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Updated: Star Wars Authors Talk About Their New Projects at New York Comic Con Lucasfilm Publishing Panel

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, Oct 9, 2020.

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    New York Comic Con is into its second day and after yesterday's High Republic panel, today we're getting a glimpse into other Star Wars titles with the Lucasfilm Publishing Panel.

    This Week In Star Wars host Kristin Baver moderated the panel featuring writers Daniel José Older, Preetei Chhibber, Phil Szostak, Katie Cook, Zoraida Cordova, and Amy Ratcliffe as they talked about all their newest projects.

    You can check out the panel below:


    Highlights from the panel:

    From A Certain Point Of View: The Empire Strikes Back
    • Daniel Jose Older - Zuckuss and 4-LOM.  Older loved that Zuckuss refers to himself in the third person. The story takes place in a diner that appeared in Last Shot with some of Older’s original characters from the novel as well.
    • Zoraida Cordova -  Boba fett. Cordova loves masked characters and wrote this story for everybody of all ages and dove into how his thought process works.
    • Katie Cook - Dragonsnake on Dagobah that tries to eat R2.  Cook got to choose who she wrote her story on and is doing a comic about how his day has been ruined by an x-wing landing on him.

    Art Books
    • Aside from art Phil Szostak wanted The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season One) to show Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni's journey to making the show.
    • Amy Ratcliffe is writing The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and was able to interview Walt Disney imagineers about the process of designing Batuu and bringing it to life.

    All Ages Books
    • Ratcliffe also writing Star Wars: The Jedi Mind: Secrets from the Force for Balance and Peace,  a mindfulness book due out in November. The book contains quotes, pictures and exercises to help people stay mindful in the moment; whether through meditation, mindful walks or breathing exercises.
    • Cook is writing and illustrating Star Wars: Galactic Storybook. Aimed at younger readers the book covers major events from the whole Skywalker saga in a way for kids to be introduced to Star Wars.
    • She's also working on The Star Wars Book of Monsters Ooze and Slime, a DK fully illustrated guide to the most disgusting things in Star Wars (Rancor Spit and how Jabba Bathes)
    • Preeti Chhibber is writing A Jedi you will be, a stylized picture book about Yoda training Luke on Dagobah.

    IDW Comic Books

    Older  gave us a run down of Padawans in his upcoming comic book The High Republic Adventures.

    The Padawans:
    • Lula Talisola - Wants to be the greatest Jedi in the world - an A+ student
    • Farzala - Like a mischievous older brother or cat
    • Qort - The friend you have that you have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time. A lot of  people don’t speak his language. He wears a skull over his head so no one actually knows what he looks like but he's a good friend and always has their backs.
    • Cham Cham - a Cru. Older describes him as like a chihuahua that will try to fight things way bigger than itself. Zeen's pet.
    IDW bringing Shadow of Vader's Castle - showcasing terrifying tales written by Cavan Scott.

    Beware Vader's Castle - a collection of the first 2 Vader's Castle  mini-series and the Free Comic Book Day issue

    Finally, The Star Wars Archives Episode I-III from Paul Duncan will be arriving this November with loads of archive content and Duncan even sits down with George Lucas himself.

    It's always exciting to hear from the authors themselves about the creative process and get all this great upcoming news about what books to expect for the rest of the year for Star Wars fans of all ages.

    Click HERE to check out and comment on this topic on our main site
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