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TESP and ANH with NZ Symphony Orchestra live

Discussion in 'Music' started by Moral Hazard, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Moral Hazard

    Moral Hazard Force Sensitive

    Oct 24, 2015
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    The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are performing the TESB and ANH scores live alongside the big screen.

    From Radio NZ news:

    Conductor Hamish McKeich says the Star Wars score and films bring back nostalgic memories. “It’s a cultural phenomenon,” he says. “You only have to hear that first chord and you’re like ‘yep, that’s Star Wars’.”

    When Star Wars was released Hollywood film scores were moving towards more of a jazz flavour, but composer John Williams brought back the big orchestral, late romantic sound. "Now you couldn’t imagine it any other way,” Hamish says.

    The score has to be perfectly timed with the film playing on the big screen behind the orchestra. Hamish has his own screen that has “streamers” – flashes and time codes which provide information on the timing of the music with the visuals.

    "Nostalgic feelings" is apt. The NZSO often tours NZ schools and hearing them perform John William's themes as an 8 year old was a memorable experience for me.

    This sounds like an amazing night out. I'm gutted I can't make a performance :( but fans down under can catch performances on these dates:
    • Wellington, April 28, TSB Arena | The Empire Strikes Back
    • Auckland, May 4, Spark Arena | Star Wars: A New Hope
    • Auckland, May 5, Spark Arena | The Empire Strikes Back
    • Christchurch, August 3, Horncastle Arena | Star Wars: A New Hope
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