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The Mandalorian: Ludwig Göranssons Score Blends Innovation With Tradition to Carve Its Place in the Star Wars Galaxy

Discussion in 'The Mandalorian' started by SWNN Probe, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Ludwig Göransson just turned 35 and is already a Grammy and Academy Award winning composer (Black Panther). He now turns to a galaxy far, far away, having created the score for the first live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, which debuts in 11 days on Disney Plus. LA Times interviewed both Göransson and Jon Favreau, which paints a picture as to what type of music we're in store for in the series.

    How did Göransson find the sounds and tone for The Mandalorian? It came down to simplicity, in using 'organic instruments' and recapturing that initial experience seeing Star Wars:

    Perhaps to avoid public relations suicide, but likely genuine in feeling, Göransson hails John Williams' Star Wars scores as the gold standard in film music. With that said, he wanted to create a new sound and unique identity for The Mandalorian, while making sure one foot remained close to John Williams' familiar sand box.

    Jon Favreau met Göransson through fellow Marvel director Ryan Coogler, and knew he wanted him to compose The Mandalorian a year before the series started filming.


    Fans curious about the style of the score for the series will be happy to know that it is no knock-off of John Williams, but still feels and sounds like it belongs in the Star Wars galaxy. The series will clearly have its own identifiable themes, cadence, and overall sound, carving its own place in the franchise, and it sounds like Favreau was very happy with the outcome from Göransson's committed and blended approach to marrying innovation and tradition.

    Musical composition is a complicated profession, but Ludwig Göransson seems up to the challenge. We don't have to wait long to hear the newest score in the Star Wars franchise, as The Mandalorian debuts November 12 on the Disney Plus streaming service.

    SOURCE: LA Times

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