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Vader-Maul: Endor/Luke

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Abishai100, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Darth Vader and Darth Maul are very symbolic foils in the Sith-Jedi evolution/conflict and extremely fascinating to me, so I wrote up this short engagement Fan-Fic about a premonition meeting. Enjoy!


    VADER: Our Lord Sidious needs our help.
    MAUL: I go my own way, but I serve him as you do.
    VADER: My son Luke will seek a redemption scheme.
    MAUL: Lord Sidious will be displeased.
    VADER: Our master has already advised me.
    MAUL: Then, let's hope you won't need my help, Vader.

    Vader looked at the stars outside his spaceship as Maul walked out. Darth Sidious was sure that Luke Skywalker was on his way to Endor to send a signal to the Death Star to lure Vader there in the hope to have him return to the Jedi, and Vader had taken Sidious' advice to 'entreat' Luke's signal and go to Endor to face his son and hopefully lure him to the Sith. However, Maul had plans of his own.

    Vader landed on forest-heavy Endor with his men and prepared a campsite from which they would perform a search for young Luke Skywalker who sent the Death Star the signal which helped Vader track his son to the forest-rich planet. Vader sensed that his master Sidious was correct that Luke would try to draw Vader back to the Jedi, but Sidious and Maul were planning an impressive invasion of a Jedi stronghold on a distant planet called Roarke, and Vader did not want to miss the action.

    Vader roamed around the forests of Endor, sometimes with his men searching for Luke and sometimes on his own simply brooding about his plan-of-action on Planet Roarke. He had his light-sabre with him, but it was dark, so he used his Force and Sith instincts to guide him through the woods. His men were some distance away when Vader heard something by a lake near a clearing in the woods. It was Darth Maul! Vader realized Maul was sent by Sidious to inspect on Vader's progress.

    Vader approached Maul and asked him why Sidious had sent him to spy on the Luke-Endor mission. Maul replied with a wry grin that Sidious was unsure about Vader's loyalties and worried that the young brave Luke Skywalker just might be able to lure him back towards a Jedi base. Vader, feeling enraged, turned on his light-sabre, and Maul did the same. Vader's single-blade red sabre was impressive, but he would need to draw on his great fighting skills to handle Maul's double-ended red spear-sabre.

    Vader fought Maul for a good thirty minutes; Maul grew weary and asked Vader to engage him in a rational debate before pursuing what felt like an endless fight. Vader agreed but told Maul that if he won the debate, Maul must leave Endor and leave Vader to his plans. Vader told Maul that he intended to return to the Jedi with Luke and that he should tell Sidious that the Jedi would find a way to challenge their power. Vader then suggested to Maul that he find ways to seek safety, because the Jedi would be much stronger with Vader's assistance.

    VADER: Tell Sidious I am no longer his slave!
    MAUL: So, Vader, you return to the Jedi as Luke's father!
    VADER: As Anakin, I will help the Jedi quell the Sith.
    MAUL: Nothing is forever; not even sanity.
    VADER: My son's courage has given me pause.
    MAUL: You will return to the Sith or die helping the Jedi.
    VADER: We may meet again, Maul, and for one last time I wager.
    MAUL: My sabre will be ready for you, fickle Sith servant!
    VADER: Luke will take me back to the Jedi.
    MAUL: I will leave Endor; but you will lose!



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  2. Grand Master Galen Marek

    Jan 8, 2015
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    This is a great one.

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