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Write your own Episode IX plot!

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' started by Darth Klaugott, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Finn is a Jedi

    Finn is a Jedi Rebel Official

    Dec 22, 2016
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    Don't know about the whole movie but here are some ideas:

    Movie opens with a massive funeral pyre for Leia. She dies shortly before the events of the film. We use this as the intro to all the returning heroes. It is here that we see how things have changed in the last 6 years (my preferable time jump). We see Rey, Finn and Maz all wearing more traditional looking Jedi Robes as well as other no-name padawans. We see Poe wearing as officer's uniform. Everything is quiet until we see Lando walk up in front of the pyre, tears in his eyes. He gives a big speech about Leia, the Rebellion and now the resistance. He says stuff about how he was ashamed that he didn't accept Leia's original offer to fight the First Order, saying he was tired of the fight and didn't have it in him. But hearing about Han, then Ackbar, and Luke (among the many other deaths) made him realize that everybody dies and that he'd rather die fighting for a cause. At this out he is basically Leia's #2 and is presumed to take over as the leader. He talks about the many that have died over the years and that he is one of the last of the original Rebellion, held look over at Chewie, Nien Nunb and Wedge (who has also since joined the fight). Lando ends his speech saying that he was a no good scoundrel but Leia showed him what he could be, an inspiration and a leader. He toasts Leia and whispers a "May the force be with you." This scene would show the Resistance leaders are basically now Lando, Wedge, Poe, and the other surviving members from TLJ.

    Later on. We'd see Finn with a padawan braid being knighted by Rey with Froce Ghost Luke looking on. Mirrored with a shot of Kylo Ren burning a black clad Knight Of Ren. This would show that both Rey and Kylo have built their respective orders. Finn's braid being cut being contrasted with a more sadistic scarring ritual of the Ren.

    I'd have a scene where Rey is unsure of what to do (Finn can be there as well) and goes into a dark chamber. We'd see a council of Force Ghosts. Luke, Obi Wan, Yoda, and Anakin all appear to advise.

    At this point the First Order has taken hold on a segment of the galaxy and is recognized as the government in those areas. A new officer in the First Order played by an Idris Elba type (someone with his presence) was the first Governor of the First Order and has effectively removed Hux from power and asserted himself.

    The Resistance is also officially recognized by a segment of the Galaxy as the true successor of the Republic. The key thing is that the Republic and First Oder don't control the entire galaxy, in fact there would be entire vast areas controlled by a new Crime Syndicate.

    Kylo Ren would have a main apprentice amongst his many who would serve as his "Vader" and would basically be the underboss for for Finn (but not just another 5 seconds of screen time Phasma).

    I really don't care about Rose and wouldn't care if she returned.

    Knights of Ren are stationed at Vader Castle on Mustafar.

    I would have to spend more time to fully concoct the plot but these were some of the ideas I had.
  2. Jase Windu

    Jase Windu Rebel Official

    Nov 3, 2015
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    Not a full plot but I did a lot of this in another thread that I have tweaked and added here.

    Episode IX I have already seen people assuming humongous time jumps 5 years, I've even seen 10 years suggested in one article. Both of these would be unprecedented for a saga film. I personally think 3-4 years (the actual real time jump between TFA and episode IX) is the most I believe they would ever do so I will operate on that assumption. But I could see 5 at the most.

    Episode IX could begin with the forces of the resistance coming together after being ( for their own safety) scattered across the galaxy fighting the FO on multiple fronts Gathering on Naboo (Prequel throwback!) for Princess Leias funeral.

    Rey has started her fledgling Jedi Academy (in a secret location hidden from the First Order and Kylo Ren who is hunting down Force sensitives for recruitment or execution if they don't join). Meanwhile the Resistance...I mean Rebellion..... is a rag tag guerilla force not yet rebuilt to Pre-star killer levels. Poe and Finn and the Resistance have battled the FO on isolated planets with weaker FO presence under Leias leadership the past several years as they have rebuilt their armies.

    General/Commander (whatever title) Finn is the leader of (wow something new!) the Rebel Alliance's version of Seal Team Six. An elite group of commandos deployed to fight against the First Order on various planets against insurmountable odds and numbers. Finn is battle hardened and a weapons and combat expert. Rose's character can be elevated as head engineer of the Resistance. Her technical wizardry has invented various new technologies, specifications for Rebel ships and troops that has allowed them to hold thier own against the FO. Finn's crew of commandos is battle hardened and well trained while Rey has several trainees at her academy She only brings her two best with her to Leias funeral. But even they are only "baby" Jedi and not ready for major combat. ( think obi-wan in Phantom Menace) Finn and Rey while still have a strong connection have grown apart they are in a power struggle over how to fight the First Order. Commander Poe (now head of the Rebellion) with Leia's passing wants to go on the offensive against the First Order. Rey thinks only her and the Force Users are the key to defeating Kylo Ren. Finn is inpatient with Rey and the slow progress of her Jedi and is ready for them to help fight or stay out of his way.

    Rey who has managed to shut her and Kylos force connection finds it opened up during Leias funeral....Kylo is coming to crash his mothers funeral!

    She runs to warn Poe but he and Finn anticipated this. Kylo and the FO arrive a big battle ensues. Both sides take losses. Before Rey and Kylo can fight an explosion seperates them and Finn rushes her and her remaining padawans on the Falcon.

    During the fight we find Rey wielding some sort of staff lightsaber either doublesided or a pike saber.

    Finn and his commandos gave modified versions of mandalorian armor. Finn has multiple blasters and the darksaber or a different color katana like saber after that design.

    During the fight it becomes clear that Finn has a commando recruit who is obviously Force sensitive that Rey thinks should be her Padawan and Finn thinks he should stick with him and "learn how to fight"

    Rey: "The Force is strong with him/her they need training to learn how to control their powers"

    Finn: "What you want him to learn how to float rocks and use a laser sword? I'm teaching him how to survive in this war. He fought well without your training while your padawans nearly died"

    Poe is the obvious counterweight to the argument between them because while he is not Force sensitive, if you have read his backstory he definitely was raised understanding the Force and its importance, he also understands the real human costs of war and how regular people have to approach a seemingly impossible war. There will be an indication Rose and Finn dated for a short while but it did not work out because Rose did not believe Finn was over his crush on Rey. JJ could obviously float a love triangle/square betweenFinn/Rey/Poe/Rose if he wants during the narrative.

    Kylo Ren and (FINALLY) the Knights of Ren can be the big bads. As much as I hate the idea (but its already been floated that she somehow survived) Captain Phasma and some death troopers could be involved in some way.

    That's initial scenes. The rest I have are ideas. Kylo can get a dying message from his mother that sends him over the edge. Rey and Kylo can track each other through their connection. Rey is guided by Force Ghosts, mostly, Luke and Yoda but other masters..ObiWan, Qui-Gon, Mace have all appeared to her ( this can be referenced not all have to appear on screen) Luke appears to both Ktli and Rey as a ghost, to guide Rey and to taunt/admonish Kylo. Poe has discovered FO headquarters is on Coruscant and wants to launch an atrack on their capital. Rey wants to strike at Kylos personal home on Mustafar but he beats her to her Jedi temple and he and the KOR attacks and defeats most of her students. Devestated she takes her remaining students and rendevous with Finn and his commandos ( and Maz Kanata) on Coruscant to defeat the FO capital. Together they fight and defeat the KOR. The FO recruit is a big hero and he utilizes Mace Windus lightsaber found in a trashpile on Coruscant.

    Simultaneously in the third act you see Rebel allies fighting the FO on all previous planets Endor ( yes Ewoks), Naboo ( yes Gungans and Jar Jar) Hoth, etc

    By the end of the movie Rey and Finn they both can realize that (WOW) nobody is more important than anybody else. The Force users need the brave regular people and the regular people need the Force users in order for good to triumph....blah blah blah. The student they are fighting over can decide at the end to finish Finn's training....and do Jedi training....look now we have a potential new kind of character for the next trilogy or movie...hooray for Disney...(sarcasm implied).

    Rey can do cool Jedi stuff. (she and Kylo Ren still have angry Force skype discussions occasionally) Finn can do cool brave everyman (super soldier) stuff. Poe can do Poe (best pilot in the galaxy) stuff. Rose can do technical genius stuff. Kylo Ren can spray angst and conflictedness all over the place. Force Ghosts can teach Rey lessons.

    Thats my basic Ep IX plot
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 28, 2017, Original Post Date: Dec 27, 2017 ---
    BTW if anyone is interested in some measure of redemption for Kylo (I'm not) within the narrative one of the KOR will need to be more evil than him and power hungry ( trying to usurp him) giving him a reason to turn from the dark. I like the idea off an anti- Finn FS stormtrooper he recruited to the KOR who plays him and Hux against each other seeking to overthrow them both.

    Also if theres room a sidetrip to cloud city to get a Lando Cameo and for Rose to beat up then convince DJ to "join" the fight and use his slicer skills to lower the FO shields across their conquered planets across the galaxy for the final attack/battle.
    #22 Jase Windu, Dec 28, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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  3. BaranDo91

    BaranDo91 Rebelscum

    Apr 19, 2017
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    Pretty cool plotline for Episode Nine. Honestly, I am more curious to see how Episode Nine turns out than excited(Much as I liked TLJ, that movie felt like an ending to the saga). But alas, we have one more movie.

    Some ideas, like the Knights of Ren and the Jedi coming back are ones I agree with. This ST can be salvaged a bit in terms of consistency if we have the Jedi come back in some form and have the Knights of Ren.

    Some additional ideas I'd add

    1) Have the Knights of Ren be central to the plot: It has been revealed that Snoke had an apprentice. Why not have him be the leader of the Knights of Ren and his absence in episode eight: he and the KOR were in the outter rim fighting against the Resistance.

    2) Lando is a general for the Resistance: Tie this with the KOR where he was fighting them in the Outter Rim and in turn wasn't there.

    3) Snoke come back in some shape or form: Considering how much TLJ stretched the boundaries of the franchise go all out and do a Dark Empire ala Emperor coming back but with Snoke. And maybe in a new body that isn't scarred.

    4) Tie back some older planets: Mustafar and Coruscant are great. But I kind of want to see some more variety. Maybe, the movie opens in the remains of Alderaan which is an asteroid belt. As for the final battle, have it on Naboo.

    Why? Naboo has a practical location, the palace does exist in Spain. it would fit thematically as Episode One started in Naboo and it ends the Saga there. Also, Padme's graveyard is there and I'd love to see Kylo Ren in that tomb.

    Also, I'm not going to lie; the site would be perfect to see Rey and her Jedi fighting Kylo and the KOR when Duel of the Fates kicks in. I dare anyone not to clap at that song cueing up as that would be fan-service done right. :)
  4. DarthHutt

    DarthHutt Clone Commander

    Dec 16, 2017
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    +261 / 21 / -11
    Leia is killed by a mysterious person or group.
    Kylo Ren teams up with Luke's Force-ghost to go on a rampage of vengeance, the likes of which the galaxy has heretofore never seen.

    Rey trains a group of all female Force-users...and they spend most of the time complaining about men and their vendettas. :D

    EDIT: Finn and Rose spend the whole time shtoinking in the back of the Falcon.
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