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The Wild November/December We've Had (speculation)

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' started by cawatrooper, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. cawatrooper

    cawatrooper Dungeon Master

    Nov 14, 2016
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    It's been a good past few months to be a Star Wars fan, even if not every piece of media we've gotten has been your cup of tea.

    Think of some of the wild lore revelations we've gotten over the past several weeks:

    - A ancient order of proto-Jedi known as the Zeffo once spread their culture through the galaxy.

    - Mandalore the Ultimate was cemented in canon, as was his war with the Jedi

    - The Darksaber is back, taken by the Empire

    - Tons of lore on the sith, including a new explanation for the Rule of Two

    Now, I've been burned making speculations these last few years by trying to find any meaning in the books or comics. Honestly, as much as I enjoy them as their own medium, it seems like they exist more to test the waters of ideas at best. Most of the time, their connections don't even significantly happen at all.

    But lately, it seems like Star Wars is starting to get more connected. The Mandalorian showcased Force Healing a literal day before The Rise of Skywalker did it in a big way, for instance.

    So... could the above items be actually meaningful?

    I know "the next trilogy is KOTOR" is a tired theory, but there's so much here to support it, the obvious as well as the fact that it feels like we're really delving into sith lore now (which has never gotten close to this level of attention in the films, outside of the opera scene).

    Even the Zeffo seem like they could be a potential replacement for the more problematic Rakata, though I think it's also quite possible they'd be saved specifically for the next Fallen Order game.

    Regardless, I think now is perhaps the most exciting time to be a Star Wars fan since late 2015-2017's period of rapid speculation. Finally, the galaxy feels mysterious and exciting again!
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