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Star Wars Weekly Buzz: TLJ Reshoots Are Not Happening, No Unaltered Original Trilogy Release and More

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    On this week's Buzz: We try to clarify several recent Star Wars rumors, including the potential The Last Jedi reshoots, the release of an unaltered version of the Original Trilogy and more. Also we share some cool interviews with Empire's End author Chuck Wendig, the Oscar nominated for Rogue One sound team, some more bits about the Rogue One Blu-ray and more.

    There's been lots of rumors and speculations lately, so today we will start the buzz with some clarifications regarding them.

    First we start with The Last Jedi reshoots rumor that we shared yesterday. As we pointed out, it was very possible that this casting call was about Avengers: Infinity War. Now JediNews got a concrete confirmation that this is indeed the case:

    The main reason that made us run that rumor was the fact that Mark Hamill was spotted in the UK with his beard back on. But now Hamill himself revealed that he is in the UK for another project:

    So there you have it, no The Last Jedi reshoots are happening at that point.

    Next is a recent rumor claiming that an unaltered Original Trilogy release is coming later this year. This was mainly sparkled by Lucasfilm's recent announcement that there will be a special surprise for the fans during the opening panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, about the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

    When asked about this Pablo Hidalgo himself put the rumors to rest:

    It's clear that Pablo is talking about George Lucas. (Clarification: I am in no way saying that we are not getting an unaltered cut because of George Lucas. It is more like the people involved are respectful to him and his decisions.)

    Also we have to remember that FOX owns the rights for A New Hope in perpetuity in all media worldwide, and if Disney wants to make these they need to strike a deal with them first. Well the good news is that the mystery of that special surprise during the panel remains.

    And here's a very cool article explaining the whole situation about this:

    Make sure to read the whole article here.

    There are a few other false reports intentionally being posted on the web (unlike the two above).

    First there is a certain Casting site that has been around spreading false info in attempt to get clients since the start of filming of The Force Awakens. They recently stated that Episode IX starts filming in the summer. That is not true.

    Also there are at least 2 false rumors about Benicio Del Toro's character from The Last Jedi, posted by a certain youtuber. They are not true.

    Oh and the trailer description from the same guy is 100% wrong. We don't know what the trailer will be, but we have ways of checking if a certain info is wrong. ;)

    Now let's move onto the real Star Wars stuff.

    Finnish actor Joonas Suotamo who played Chewbacca in the action sequences in The Force Awakens and was recently announced as part of the untitled Han Solo movie cast, shared a touching message on his Instagram, thankful for the role of a lifetime.

    As you know, Peter Mayhew was used for Chewie's close-up shots in The Force Awakens, but from this message it seems that Suotamo will take over the whole performance for Han Solo.

    After this message the actor got a huge wave of warm welcome and support, and to express his gratitude he shared a photo with him during The Last Jedi filming at Pinewood:

    Next we have a few tidbits about the Rogue One Blu-ray release.

    Japan will also have several Rogue One Blu-ray versions. One of them is particularly interesting - a steelcase box with several character prints and a Death Trooper figure (click on the image below to see the one with the trooper):

    Many people are speculating that because of the lack of any deleted scenes and director's commentary on the Blu-ray, there will be another Rogue One release later this year. Unfortunately this is probably indeed what will going to happen.

    The guys from Yakface spotted something funny on the newly released Rogue One Blu-ray cover:

    Speaking of AT-ACTs here's a better look at the very cool looking AT-ACT driver via Jedi Bibliothek:

    The latest issue of Star Wars Insider has a great tribute to Carrie Fisher:

    Also Billie Lourd shared on Instagram some photos honoring her mother.

    We miss you Carrie.

    Chuck Wendig's closing chapter of the Aftermath trilogy is out now and StarWars.com spoke with the author about Emipre's End and what it means for the new canon:

    Also the official site spoke with Steve Evans, Design and Development for Star Wars at Hasbro, about the special 40th anniversary Black Series wave. Check it out:

    And here are two ANH posters for the anniversary that are actually previously rejected concepts:

    The Oscar nominated team for their sound work on Rogue One discuss specifics on what went into Rogue One’s sound design, working with director Gareth Edwards on his first “Star Wars” feature, and more.

    Jedi Bibliothek reports that The Making of Rogue One book has been planned for an Oct. 3 release:

    Mark Hamill being funny as always. Yep, he had a chance for an Oscar nomination if it wasn't for J.J. Abrams and his idea of speech.

    And lastly here's something that we've heard recently. We'll have more on this later today.

    Stay tuned for more next week.

    With contribution by @starwarscomlink

    Click HERE to check out and comment on this topic on our main site
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