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Star Wars Rebels: Top 5 Episodes

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Rebels' started by SWNN Probe, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. SWNN Probe

    SWNN Probe Seeker

    Aug 29, 2016
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    So Rebels has had it's last stand on Lothal and I decided to build up to the finale by recapping the 4 seasons of the show. Beware, if you are not completely caught up with Rebels, there will be SPOILERS.

    I have been an avid fan from the first episode ‘Spark of Rebellion’ which aired in 2014 and although I understand some of the criticism that the show has been given, it has undoubtedly produced some of the best moments and story telling across all of Star Wars lore. This has been down to, in large part, Dave Filoni’s meticulous planning and vision for the series. Much of the critisism came from so called 'filler episodes', but the show's creators have proven time and time again that all episodes have their purpose and are establishing connections and moments that paid off later in the series. This was never more evident than when the Purgils showed up in the series finale! One which, although didn't make this list, was a fitting end and yet an exciting preview of what might yet come from Star Wars' story group...

    Before we start I have to share my favourite memory of Star Wars Rebels so far… This comes in the form of the Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration 2016. I have been to many major sporting, music and film events but nothing will ever come close to the atmosphere in that room when it was announced that Thrawn would be joining the series and Star Wars canon. It was electric and burst into an entire room of fans, young and old, celebrating the news. You can see the full panel below…


    My only note would be that after creating this list, I have realised that it heavily revolves around characters outside of our small band of Rebels - this doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed their story, I have have just loved the cameos of other characters!

    Ok so let’s get started...

    5. The Future of the Force (S2:E9):

    For me this episode summed up everything about Dave Filoni’s persistence and confidence in his own story telling. Ahsoka Tano has returned and this is the first time we see how she has developed since leaving the Jedi order. The ease at which she dispatches the inquisitors is impressive and all the more powerful after watching our heroes Ezra and Kanan struggle with them for over a season at this point. For me, Ahsoka, along with Maul (more on him later) have the best character arcs in all of Star Wars. To have turned a character that was met with such hatred from the fandom, into one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars is no small feat and the team behind The Clone Wars and Rebels should be applauded for it. Enjoy:


    4. Twin Suns (S3:E19):

    Probably the most anticipated episode in the series’ run one I have revisited more than any other. In the trailer we were shown a very familiar looking Obi-Wan Kenobi sat by a fire before Maul appears and ignites his lightsaber. We all knew this was coming but the way the episode was shot was nothing less than cinematic. I fully understand that most casual fans would not know Maul’s entire story (which I covered here before the episode) but I can’t help but wish this were on the big screen. Filoni and his team set it up perfectly with Maul stumbling across Kenobi’s reason to be on Tatooine (Skywalker) and although extremely short, the fight brilliantly sums up how the characters have progressed. Kenobi having taken on what he has learnt and Maul still stuck in the past trying to exact revenge on those he feels has wronged him. The interaction between the two characters after the fight shows Maul’s regret and recognition of the true evil in the galaxy. This episode shows off the incredible voice talent that Rebels boasts with Sam Witwer (Maul) and Stephen Stanton (Kenobi) putting in, what I believe, are the best performances we have seen in a Star Wars episode to date. A perfect example of how to get fan service right!


    3. Spark of Rebellion (S1:E1):

    The first episode. If this doesn’t work, the series doesn’t work… Luckily for us, they nailed it. Introducing us to what we now know as Phoenix Squadron. Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine and Chopper meet Ezra on the planet Lothal and we begin our adventure with the Rebels. There are plenty of moments in this episode that I look back on as an important reason for why I wanted to continue watching but the one below tops them all. Above all other ‘moments’ in Rebels, this is the most important for our main characters. The realization that there are Jedi left in the galaxy, the hope it brings to the rebels and the fear it brings to the Empire.


    2. A World Between Worlds (S4:E13):

    The latest addition to this list and there is no better way to describe this episode than the phrase; game changer. We finally learn what happened at the end of the Vader v Ahsoka battle, we learn that time travel (of sorts) is possible in the SW universe, we find out how Plagueis (probably) could cheat death and we have so many cameos that I didn't even bother counting (Alex from Star Wars Explained did it for me here)! More than any other episode of Rebels I felt myself shouting at the screen, I simply couldn't believe what was happening. If Filoni has shown his persistence and confidence in previous episodes; this certainly showed how extremely well planned this all is. We've been guessing for years about the fate of Ahsoka but no-one would ever have expected this; he had it planned all along. A jaw dropping addition to the Star Wars universe.


    1. Twilight of the Apprentice (S2:E20):

    This episode had EVERYTHING. Vader v Ahsoka, Maul manipulating Ezra, Kanan going blind, holocrons, ancient sith temples, crossguard lightsabers...this list goes on. There's really not a lot else I need to say about this episode other than it is the height of Rebels storytelling. Here is the pinnacle... I am no Jedi.


    So that's the list! What did you think, do you agree or would you have put other episodes in there?

    Continue the discussion below, in The Cantina Forums or over on twitter with @starwarsnewsnet, myself @samppthomas and the rest of the SWNN staff!

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    #1 SWNN Probe, Mar 12, 2018
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  2. porkozone

    porkozone Rebelscum

    Jan 26, 2015
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    Great list. Off the top of my head, these would be my favs as well, in a similar if not the same order. I have not revisited episodes much since around the end of Season 2, and am looking forward to rewatching the series with the end in made. Looking back at the list of episodes, Rise of the Old Masters and Fire Across the Galaxy stood out as ones I remember enjoying at the time.
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  3. cawatrooper

    cawatrooper Force Sensitive

    Nov 14, 2016
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    Great list!

    5) The Last Battle
    - A solid entry that really helped tie in Rebels to The Clone Wars yet again

    4) Fire Across the Galaxy
    - A fun mission that teased Mustafar, included Tarkin and Vader, and felt one of the series' first high stakes fights

    3) Siege of Lothal
    - Great Vader moments. As long as it took me to actually care about Lothal (nearly the end of the series) this early episode was pretty good evidence that the Spectres' connection to Lothal wasn't just a season one thing.

    2) Family Reunion and Farewell
    - Beautiful series finale. Tied everything together well, and extremely satisfying.

    1) Twilight of the Apprentice
    - Star Wars at its best. Multifaceted lightsaber fights, references to the Old Republic era, Maul's return, Ahsoka v Vader... so much to love here. This is the tragic and dark ending the the Season 3 finale wanted to be, I think.

    Probably a controversial choice, but I left Twin Suns off here on purpose. Even though that lightsaber fight is also one of the best moments in the series, it's a relatively short sequence in an otherwise drag of an episode. Actually, there are quite a few incredible moments that couldn't make this list because the episodes they took place in were otherwise unremarkable.

    Still, I love the show, and can't wait to binge it again when S4 comes out. My wife wants to check it out, too!
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  4. singlern05

    singlern05 Rebel General

    Sep 7, 2014
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    I would just make one change to the OP, Siege of Lothal instead of Future of the Force. While Ahsoka against the Inquisitors was impressive, Vader was straight up dominant in light saber battles (despite getting crushed by a AT-ST) and in space. Also the moment when he realizes Ahsoka is still alive was epic... "The apprentice lives."
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  5. Darth Walt

    Darth Walt Clone Commander

    Feb 16, 2016
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    Fully agree with your top 5 selections. I would add some honorable mentions. Episodes that served as strong character development, which were critical to understand past and future events:

    Relics of the Old Republic. S2:E4.
    This is the second part of a 2-episode story that started with The Lost Commanders, where the Rebels met the 3 clone troopers: Rex, Wolffe and Gregor, which Kanan being hostile to them due to Order 66. The episode climax was when the clones made a move to cover the Rebels' escape, determined to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and are later saved by the Rebels when the Ghosts returns. And later Rex reunites with Ahsoka.

    Rise of the Old Masters. S1.E5.
    Menton-mentee relationship between Kanan and Ezra doesn't seem to work. Kanan thinks Master Luminara would a better teacher, but she was already long dead ; only an illusion-trap set by the grand inquisitor. After the lightsaber duel, Kanan resolves to teach Ezra.

    Shroud of Darkness. S2.E18.
    The visit to the old Jedi Temple in Lothal, where Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka have each some visions Ezra talks to Yoda who tells him to go to Malachor; Kanan battles Temple Guards, earning the degree of Jedi Knight from the grand inquisitor's former self, who later helps entertain the inquisitors, while the Rebels escape.

    Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2. S3.E13.
    Saw Gerrera leads the Rebels in this planet to discover atrocities committed by the Imperial. Before this episode, I saw Geonosians as mindless drone animals. At the end of the episode, it's hard not feel sorry for what happen to them. It changed the mind of viewers. It also reminds us that not all rebels fight for the same cause or the same reasons or with the same values.

    Trials of the Darksaber. S3. E15.
    Terrific character development for Sabine. We are exposed to Mandalorian technology to counter Jedi powers, as well as the fact there once was a major war between Jedi and Madalore.
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  6. Lazarus Dei

    Lazarus Dei Tree Dodger Extraordinaire
    1030th Commander *** (Mod)

    Sep 9, 2015
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    I'm still waiting on the last half dozen episodes of S4, but i'm wholly behind the vote for Twin Suns and Twilight of the Apprentice which were both great additions to the SW universe.
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  7. Grand Master Galen Marek

    Jan 8, 2015
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    There are always five, no more, no less.
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  8. Devizz

    Devizz Rebelscum

    Jul 22, 2016
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    1. Twilight of the Apprentice

    2. A World Between Worlds

    3. Family Reunion and Farewell

    4. Fire Across The Galaxy

    5. Shroud of Darkness

    Honorable Mentions: Twin Suns & Jedi Night
  9. Darth Malkovich

    Darth Malkovich Rebel General

    Dec 1, 2015
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    Great list, very hard to choose but here's mine:

    5. Future of the Force
    Not just for the Ahsoka moment, though that was amazing, but also a subtle thematic tie in to the sequel trilogy - that the dark side might try to snuff out the light, but it will keep returning to new generations.

    4. Twin suns
    Certainly the most beautifully shot, most amazing music and that moment with Obi Wan holding dieing Mail would melt your heart. Also, the duel told a story all of its own.

    3. Family Reunion and farewell
    I cried for a good five minutes at the end. Anything that elicits that kind of emotional response has some magic in it. Ezras growth as a Jedi, the wolves attacking Stormtroopers, the people of Lothal rising up (I do love a good popular uprising), and the battle was epic in the grand tradition of Star Wars. Had that RotJ last hour epic feel. And that epilogue! The perfect ending and a new beginning. There's always another story to tell.

    2. Twilight of the apprentice

    Obviously Ahsoka v Vader is the main event here but the additions to the lore really drew me in. The Sith temple and holocrons. Maul competing with Kanan for Ezra's apprenticeship. That alliance albeit brief between the Jedi and the former Sith. And of course, the ending that kept us speculating for two years!

    1. A world between worlds

    This episode blew me away and made me fall in love with the show all over again. The tie in to Mortis, the moment Ezra pulls Ahsoka out of time perfectly syncing up with the end of Twilight of the apprentice was the big pay off for those two years of speculation. The voices! I don't think anything else has added so much to the lore by doing something so outlandish while staying true to the internal logic of Star Wars. A masterpiece.

    As I said hard to pick five. Jedi Night, Rise of the old masters, fire across the galaxy, siege of lothal
    and The Call round out my top ten.
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