hiding with/helping the refugees. Tam finds him and promises to help him. In one version, Tam fails to do so, leading to the senator's death. This is what jars Tam "awake" so to say, and instigates her seeking of the Colossus.
    The second idea is that the senator does get away (far more appropriate for a kids' show). The senator later finds his way to the Colossus, proving to be an antagonist for Kaz. The senator wants to take over everything Kaz has built, thinking his son hasn't earned it/isn't a good steward of it. Kaz finally stands up to his father, letting him know that he HAS earned it, and will not allow it to be taken.)

    Tam finds her way to the Colossus, and asks for forgiveness. Yeager immediately grants it, while Kaz is more suspicious. This creates conflict within Team Fireball until the First Order arrives and everyone thinks it was Tam's fault. Tam runs off, and "for her heroic actions against insurgents," Tierney gives her a promotion within the First Order, and a command of her own.

    Tam's arc is something cool I think, but to do it this show has to be more wiling to spend more time with its antagonists (like Avatar: The Last Airbender did with Zuko and Iroh, and with Azula). Tierney's place in it is something I like too, as I'm a huge fan of Tierney (despite her short time on the show lol). I think that if this does happen, Tierney simply goes around recruiting potential threats into F.O. troops. She's good at that, but forgets about the people she recruits soon after. However, I would find it scarier if Tierney never forgets those she recruits, and she genuinely cares about them. To me, that's more twisted.

    Other things I want to see happen:
    1. Torra becomes the new "spy" angle for the Resistance. Kaz trying to teach Torra with her being naturally good at it would be hilarious.
    2. Inferno Squad appearance. They need SOMETHING to do. But maybe I'll change this after SWC
    3. Jacen Syndulla. We all know he's gonna appear, it's just a matter of when.
    4. Ending the season with Kaz stranded. I'd like to see the season end with Kaz stranded on a potentially F.O. planet out it the Unknown Regions. Spend some time in Season 3 with Kaz using everything he's learned as a mechanic, soldier, spy, and leader to start an insurgent cell from scratch and make it to the known galaxy.

    Overall, this exercise only got me about halfway to 2/3 through the season at best, but toss in a few filler episodes and I think it works out. Thanks for reading what essentially amounts to fan-fiction lol!

    What do y'all want the plot/arcs of Season 2 to be?

    *This might conflict with the BB8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 comic that just came out though...
    *The Aces are good at fighting skirmishes and small dogfights. The enemy they're up against is SO much bigger.
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  2. Darth Basin The Greatest

    Darth Basin The Greatest Rebel Official

    Nov 16, 2016
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    Let's be clear. I hate about 90% of this show. There's only a few things I like. Namely Yeager, old man Doza & the design of the station & racers.

    However Tam joining the FO came was a decent twist for this childish show. I hope she stays FO but i doubt it .

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