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What's Your Favorite 'Head-Canon' ?

Discussion in 'General Movie Discussion' started by Ruralfarmboy, May 16, 2018.

  1. LadyMusashi

    LadyMusashi Archwizard Woo-Woo-in-Chief
    Staff Member

    May 12, 2015
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    That's the nature of the tyranny. The 'failure of the Empire' is that it was Empire in the first place. You can paint the turd in gold, it remains the turd. FO can try to make a better turd but... like I said.
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  2. OrangeTwist

    OrangeTwist Clone

    Feb 15, 2018
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    Amilyn Holdo (at least her teenage version seen in Claudia Gray's "Leia, Princess of Alderaan"), while dying her hair bright colors and wearing vibrant caftans, generally puts on simple open-toed sandals like those worn by hippies or monks (something that would probably be worn on Gatalenta). Like Tahiri Veila lite ;)
    #42 OrangeTwist, Aug 7, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
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  3. Lord of the Rens

    Lord of the Rens Jedi General

    Oct 1, 2015
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    After relocating his battalion of clone troopers from Boz Pity to Kashyyyk, Master Vos survived Order 66 and lived long enough to have a little run-in with a certain nerfherder. Oh, wait....
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  4. eeprom

    eeprom Force Sensitive

    Jan 4, 2016
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    Cool thread. Here’s a few of my own indulgent little nonsense brain squirts.

    • I imagine the galaxy as a sort of super organism (or holobiont). One that persists based off the symbiotic relationship between ‘life’ and the ‘force’. The ‘health’ of this organism is dependent on that relationship and it’s susceptible to disease. Fear, pain, hatred, misery; those are symptoms of the disease. The Jedi exist (existed) as antibodies in that structure, part of the organism’s immune system. Their function is/was to find the root of those symptoms and remove it. To maintain that ‘balance’ and prevent the disease from spreading.

    • The Force is created by life. So the state of life, be it flourishing or in anguish, colors the Force light or dark. The Force, in turn, influences life in directions of either hope or despair depending on which is dominate. The greater the fear, pain, hatred, misery, etc. within the galaxy, the greater the prevalence of the darkside in the galaxy.

    • Force acuity is dependent on mentality and not biology. Reaching out and interacting with the Force is the product of a state of mind that few people have the discipline to attain. Like playing music, everyone has the potential, but only scarce numbers can truly take to it. Some have an intrinsic talent for it, but an individual’s personal progress is only limited by themselves and not genetics.

    • R2 is the narrator relaying all the details of this saga to us.

    • Anakin was subconsciously mind tricking Padme into loving him. Not deliberately, but his selfish obsessive feelings were influencing her better judgement. Icky? Yes, yes it is.

    • Palpatine built his second Deathstar as a giant middle finger to the Rebel Alliance. To show them that they’d never truly accomplished anything. Whatever they destroyed, he could just build back up again like it never even happened. He needed to show them how powerful he and is Empire were and how insignificant they were.

    • The darkside, as a tradeoff for its immediate enhancement, deteriorates your body. Like abusing steroids. The quicker, easier path to strength has an equivalent toll. That’s why Palpatine looks so fugly. He’s literally rotting away. That’s why Vader could never fully recover from his injuries. He’s falling apart faster than he can heal.

    • Maz, while assisting Lando with labor disputes after reclaiming Cloud City, is called to Luke’s lightsaber where she has a vision of her own. One that tells her she needs to hold onto it until someone worthy comes to claim it.

    • Luke and Leia are the balance that Anakin was prophesized to bring. One representing the physical, Leia, returning the galaxy to a state of peace. One representing the spiritual, Luke, returning the galaxy to a state of faith.

    • Snoke was well aware of the plan to sneak off to Crait. He allowed the (otherwise pointless) chase to play out because he wanted them to believe they could get away. To cultivate their hopes, so he could then steal them away. Because that’s what villains do!
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  5. Gechoman44

    Gechoman44 Rebel Trooper

    Jan 8, 2018
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    I Don’t Really Have A Headcanon For Star Wars, I’m Worried I’ll Just Butterfly Effect The Series, So: 8D6D751A-86DC-4C81-A0DB-7BC4F27AE2FD.jpeg
    BUT, I Did Think Up My Entire Changed Version Of The Series, Most Of The Movies Didn’t Change That Much, But Here’s The Basic Rundown On What I Changed For Each One, If I Don’t Mention It, I Can’t Remember What I Changed:

    TPM: Added Pre-Cyborg General Grievous As An Antogonist Alongside Maul, I Also Pretty Much Removed All The Politics From The Movie And Replaced It With Lore And Battles, Plus I Added An End-Credit Scene That Shows Maul Surviving Getting Cut In Half So People Who Don’t Read Into The Lore Undetstand Why He Is In My Versions Of Solo And TLJ, I Also Added Jango Fett Because I Wish We Saw More Of Him, But I Feel It Was Nessassary For Him To Die In Ep II, And I Removed Nute Gunray

    AOTC: Pre-Cyborg General Grievous Appears Again, This Time, He Gets Horribly Injured, I Also Changed It To Where He Is Force Sensitive, And I Removed The Line: “And Not Just The Men, But The Women, And Children Too”. And I Removed Nute Gunray

    ROTS: Removed Nute Gunray, Showed More Of Order 66, Let Plo Koon Live And Fight Anakin With Obi-Wan, And Added An End Credits Scene Of Palpatine Cloning Grievous, Which Will Be Important Eventually

    ESB-Made Palpatine a Bigger threat and Had Vader Kill Him In This One, But Made Vader Become The New Emperor

    ROTJ-Replaced Palpatine’s Role With Vader And Had Luke Do What George Lucas Originally Wrote: “Now, I AM VADER”, But Leia Turns Him Back At The End Anyway

    TFA-Made The Resistance Set Up A Temporary Base On Takodana Instead Of Going To D’Qar, Kylo Ren Gets His Limbs Cut Off, His Face Gets Burnt By A Hole Made By Starkiller Base, Luke Ignites His Green Lightsaber At The End

    TLJ-OK, I Came Up With My Version Of The Last Jedi Before The Actual Movie Came Out, So My Version Is COMPLETELY Different, Basically: Luke Refuses To Train Rey Until The Force Ghosts Force Him To, Then All 4 Train Her, She Does Go To The Cave, But She Finds Darth Maul In There, Obi-Wan’s Ghost Kills Him, Kylo, The Nights Of Ren, And Boba Fett’s Daughter Attack Ach-To And Luke And Rey Retreat To Dagobah, Kylo Goes To Mustafar And Finds Snoke, It Is Revealed That He Is Palpatine, Who Somehow Survived Darth Vader’s Attempt On His Life, Kylo Then Completes His Training, The Resistance Then Goes To Coruscant To Try And Escape, But The First Order Is There And They Have A Huge Battle, Rey Saves Them At The End But Leia Dies In The Process

    Ep 9-It’s Pretty Much Just A Really Long Battle On The First Order’s Capital

    Let Me Know If You Want Me To Put Up My Versions Of Eps 10-13
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  6. crossed

    crossed Clone

    Oct 26, 2018
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    mine is my theory that valkorian can slow down time to the point were everything stops

    when valkorian first used the freeze ability he says time had not stopped mabey not stopped but mabey slowed to the point were nothing is moveing

    i beleive he can slow down time to the point were everything has been stopped you may ask why didn't he use this at the begining of kotfe that's because he let the outlander or arcann kill him devs confermed il plus one of the outlander level up abilitys is known as slow time

    vaylin was able to overpower it so is she shattering time

    valkorian is useing his freeze ability frozen lana at 9sec and frozen koth at 53
    #46 crossed, Oct 30, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  7. PrincessLeiaCB3

    PrincessLeiaCB3 The Princess that was Promised
    1030th Captain ** (Mod)

    Dec 3, 2015
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    Alright, alright, alright...

    Favourite head-canons?
    • Ahsoka met Leia during her Fulcrum times and always thought she reminded her of someone or at least two people she met before.
    • Ahsoka met Luke and Leia later on before going on her quest with Sabine to find Ezra. She also saw Chewie again.
    • Ben Solo didn't want to be trained in the ways of the Jedi. He wanted to be a pilot like his dad.
    • Rex met Luke and told him about his time in The Clone Wars fighting along General Skywalker.
    • When Shara Bey died, Leia wrote Kes and Poe a letter and Han flew to Yavin 4 to give it to Kes, taking little Ben with him. Ben and Poe met briefly.
    Many of this stuff has not been confirmed and might not end up being true but it would be fantastic if it were.
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  8. TheBBP

    TheBBP Jedi Commander

    Jul 7, 2015
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    That when Rey closed the hatch on her connection with Kylo at the end of TLJ, that it 100% destroyed all hope of anything romantic between them.
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