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The Sequel Trilogy VS Dark Empire

Discussion in 'General Sequel Trilogy Discussion' started by NinjaRen, Aug 7, 2019.


Is the ST a remake of 'Dark Empire'?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

    5 vote(s)
  1. NinjaRen

    NinjaRen Supreme Leader

    Nov 23, 2015
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    And now, my young apprentice... Your father is dead. Have you come to join me? Will you take the place that rightfully belongs to you – at my side." – Palpatine

    Dark Empire Wallpaer.jpg

    Dark Empire is a series of comic books set after ROTJ.


    Following the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor at the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance formed a New Republic over much of the galaxy. Long years of struggle have ensued.

    Remnants of the Empire have regained strength and reclaimed the majority of worlds, including the city-world of Coruscant. Now a civil war within the resurgent Empire has erupted, and the New Republic has seized the opportunity to increase confusion.

    A recent raid over Coruscant has left Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian stranded on the war-torn planet, but help is on the way....

    Publisher Summary:

    "Six years after the Battle of Endor, the fight for freedom rages on. Darth Vader is dead, but a reborn Empire - under a mysterious new leader - strikes back at the struggling Rebel Alliance. Massive World Devastators, more powerful and unstoppable than the Death Star, ravage entire planets, while the ruthless heirs of Jabba the Hutt place a monumental price on the heads of Princess Leia and her husband, Han Solo. Along with Lando, Chewbacca, Artoo, Threepio and other old allies, Han and Leia struggle to protect the future for their unborn child. But their greatest foe may be their closest friend: Luke Skywalker…“

    This story from the year 1991 shares a lot of similarities to the ongoing Sequel Trilogy, some of them are way too eery to ignore.

    Let’s get started with the obvious:

    - "[...] a reborn Empire - under a mysterious new leader - strikes back at the struggling Rebel Alliance."
    => The First Order is reborn from the ashes oft he Empire under their mysterious new Leader Snoke/Kylo Ren.

    - "Massive World Deveastators, more powerful and unstoppable than the Death Star."
    => The First Order has a weapon even more powerful than the DS, Starkiller Base.

    The parallels are even more blatand when it comes to the Sith Fleet (Star Destroyers with DS technology).

    In other words, the main conflict and the story beats of Dark Empire is pretty much the same what we’ll get with the ST:
    • Empire’s restored in form of the First Order
    • The FO is ruled by the Dark Side
    • The Republic is rebelling again in form of the Resistance
    • Luke’s character changed drastically

    Visual Similarities:

    Kylo vs Luke:

    Kylo Costume.jpg Luke Costume.jpg

    Both costumes look pretty much the same. Take the sleeves for example.

    Battle of Crait vs Battle of New Alderaan:

    The Battle Of Crait.jpg Battle Of New Alderaan.jpg The Battle Of Crait Luke.png Battle Of New Alderaan Luke.jpg

    Maz vs Vima Da Boda:

    Maz.gif Vima Da Boda.jpg

    Two old and wise beings, handing out the hero a lightsaber.

    The Supremacy vs The Eclipse:

    Supremacy.png Eclipse.jpg

    Both get destroyed in a unique way.

    Similar Storybeats:

    1) Snoke seduced Ben from the start (even before he was born). In Dark Empire the same happens with Leia and her unborn child:

    Leia and Snoke.jpg Leia and Palpatine.jpg
    (Palpatine is talking to Leia)

    2) Lukes uses Force Projection to talk with Leia:

    Luke FP.jpg Luke FP_DE.jpg

    3) In both the DE and in TLJ, we have Luke encountering the Dark Side within himself. Him getting overwhelmed and shaken by it, and then finally having his family have to face the repercussions.

    4) In the DE a Skywalker takes the place of Vader. Luke falls to the Dark Side before eventually being redeemed. He’s manipulated by Sidious. Likewise Kylo Ren is manipulated by Snoke to take Vader’s place.

    So what does that mean for The Rise Of Skywalker? Well…

    Dark Empire focused on the resurrection of Emperor Palpatine. This story brings back the Emperor to life and tempts Luke Skywalker to turn evil in the process.

    My guess is that Kylo Ren will also be tempted by Palpatine and just like Luke before him, Kylo will serve Palpatine until eventually he‘s redeeming himself.

    Luke and the Emperor.jpg
    DE Luke is quite similar to Kylo Ren. The twist in Dark Empire- Luke believes, the only way to truly understand his father‘s legacy, is to turn to the Dark Side and serve Palpatine.

    Luke is initially confident about his plan, but then gets lost in it. This leads to him getting busted by Imperial Officers who know he’s lying.

    Maybe this plot point is important for TROS too.

    Kylo Ren knows he can’t beat Palpatine. So the only way to defeat him is to serve him. But as DE Luke Kylo will lose himself in the process. Furthermore Hux probably knows that Kylo was lying about Snoke’s death.

    Hux and Kylo.jpg

    Kylo Ren thinks the only way to fix the universe is to work from the inside of the Dark Side. Very similar to Luke in Dark Empire but it also means, that there’s no way Kylo Ren will be content about the return of Palpatine.

    Kylo and the Emperor.jpg
    The only way Luke can be pulled away from the grip of the Emperor is with help from outside, which, in the climax of Dark Empire comes in the form of a fully-realized Jedi Knight version of Leia Organa.

    => enter Rey for Kylo’s redemption arc

    „Good. Good. Now kill this scavenger and become the man you always wanted to be. My apprentice. My new and better Vader!“ – Palpatine

    „Never. I will never be your apprentice. You failed your highness. I’m a Skywalker like my grandfather before me.“ – Ben Solo

    „So be it, Skywalker.“ – Palpatine


    *OP created by @RockyRoadHux and @NinjaRen


    The YouTuber "EckhartsLadder" made a video for this topic quite recently:

    #1 NinjaRen, Aug 7, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
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  2. Too Gon Onbourbon

    Too Gon Onbourbon Rebelscum

    Feb 4, 2018
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    +564 / 7 / -5
    I think they pick and choose what they will and on occasion just go down similar paths independently as well.

    Just because that is my opinion in no means your point of view isn't plausible though. You make a solid case.
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  3. NinjaRen

    NinjaRen Supreme Leader

    Nov 23, 2015
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    +98,709 / 143 / -27
    You're definitely right about that. They pick and choose from various sources, but "Dark Empire" is their main source. This isn't meant to be hate towards the ST. Every story has inspirations, but they should honor the source material by making it public. It almost feels like Disney is doing the same as they did with "The Lion King" and "Kimba".
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  4. Messi

    Messi Force Sensitive

    Jul 14, 2015
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    +7,373 / 178 / -24
    They probably used the Dark Empire comics as the main influence for this sequel trilogy. It was a comic that I loved in the 90's. I don't know if they used the Dark Empire II as influence too, I never read it.
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