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SWNN Interview: Hasbro Star Wars Team Talks Throne Room Playset, Supply Chain Challenges, and More

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Feb 11, 2022.

  1. SWNN Probe

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    Aug 29, 2016
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    This week, Star Wars News Net was invited to join the Hasbro Star Wars team for a roundtable. We were joined by Patrick Schneider (Senior Manager, Global Brand Development & Marketing) and Emily Cantelupe (Senior Product Designer). We discussed the latest announcements from their Fan First Wednesday, the challenges they're facing with the supply chain, and more.

    <p data-pw-in-article='true']Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:</p>

    <p data-pw-in-article='true']We want to thank Patrick and Emily from the Star Wars Hasbro team for taking the time to chat with us. Stay tuned to Star Wars News Net for the latest updates from Hasbro! Did you miss their Fan First Wednesday announcements? You can find them here.</p>

    Click HERE to check out and comment on this topic on our main site
    #1 SWNN Probe, Feb 11, 2022
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2022

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