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Sith Manual: Parental Guidance?

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Abishai100, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    The Sith is the order utilizing the dark energies of the universe (or the 'dark side' of the Force).

    Anakin Skywalker was the Messianic Jedi who became a Sith (Darth Vader) to find quick-and-easy solutions to danger but was drawn towards redemption by his heroic Jedi son Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi.

    The Sith believe in profiteerism and Machiavellian ruthlessness as opposed to the Jedi who defend democracy, teamwork, and good governance.

    There is usually a Sith lord and his apprentice, just as there is often a Jedi master and his apprentice.

    Darth Plagueis was the master of Darth Sidious who went on to turn Anakin Skywalker (the Jedi) into Darth Vader (the Sith).

    The Sith are like exiles who utilize a piracy-approach to colonialization and empire-construction to forge a government based on terror, pure power, brutish might, martial law, and of course, the fires of hell.

    If the Jedi is like the United Nations, then the Sith is like Nazi Germany...

    We can use Sith images/art/stories to understand ideas regarding purgatory, fascism, betrayal, and tyranny.

    There have been all kinds of Sith characters (such as the demonic Darth Maul) but some have been killed by Jedi (such as Darth Maul).

    Since Star Wars is mass-marketed to countless American youngsters, we should feel informed about how these movies and stories citing Sith philosophy can teach kids about the dangers of greed.


    MAUL: You're a Jedi pawn of Starbucks culture.
    ANAKIN: What's wrong with coffee (Starbucks)?
    MAUL: It's as mindless as Facebook and Yoda...
    ANAKIN: I like Yoda and I like TCBY (yogurt!).
    MAUL: You'll become a Sith someday...I can sense your vanity!
    ANAKIN: I'll always be a Jedi (in some form or another).
    MAUL: The Jedi will not last...
    ANAKIN: The Jedi rely on friendship, while the Sith sit on the fires of arrogance.
    MAUL: You are immune to arrogance, Anakin?
    ANAKIN: No, Darth Maul, but I am very sensitive about betrayal!
    MAUL: We'll see...
    ANAKIN: War is never simple.


  2. yaqngie

    yaqngie Clone Commander

    Jun 12, 2016
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    Are you asking if there should be parental guidance when introducing young children to the Sith?

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