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The Top Ten Rebels Stories

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Rebels' started by Lord Denton, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Lord Denton

    Lord Denton Rebel Commander

    Dec 17, 2015
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    Months ago I wrote up a top ten list of what I personally believed to be the best story arcs of The Clone Wars series (Link: https://thecantina.starwarsnewsnet.com/index.php?threads/the-top-10-clone-wars-stories.11295/ )
    and with Season 3 now finished and Season 4 getting closer, I figured I'd get around to doing my personal top ten of Rebels so far.

    I should point out, while I do like Rebels as a show, I think it's added some really cool stuff to the mythos, I do wholeheartedly believe it to be an inferior show to The Clone Wars.
    I personally feel The Clone Wars dealt with very complex issues in a mature way, that I think Rebels tends to avoid for the most part, and the characters are not written quite as consistently.

    If one disagrees with my rankings, feel free to post your own in the comments and we shall discuss.

    #10- Hera's Heroes- Season 3

    Featuring the return of the revolutionary legend, Cham Syndulla, we get to see a more personal side of Hera in a mission not directly tied to the larger rebellion. This episode also features the first proper example of ow intelligent, calculating and frightening an adversary Grand Admiral Thrawn can be.
    This one works more on a character level for me than being a significant piece of the larger plot.


    #9- Twin Suns- Season 3

    I admittedly have very mixed thoughts on this episode. In some respects, it has some of the most poignant moments and dialogue, and on the other hand, there are elements that infuriate me.
    I do not think Ezra should have been anywhere near Tatooine or have been involved in this, this was Maul and Obi-Wan's story and I feel it should have reflected this more, rather than focusing on Ezra constantly and forcing him into a situation he shouldn't have been.
    However, all that aside, what works in the episode really works. Having been set up in the previous episodes The Holocrons of Fate & Visions and Voices, seeing Maul and Kenobi face off once more is wonderful and respectfully done, bearing homage to the works of Akira Kurosawa and having a fundamental understanding of these two great warriors. And I'd be lying if I said the final scene doesn't stir the heartstrings.


    #8- Rise of the Old Masters- Series 1

    The fourth episode of the first season, which was much more standalone and lighthearted than the following seasons, introduced us to an excellent villain in the form of Jason Isaacs' Grand Inquisitor, as well as nicely showing the evolving bond between a master and apprentice, and adding to the larger mythos of the saga by adding context and interpretation to the classic "Do or do not, there is no try".


    #7- The Honourable Ones- Season 2

    An excellent bottle episode focused on character development. Taking the shallow character of Kallus and evolving him into a much more complex adversary, we see that perhaps things are not so black-and-white, and even enemies can have more in common than allies.
    It's got some tension, conversations on morality and choice, it's a great smaller episode.


    #6- Path of the Jedi- Season 1

    A fantastically mythic episode as we see Ezra descend through the ruins of an ancient Jedi temple after his first flirtation with the Dark Side, as he learns what it takes to become a Jedi and discovers if he has what it takes.


    #5- Trials of the Darksaber/Legacy of Mandalore- Season 3

    In my opinion the best of Season 3, we get to see a different side to Jedi training as we see Kanan teach Sabine, a non-Force user in the ways of balance and combat.
    This is heavy on the Kurosawa, old Samurai film feel, as we see Sabine's Mandalorian nature clash with that of the traditional Jedi, and her own tragic history unfold. We also get fascinating new canon information on the shared history of the Jedi and Mandalorians in a new style of animation.


    #4- Call to Action/Rebel Resolve/Fire Across the Galaxy

    As I said previously, Season 1 felt much more lighthearted and standalone, but this was the arc that changed it all and introduced us to the beginnings of the larger Rebellion.
    Raising the stakes from a ragtag group protecting Lothal, fulfilling Kanan's season long character arc, and bringing in some classic and beloved Star Wars characters, this three parter has it all- action, loyalty, suspense and depth.


    #3- Shroud of Darkness- Season 2

    Acting as a kind of sequel to Season 1's Path of the Jedi, we see Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka return to the Lothal Jedi temple to each face their fears and find answers to their personal journeys. For Kanan, he finds acceptance; for Ezra, darkness; and for Ahsoka, only heartbreak.
    An excellent standalone episode that propels our characters forward whilst also nicely setting up the finale.


    #2- The Siege of Lothal- Season 2

    Easily still the best season opener the show has done, we continue on right after the excellent Fire Across the Galaxy with our heroes realising that there are much darker threats out there that they have earned the attention of.
    A great thing about the new Star Wars canon has been the consistency of Darth Vader's character, as we've seen in the comics, Rogue One, Lords of the Sith, etc, and that is definitely on full show here.
    When Vader enters the scene, you don't stand a chance- and he makes sure you know it.


    #1- Twilight of the Apprentice- Season 2

    I could be pedantic and nitpick about the little things about this- the flying lightsabers are DUMB; they introduce the Eighth Brother rather pointlessly; the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother ultimately had little to no relevance season long with their end in this; and one could argue the ending is perhaps a bit of a cop out.
    Yet even with all that, this is easily the best the show has yet achieved.
    It has an epic, atmospheric tone to it throughout; It reintroduces us to a fan favourite character; Completely changes the status quo going forward; And of course features the moment that all of us Clone Wars fans were waiting for, a confrontation up there with some of the most emotional battles of the saga.

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