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My idea for the new trilogy (ep 7 - 9)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by S.J. Stone, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. S.J. Stone

    S.J. Stone Clone

    Dec 25, 2014
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    I wrote a fan ep 7 screenplay - Battle For The Force (recently updated with a few minor changes). The screenplay features an all new villain. The thread is in the fan fiction section of the forum.

    However, I’ve done an outline of ep 7 - 9 with the Empire/Sith. This is my idea how the new trilogy could be done retaining the original Star Was bad guys. I would have started with a fresh start, the SW universe at peace.


    The time of evil is over. The Rebel Alliance has defeated the Galactic Empire. The Galactic Unity of Planets is established as the new sovereignty in the galaxy and heralds an era of peace and reconciliation.

    The underworld has broken apart. Criminals take refuge beyond Galactic Unity space. Supporters of the old Empire are pursued and captured.

    The Jedi Knights, custodians of justice in the galaxy, have fallen into legend. Luke Skywalker, the last and most brave of their order, lives a solitary life on a remote planet. His days of adventure and heroism long gone..


    On planet Equita, home planet of the Galactic Unity of Planets, a ceremony is taking place to mark the 30th anniversary of the Galactic Unity of Planets. Meanwhile, a sneak attack is launched by unknown spaceships on a Unity outpost planet. A weapons factory and space academy are destroyed. Many lives are lost.

    Some footage of the attack is recorded by a Unity terrain probe, and the design of the ships suggest they were manufactured on a non Galactic Unity affiliated planet. The planet is lawless, with various criminal gangs controlling much of the territories.

    The Unity ask Luke, the last Jedi, to help them find the source. Luke is reluctant to help. His Jedi ways are long gone, he is not the Jedi Knight of yesteryear, but Leia persuades him to change his mind.

    Luke leads Unity troops, including a commander who was stationed on the outpost and survived the attack, to the planet. After meeting several contacts, following up several leads, Luke discovers the ships were made by a rich, powerful industrialist. Luke concludes the industrialist has a grudge against the Galactic Unity. Whoever he is - he is considered a threat to peace and must be stopped.

    Luke and his team locate the industrialist. He has a small droid army to protect him. There is a huge ground battle. The industrialist escapes the planet. Luke gives chase. Galactic Unity spaceships assist Luke. During the chase, some vast enemy ships appear. They seem familiar.

    Unity Space Pilot
    “No... it can’t be. It’s impossible.”

    The enemy ships look like........ IMPERIAL STARDESTROYERS.

    Unity Space Pilot#2
    “Imperial Stardestroyers!”

    The stardestroyers fire at the Unity ships and destroy all but one of them. The commander manages to escape in his ship. He attempts to make it back to Equita and get help. Luke’s ship is caught in a stardestroyer’s tractor beam. Luke is taken from his ship and escorted to a grand chamber within the main stardestroyer.

    Around a large semi-circle table sit three men. They are dressed in military clothing. They are three Imperial generals whom escaped capture after the fall of the Empire. The men look at Skywalker. There is an uncomfortable silence.

    “It’s been a long time, Skywalker.”

    “Imperial generals. Hiding away like rats in space.”

    “Hiding? Hardly. Merely waiting for the opportune moment.”

    “What do you want with me?”

    “We don’t want anything from you, Skywalker. You are an enemy of the Empire. You will be executed for your crimes.”

    “You forget I am a Jedi. The last of my kind.”

    “Yes, and one close to extinction.”

    One of the generals raises his hand. A door opens behind Luke.

    “Allow me to introduce you to one of our associates. Perhaps you know of his kind."

    Footsteps are heard.

    Luke’s senses heighten.

    “The past is like the rising of the sun, the pattern of the planets. An endless cycle.”

    The Imperial continues:

    “What has been will come again.

    A figure stands behind Luke.

    “Can you sense it, Skywalker? Can you feel the dark side of the force?”

    The general gives a sinister laugh.

    The figure appears in front of Luke. The individual is a Dark Sider. A member of a cult worshiping the Sith. He speaks:

    “The reign of the Sith shall continue.”


    This would be the end of act one. Around the first 20 - 25 mins of the story. The rest of the ep would introduce all the new characters and the older characters from the original trilogy.

    Luke battles the troops and the Dark Sider. Despite his Jedi experience, the passing years have taken their toil on his fighting prowess. He is unable to escape. He is taken to an Empire controlled planet and prepared for execution.

    It is revealed the Empire has teamed with the mysterious cult known as Dark Siders. Dark Siders are followers of the Sith way but not Sith Lords. They don’t possess full Sith powers but are skillful in lightsaber combat.

    The Dark Siders convince the Empire they have the means to restore the Sith Order. They have intel to suggest the star map details of the mythical home planet of the Sith are held in the vast library on Ya-Ture, the second largest city on the Galactic Unity’s home planet Equita.

    The Empire and Dark Siders launch a full scale invasion on Equita, assisted by a new space weapon which has a new destructive power. They defeat the Galactic Unity. They heroes are forced back into the outerlands beyond the cities of Equita and Ya-Ture. The museum’s defences are breached, the star map is found. The precise location of the Sith homeworld is revealed.

    Ep 7 ends.
    #1 S.J. Stone, Apr 23, 2015
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  2. Grand Master Galen Marek

    Jan 8, 2015
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    This is great I enjoyed reading it.
  3. Abishai100

    Abishai100 Rebelscum

    Aug 10, 2016
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    The ST is much more fun than I anticipated. Good work!

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