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Star Wars Celebration: Latest Details Include Live Stream, Lotteries Update, Final Guests, and After-Hours Autographs

Discussion in 'SWNN News Feed' started by SWNN Probe, May 13, 2022.

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    Star Wars Celebration is less than two weeks away, and yesterday we saw a flurry of updates, including the announcement of the final guest, an after-hours autograph hall, and the return of the Celebration live stream!

    Arguably the biggest news yesterday was the confirmation that Celebration will be live streamed with the return of Star Wars Celebration LIVE! First announced on This Week in Star Wars, host Kristen Baver confirmed that Star Wars Celebration LIVE! will see the return of Star Wars Show (and past Celebration) hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni to the live stage in Anaheim. Joining them will be Baver, The High Republic Show's Krystina Arielle, Hector Navarro, and Jordan Hembrough.


    If you're not in Anaheim, then Star Wars Celebration LIVE! is the next best thing to being there, streaming directly from the show floor each day of the event. Whilst the official schedule hasn't been announced, the live stream will almost certainly feature the big panel every morning, kicking off with the Lucasfilm Studios Showcase on Thursday, followed by exclusive interviews, more panels, and segments direct from the show floor throughout the event.

    And if you are in Anaheim, make sure you check out the Star Wars Celebration LIVE! Stage whenever you pass by, as you never know who might show up at any moment. In Chicago, the casts of The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian all dropped by, giving interviews and firing the T-shirt cannon into the crowds. It's also the best place to watch the morning panels if you don't win the panel lotteries. I watched the Episode IX panel there in Chicago, and the atmosphere was just incredible.

    In autograph news, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Rupert Friend will be joining the main autograph hall in Anaheim! Friend, who plays the live-action version of the Grand Inquisitor in the upcoming series, will be signing autographs and doing photo ops on Saturday and Sunday.


    Official Pix confirmed that Friend was the final guest for Celebration, and that's true... from a certain point of view. The Kenobi actor is the last guest in the main autograph hall, bringing the total number of guests appearing to 28. On top of that, Official Pix also announced 'Celebration After Hours'.

    Taking place in the Avalon Ballroom of the Hilton Anaheim, right next door to the convention center, 'Celebration After Hours' will run from 6pm to 10pm on Thursday - Saturday (May 26-28), featuring 22 guests, including Ashley Eckstein and Taylor Gray, who will be signing autographs and taking selfies with the fans.


    Yesterday also saw the announcement that the lotteries for panel selection and select vendor exclusives (Funko, Loungefly, and LEGO) have been delayed. The virtual selection process was due to open yesterday and run through to May 19. But, due to some final updates, this has now been delayed, with the reservations page saying the selection process will now open next week.

    And finally, if you have received your badge, you can now head to the activation page to activate your Celebration badge! You will need to do this to take advantage of Lightspeed Lane seating reservations for the Galaxy and Twin Suns Stage (not including the morning lottery panel) as well as Lightspeed Lane passes for the Celebration Store. You do not need an activated badge to take part in the lotteries, since those are linked to the email address you used to purchase your tickets. Lightspeed Lane reservations will take place each day of the convention from 9am onwards.

    Star Wars Celebration takes place from May 26-29 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Stay tuned for last-minute updates and our extensive coverage of the long-anticipated event.

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