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OFFICIAL NEWS The Culture by Iain M. Banks

Discussion in 'Random Discussion' started by Madmartigan, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Madmartigan

    Madmartigan Rebel Official

    Sep 6, 2014
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    Just two days ago I mentioned in another thread in this Cantina that I'm reading a new novel (Matter) from the Culture Saga by Iain M. Banks, one of my favourite writers, and shared the excitement to see good adaptations from the books (always difficult and the majority of times very bad done, with a few exceptions) with a classic cinematography. The two first novels, Consider Phlebas and The player of games, are just brilliant, entering in a huge new world of syfy with infinite possibilities.

    So it's crazy to read today that Amazon and Plan B are developing a Tv series with the first novel, so right now can't explain in words my excitement.
    The first two novels are so adapatable, and I always thought they could turn into great movies. Some of the novels in the middle of the saga are more difficult to follow, with a characteristic kind of writing and story developing, but this world of Banks is full of imagination and epic stories.


    I hugely recommend the first to novels to enter in this world, to people who have not read it and love the syfy, fine humor, imagination beyond limits and amazing characters, ships, robots, stories and lots of species.

    And if there are people out there who already loves it, you can share what would you like to see in this series.

    I would love to see the essence of it, the travels through space, the importance of the ships, the civilizations, The Minds, the robots and companions and their emotions through their bodies, the classic humor of Banks...

    Hope they will do cool adaptations, something watchable.

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