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valkorian respect thread

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Books & Comics + Legends' started by crossed, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Oct 26, 2018
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    there are many respect threads out there for sidious but there are few for the mighty valkorian so i made one
    https://comicvine.gamespot.com/prof...-palpatinedarth-sidious-respect-thread/63101/ if any of the

    valkorian shook yavin in a huge earthquake while causing lightning storms and a huge death star sized beam thats purple coming out of his temple inflicting huge casualty on the sith empire. with revan shouting impossible the ritual has not even begun

    according to darth marr this earthquake caused huge casualty for the empire

    valkorian destroyed an entire fleet of ships with only his lightning valkorian trying to get good with the outlander offers the outlander his powers if the outlander accepts he destroys the fleet of ships by the spire and shoots arcann off a cliff later arcann informs vaylin that his power has weakened it is unknown why though. darth rivan and darth sidous could force storm fleets of ships and the dread master destroyed entire fleets with the power of fear

    he can clone himself

    actually its a double ganger according to vitiate wiki he can create duplicates of himself in order to attack his enemy


    he can teloport
    valkorian can telloport this should be no suprise since kreia satele shan revan and darth jadus 2 dread masters and his first son which is imbued with part of his being can all telloport

    he has his time freeze and the outlander can slow down the passage of time with his level up ability slow time. he did not use this at the beginning of kotfe because he let himself die and arranged his own death. i believe he is slowing down time to the point were everything appears to have stopped only limitations are vaylin overpowered it and he specifically says when he first uses it that time has not stopped time


    valkorian was only beaten because he was kneeled before the dragon of zakule he alos let himself die at the begining of kotfe devs confirm it

    dev confirmed he let himself die at arcann or outlanders hands
    he rendered lord scourge immortal but immortality has his cost and those cost were to great for him to make himself immortal

    here the scene were scourge become immortal in the book revan

    vitiate/valkorian put an invisible barrier around revans prsion that prevents force ghost from entering that area. he also imprioned and torchered revan for 300 hundred years

    valkorian mocks people who use lightsabers so he does not use them but if he were to face someone in lightsaber combat he would most likely do this. how could a lightsaber opponent possibly survive this. in this scene he is killing scores of zakulian sithlords

    valkorian created an illusion world. of this new world instead of stars in the sky he has destroyed ships and eternal fleet ships in the sky. he also created illusion versions of his old companions and try to get the outlander to give up hope on them

    in the illusion world valkorian created illusions of satele shan darth marr the first son darth jadus etc depending on what class your playing

    while the outlander was trapped in carbonight valkorian appear to him in a dream. in that dream valkorian has created an entire illusion world. while there in the illusion world his daughter vaylin is able to see them and she stabbs him. and he is back in the carbonight. so they were spiritually there

    valkorian has had people try to throw him into stars

    valkorian i have always loved the stars

    the outlander: next time we fight maybe i should drop you into one

    valkorian: you wouldn't be the first to try but you could be the first to succeed

    valkorian has the will of stars

    vitiate jedi beleive valkorians iron will is keeping the sith empire from collapseing valkorian says he has the will of stars.

    Many Jedi speculate that it is only Emperor's iron will that prevents the Sith Order from collapsing into chaos as it has so often done in the past From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    darth sidious famed force storm ability was created a time travling revan fanboy named darth rivan. he created the ability 1300 bby. he also used the ability to time travel he time travled 300 years into the future to darth banes era but was cut off from the force via the darkstaff and was easily slain by his apprentice who followed him through time he could not come back as a force ghost because he time traveled right before bane started the though bomb and all the souls on the planet were trapped in a sphere and the planet was engulfed in fire

    darth revan created the thought bomb planet destroying ritual from a small piece of valkorian planet consiming nathema ritual

    Once known as Medriaas, Nathema was an agriworld of the Sith Empire at the time when the Sith also controlled the Chorlian sector. An ancient Dark Lord of the Sith named Darth Vitiate destroyed all life on Nathema with a ritual designed to grant him immortality. A transcription of the ritual was recorded by Darth Revan and served as the inspiration for Lord Kaan's thought bomb on Ruusan.

    Source: Star Wars Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

    > Rather than admit defeat, Kaan released the thought bomb. The wave of dark energy sucked dry almost all of the Force-users on Ruusan, desiccating and destroying their bodies, absorbing their souls into a huge black egg-like construct.

    Source: The Official Star Wars Fact File #129

    > Eight thousand Sith Lords gathered on Medriaas and agreed to partake in a ritual that would bind the Sith together as an ultimate dark side weapon. The ritual lasted ten days. Lord Vitiate orchestrated the sorcery and the planet Mediraas was consumed by the largest dark side nexus the galaxy would ever see. When the ritual ended, Lord Vitiate emerged as the only survivor. The pain, energy, and suffering of every living entity on the planet fueled his power and would prolong his life for centuries. The lifeless planet of Mediraas became a void in the Force and was erased from history. From that moment forward, the world would forever be known as Nathema, birthplace of the one and only Sith Emperor.

    Source: Star Wars The Old Republic Encyclopedia

    like 20 different other dark lords valkorian is stated to be the most powerful force user to ever exist

    The Sith Emperor, history's most powerful dark side master, performed a ritual of incredible scope to consume the life energy of every being on his homeworld.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    valkorian has lived for more than 1300 years before he was kneeled before the dragon of zakule

    Emperor has lived more than 1,300 years

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Holonet)

    valkorian killed 12 dark councle members and lokess the one who started the revolt his screams were said to still be heard long after death. the screams after death feat has only been replicated by revan who destroyed all life on the malacore 5. but there screams of everyone who had died could still be heard inside the exile and the canyon of malacore. the canyons were dubbed the screaming canyon of malacore 5 and the planet darth nillus ate also there screams could be heard years after they have died visa mar communicates with them to make peace or bath in her suffering

    During a violent tempest, Darth Lokess called a secret meeting of her eleven fellow Dark Council members. Under the cover of night, the Dark Council met and heard Darth Lokess describe a brilliant and daring plan to overthrow the Sith Emperor, end his relentless exile, and lead the Empire back to war against the Republic. An army of Sith under the command of Darth Lokess were stationed outside the meeting, ready to slay any Dark Council member who refused. But they all agreed to depose the Emperor.

    It remains a mystery how the Emperor learned of his council's treachery. He allowed their plan to play out, but when they gathered to confront the Emperor, his punishment was swift and devastating. Eleven members of the Dark Council died in a sudden flash on the steps of the Citadel. The last member Darth Lokess, disappeared forever, though for some centuries some claimed her screams could be heard from the bowels of the Citadel.

    A new council was immediately appointed to replace the traitors. The Emperor had made his point: his will was absolute, and none would oppose him. And though this was not the last time the council would defy the Emperor, his lesson would humble the Empire and its Sith leaders for centuries to come.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    viss marr commuicating with the people of her dead planet

    the exile being able to hear the scream of people who died at malacore within her

    sion talking about the screaming canyons of malacore

    he instant killed 9 other dark councle member

    "It wasn't just Nyriss who was attacked. The Emperor killed them all."

    "The files you showed me listed five current members of the Dark Council plotting against him,"

    Meetra said, looking to clarify. "Are you saying the Emperor's Guard wiped out all five in the space of a single day?"

    "I said he killed them all," Scourge replied. Revan asked. "He attacked a dozen of the most powerful Sith Lords in their seats of power simultaneously? How many troops does he have?"

    "All twelve members of the Dark Council—even those who weren't part of the conspiracy. He wanted to send a message no one would ever forget."

    "How is that possible?"

    "The Imperial Guard were only unleashed on Nyriss and two others. The Emperor must have assumed they were the ones least likely to answer his summons. The other nine were called together in the hours before the attack to meet with the Emperor at his citadel. None of them left alive."

    From (Lord Scourge, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

    he defeated a strike team of 5 jedi includeing the outlander

    vitiate obliterates a strike team of jedi while sidious is a bleech and got a face full of lightning when his strike team tryed to arrest him vitiate just one shots them all and turn hem all to the darkside

    valkorian defeated revan and malak with little difficulty and is sayed to be almost godlike avatar of the darkside. 300 years later he claims to be a god

    Over 300 years ago, the great Jedi heroes Revan and Malak stumbled upon long-hidden Sith Empire's capital of Dromund Kaas, and its ruler - a mysterious, almost godlike avatar of the dark side. They argued briefly over whether to alert the Republic and Jedi Council, but Revan was already too consumed by arrogance and anger to consider the possibility of defeat. By the time Revan and Malak approached the Emperor in his throne room, they were already at the precipice of the dark side. It took only a fraction of the Emperor's loathsome power to complete their fall. The Jedi succumbed utterly to the Sith leader's domination and returned to the Republic to spark a new conflict: the Jedi Civil War.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    vitiate defeated a strike team consisting of revan the exile and the immortal scourge

    Scourge had eagerly accepted, knowing his new position would give him both time and opportunity to find another way to stop Emperor Vitiate before his madness and hunger consumed the galaxy.

    "Open yourself to the dark side," the Emperor said, and Scourge felt the air around him begin to swirl with power.

    Betraying his allies had not altered the inevitable outcome; the Emperor would have won regardless. At least this way Scourge was still alive to carry on their cause.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

    Revan lay motionless on the floor of the Citadel’s throne room. Meetra and Scourge lay beside him, their bodies twisted and broken, clinging

    to the last moments of life.

    The Emperor approached the trio, regarding them with a cold and casual contempt as he loomed above his fallen adversaries. Scourge tried

    to stand and flee, but his crippled limbs wouldn’t support his weight. All he could do was crawl on his belly like a worm.

    His efforts drew the attention of the Emperor, who didn’t speak but came over and lowered himself to one knee. He grabbed Scourge by the

    shoulder and rolled him over so he was staring up into the twin voids of the Emperor’s eyes.

    As he reached out a hand and placed it on Scourge’s forehead, the Sith began to scream.

    From (Lord Scourge's vision, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

    The legendary Jedi Revan and Malak confront the Sith Emperor in his throne room on Dromund Kaas. In mere moments, the Jedi lay defeated and consumed by the dark side of the Force.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)


    Realizing this Empire was the true threat to the Republic, Revan and Malak faced the Sith Emperor himself, intending to cut off the serpent's head--but the Emperor was too powerful. Overwhelmed by the Emperor's dark presence, they pledged themselves to his service.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Codex Entry titled "Galactic History 74: Revan and Malak Fall.")

    revan is no wimp he slaughtered an entire academy of sithlords which included hundreds of apprentices

    You have to fight through the entire Sith Academy, starting with the Sith apprentices in the valley.

    Source: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

    Nearly three thousand years had passed between the time the Sith had been driven from Korriban by Revan, and the day Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness officially reclaimed this world for the order.

    Source: Star Wars Darth Bane - Path of Destruction

    "I was there when the Academy on Korriban fell, and the Sith turned on one another, like beasts. Our chance at an empire destroyed by Revan."

    Source: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords

    > The Sith Training Academy was located on the outskirts of Dreshdae, close to the Valley of the Dark Lords. It was a place where Sith were trained in a similar manner as the Jedi, with hundreds of students receiving instruction from Sith Masters.

    Source: Star Wars Jedi Academy Training Manual

    revan repeated this feat on the starforge

    "Revan was always strong in the Force. Very well - sound out all available troops. The apprentices, as well."

    "Do you - do you think they can stop Revan, Lord Malak?"

    "Of course not! But they will slow Revan down. That will give me the time I need to fully prepare the Star Forge's defenses."

    Source: Darth Malak and Dark Jedi Master, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

    Darth Malak requests a progress report from his retainer. He then learns that his former master is among the strike teams currently invading the Star Forge, and he’s about to arrange a surprise for Darth Revan. For now though, he orders all his apprentices into battle against you!

    The next hour is spent frantically blasting, swiping, and crushing countless Dark Jedi and Sith heavy weapons and elite troopers on your way through the decks of the space station. Continue down your chosen path, down the ramp heading south and open the large door. Attack the troops inside, move to the second door, and open it. Take down another series of troops on your way to the southern walkway. Here you encounter a large number of Dark Jedi crowding this thin, lit walkway. Wade into the fray and execute a number of techniques of your choosing, cutting a swath through the assembled troops until all have fallen.

    Once on Deck 2, take another slog through countless groups of Sith troopers and Dark Jedi. Continue with the melee fighting as you round a corner, and fight to a lower ramp and the rejoining of the two exterior corridors into a pathway leading directly south. Slash and blast through more foes, open another huge blast door, and repel yet more of Malak’s troops before entering the tunnel and emerging into a gigantic central chamber. Dozens of cruisers are ascending through the immense central ducts - an entire fighting formation of Sith fighters and troop transports is taking off from this area. However, you should be more concerned with the heavy Sith guard in the vicinity. Stay at the entrance until all of them have been dispatched, and then make a left turn, heading directly east. When the turrets have been disarmed, you need to worry about only the humanoid foes. Run along the western part of the deck until you reach an identical entrance. This leads to an elevator that takes you directly to the command deck.

    The command deck looks very much like the previous decks you’ve battled through. Start by fighting to the large main walkway, and continue down it to the first doorway. Enter it, heading east, open another doorway, then follow the ramp northward and up, then east to another door. During this time, Sith apprentices, Dark Jedi, and the finest Sith shock troops are waiting to demolish your party.

    Source: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

    these dark jedi were not fodder either

    > The many wars of this era compel large numbers of Jedi to become experts in lightsaber and Force-related combat. Some become masters on the battlefield; others highly skilled duelists, able to battle dark Jedi and Sith in single combat.

    Source: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

    vitiate/valkorian consumed 2 planets and the souls of 8000 sithlords to increase his force sensitivity

    valkorian gradually dominated the free wills of everyone on ziost then consumed all life on the planet
    theron and lana and the outlander later arrived to try to stop him but fail.

    As the Sith Emperor gradually dominates the free will of everyone on Ziost, both Lana Beniko, Minister of the newly formed Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic, are trying to stop the chaos.

    Taken from (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Emperor)

    when he was a kid he zildroged his homeworld then consumed all life on the planet and the souls of 8000 sithlords and this gave him strength in the force that was like anakin times a trillion

    Lord Vitiate takes command of the Sith Empire, now in shambles following the Great Hyperspace War. He executes the Sith Council and consumes the life force of thousands of Sith Lords in a terrifying ritual that extends his life and vastly increases his capacity as a practitioner of the Force. Lord Vitiate declares himself Emperor of the Sith. Under his sovereign rule, the Empire retreats into deep space to rebuild its strength and prepare for vengeance.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    he probably has a zildrog boost especially since he was part of the nathema ritual to khem did not know how to control zildrog that's why he only lent him power that would not be the case for valkrian since he has had him in his vault for over 1000 years and used him in his planetay ritual were he consumed the life force of an entire planet to strengthen his connection to th force

    valkorian strengthen the outlanders bond to the force according to satele shan

    valkorian killed his parents at age 6

    Tenebrae manifested his incredible Force powers at the age of six. His dark gift marked Tenebrae for a place of power in the Empire - but it also revealed his mother's betrayal. She tearfully confessed to her husband that Tenebrae was born from her infidelity with the Sith ruler of their homeworld. Enraged by this betrayal, Tenebrae's father attacked his unfaithful wife. Awash in his father's fury, Tenebrae awakened the full extent of his power. Tenebrae took his parents' lives as he honed his talent with the dark side of the Force.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Encyclopedia)

    valkorian created a wall of force lightning

    valkorian blew wind in the outlanders face

    valkorian swept scourge in air that was mixed with power

    Scourge had eagerly accepted, knowing his new position would give him both time and opportunity to find another way to stop Emperor Vitiate before his madness and hunger consumed the galaxy.

    "Open yourself to the dark side," the Emperor said, and Scourge felt the air around him begin to swirl with power.

    Betraying his allies had not altered the inevitable outcome; the Emperor would have won regardless. At least this way Scourge was still alive to carry on their cause.

    From (Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan)

    valkorian wife has become very strong from the man beating she endured and so has her daughtur who has inherited 2 planets and the souls of 8000 sithlords worth of power

    his daughter force choked an entire star destroyer worth of zakulan sithlords

    his wife took on a dozen zakulian sithlords and shows off a weird blue force powers

    vaylin has battle meditation were she only has to be angry and does not need to concentrate she probly doesent even know she has it
    its basicly 24/7

    the more the zakulian sithlords honor valkorian or arcanns wishes the stronger they become in the force

    he split revan into 2 entitys. this is a reference to how hitler and satanist brainwash people. you give the person a personality disorder by dong weird stuff then program it to do what you want. so the person thinks they are normal but they say a trigger weird or something and they go to the different identity

    he created a second personality and imbeded it inside the mind of seo bakar and his children and this two has the personality brainwash satan/hitler thing but this time it was successful. alos part of the emporer lives inside them

    "You don't know who the First Son is. I'll share a little secret. Neither does he. You see, Jedi, some Children never know their true nature. They sleepwalk through life, until the Emperor wakes them."
    Sophia Farash[src]
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