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Star Wars Draft Movie Reveal and Afterparty!!

Discussion in 'General Movie Discussion' started by Use the Falchion, May 4, 2021.

  1. Use the Falchion

    Use the Falchion Jedi Contrarian

    Jul 11, 2015
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    @The Birdwatcher three quick things:

    First, I was talking about in front of the camera, if that wasn't clear enough.

    Second, the point with that was that Star Wars has a phenotype preference, and due to that, there can be some Unfortunate Implications at times that Lucasfilm may not be aware of.

    Third, this thread was for those who participated in the movie draft game discussions below. This was a celebration to those who had waited and waited and waited and wanted to share their stories and ideas. THAT'S who this is for. This isn't the WWYD thread, or another type of "what would you change" thread, nor is this a thread that's remaking/recasting the Original Trilogy - however if you want to make a movie pitch game where that is an option, I will wholeheartedly join you there. Overall, this is not the particular thread for your ideas.


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