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Stormtrooper command structure within squad in Death Star detention bay firefight in A New Hope

Discussion in 'Original Trilogy' started by TK-3338, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. TK-3338

    TK-3338 Rebel Commander

    Dec 27, 2018
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    In Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, there are scenes showcasing Imperial Stormtroopers in combat situations and working in direct cohesion. These scenes are more in depth for Stormtroopers than any other film in both the original and sequel trilogies. Furthermore, some of these scenes show how the Stormtroopers interact with one another during these firefight situations. One such scene comes during the Death Star cell bay shoot out scene where Luke Skywalker and Han Solo attempt to rescue Princess Leia.

    After Luke and Han infiltrate the detention level, an Imperial officer sends a message to the cell bay, seeking to find out what happens. They tell Han that, "we're sending a squad up" and a subsequent fight ensues.

    The confrontation between the heroes and the armored antagonists begins typical enough. A blast rocks the cell bay as the elevator door explodes. A single Stormtrooper is visible, but is taken down by Han. However, it's this specific scene I have a few questions about, but will ask them after this jump:


    This trooper comes in first, but it looks like another trooper was trying to check on the fallen one. I'd like some feed back on this too. What others think about it.

    They appear to be the one taking the lead on behalf of the squad, maneuvering to advance upon the interlopers.

    They fire their blaster at them.





    However, this Stormtrooper (on the left), proceeds to give a command to the remaining troopers in the squad. The trooper states, "watch your left! They went down the cell bay."

    And this trooper is no doubt the one on the left here:


    So my questions are as follows:

    Why did this trooper take the lead? Were they in charge? What was the purpose? Were they the squad leader?

    And how did this scene look in terms of cohesion. Did the troopers work together here?

    I love feedback and opinions and in depth-conversation about this. Thanks.

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  2. Rogues1138

    Rogues1138 Jedi General

    Mar 19, 2015
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    I don't think George had the funds to incorporate a ranking system at this point, and the film was a disaster saved by the the editors. It's not odd to fine numerous faults in the editing. For one, I think if Lucas didn't sell to Disney he would be still tinkering with his beloved film. BTW, ANH will always be my favorite one.

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